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Turkey Visa
for Afganistan

Turkey visa has many types that Afganistan people can apply for it. As Turkey is one of the most Touristic attractions in the world, everyone around the world wants to visit and start a new life in Turkey. They are curious to find different ways to apply for a Turkey visa. 


All the citizens of Afganistan who have Ordinary, Special and Service passport are required to have a Turkey visa to enter Turkey. Those who have a passport with a valid Schengen members or USA, UK, Ireland visa or residence permit can obtain their single entry e-Visas for one month period. 

They can apply e-Visas via the website www.evisa.gov.tr, on condition that they meet some specific conditions. Also, those who have a diplomatic passport are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey for up to 90 days period of time.

There are various types of Turkey visas for Afganistan and other countries such as tourist visa, Transit visa, Business visa, student visa, medical treatment visa and Work visa.


Types of Turkish Visa


Tourist Turkey Visa



If you want to apply for a Tourist visa type of Turkey visa there are some documents required such as:

  • Valid Afganistan passport with its color photocopy
  • Four Biometric photos at 5×5 cm for Kabul city and 5X7 cm for Mazar city by white background for both zones.
  • Identity Card (Tazkira) with its color photocopy
  • Bank statement
  • Travel insurance document after Visa is issued
  • Hotel and Ticket reservation
  • Marriage certificate if you are married



What are the Documents required for the Transit visa type of Turkey visa for Afganistan? 


One of the Turkey visas is a Transit visa. It is the type of short-term visa required to cross the borders of the country of transfer in cases where a transfer from another country is required. It should be checked whether the country to be transferred to on connecting flights requires a transit visa.

  • Valid Afganistan passport with its photocopy
  • Four Biometric photos at 5×5 cm for Kabul city and 5X7 cm for Mazar city by white background for both zones.
  • Identity Card (Tazkira) with its photocopy
  • Visa or residence permit of the destination country
  • Bank account statement
  • Travel insurance document after Visa is issued
  • Hotel and Ticket reservation
  • Marriage certificate if you are married


Almost all the documents mentioned above are required for a business visa as well except for a visa or residence permit of the destination country.


Student Visa/ Turkey Visa


Turkey's student visa is permission to enter Turkey for educational purposes. It allows the foreign students to accommodate in Turkey and have their education temporarily by applying for a residence permit.

There are some documents required for the application for a Student Turkey visa such as: 

  • Four biometric photos at 5×5 cm with white background
  • Passport with color photocopy
  • Identity card (Tazkira) with color photocopy
  • Bank receipt showing that you will be able to make a financial expense. The bank receipt should cover the last 3 months Bank statement and the minimum amount should be USD 15000 $.
  • Insurance document after Visa is distributed
  • The acceptance letter of any university, one-year language programs, or other educational institutions for the bachelor, Master's degree and Ph.D.
  • The acceptance letter should be emailed to the Turkish Consulate in Afganistan by the university or educational institution
  • All the documents which are attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afganistan such as high school certificate, Diploma and transcript with their copies.
  • If the applicant owners’ age is less than 18 years, the family (father/mother) of the student must go to the consulate and obtain a standard agreement.



Medical Treatment Turkey Visa


The medical Turkey visa is available for those people intending to travel to Turkey for medical treatment. It is required to apply for a medical Turkey visa before coming to Turkey which is apart of the non-immigrant visa. It is also feasible to enter Tukey with an available tourist visa.


To acquire a medical treatment Turkey visa, you should prepare some documents for the application such as:

  • At the first stage, you should have four biometric photos at 5×5 cm with white background
  • Your passport with its photocopy
  • Identity card (Tazkira) with its photocopy
  • Bank account receipt
  • Travel insurance document after Visa is delivered
  • Hotel and ticket reservation
  • Attested marriage certificate if you are married
  • A letter of invitation from the Republic of Turkey, medical treatment

 – Patient acceptance letter from one of the hospitals in the Republic of Turkey

 – Payment receipt representing advance to the hospital.

 – The acceptance letter of the patient should be emailed with an official email by the hospital to the Turkish consulate in Afganistan.


Work visa / Turkey Visa for Afgans


There are lots of people from all around the world who are intending to a Work visa and work in Turkey. There are some documents required for a Turkey visa you should prepare:

  • 4 Biometric photos at 5×5 cm for Kabul and 5X7 cm for Mazar having a white background for both cities.
  • Passport with its color photocopy
  • Identity card (Tazkira) with color photocopy
  • Bank statement
  • After Visa is delivered travel insurance
  • Hotel and ticket reservation
  • Police clearance letter from Afganistan ministry of internal affairs approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Attested marriage certificate if you are married


Why to Apply Turkey Visa?


There are lots of things to do when you obtain a Turkey Visa. Turkey is a magnificent place that can never fit in a lifetime. It offers incredible diversity in every sense because it is a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. From east to west, north to south in each region as a separate culture, Turkey is enriched in history and culture. Turkey is a great country where all sounds, colors and dreams come together. It distinguishes people enjoy their life on a wonderful trip.

There are lots of places to visit as you get a Turkey visa of which some are mentioned below.


Lycian WayWalk


Lycian Way walk is one of the most comprehensive outdoor activities that you can be done in Turkey. The long version of this hike takes 535 kilometers in total. It takes at least 3 weeks for a person to complete this great tour. The Lycian Way walk covers between Fethiye and Antalya. For sure you need to be fully prepared for this walk; because the roads are a bit hard, but nature itself is very peaceful. There are also shorter routes on this walkway, which is walked by about 10 thousand people each year. For instance, if you intend to walk between Kas and Cirali regions, you only have to complete a 110-kilometer track.


Black Sea Tour / Turkey Visa



The Black Sea which sees great interest by tourists from all around the world is one of the wonderful places you can go as you obtain a Turkey visa.

If you come for holiday purposes in Turkey and if you want to visit some of the greenest regions in the country, the Black Sea will be a unique place. Black sea is very popular for its untouched nature, mountainous terrain and plateaus, which are worth visiting as you come to Turkey.

The oxygen level is so high in Turkey's highest altitude highlands. There is a wide range of cities to visit on the Black Sea tour, many tastes to flavor and many historical artifacts to discover.

Bolu, Karabuk, Bartin, Amasya, Ordu, Giresun, Gumushane, Trabzon, Rize and Artvin are the best places that can be visited on this tour. Nowadays, it is essential to separate two cities: Rize and Artvin. These two beautiful cities of the Black Sea attract you with their untouched magnificent nature.


Gobeklitepe Temple


Acquiring Turkey Visa allows visiting the oldest places to visit in Turkey, dated to 10,000 years Before Christ on which one of them is Gobeklitepe Temple. Gobeklitepe is located in Sanliurfa, well-known as the "City of Prophets". Gobeklitepe Temple has transformed the known history when it turned out to be one of the oldest temples in the world. This temple is 7000 years older than Stonehenge in England and 7500 years older than the Egyptian Pyramids.



Nemrut Mountain Trip / Turkey Visa



If you are curious about learning new things on your trip, Turkey is the best place to learn something new every minute of your holiday as well as to discover how miraculous fact is available in Turkey civilization Nemrut Mountain is a place where you can witness these miracles as you get Turkey visa. Nemrut Mountain is situated in the Adiyaman province of Turkey which is a great place where you can see the monumental tomb built by the Commagene King Antiochos I and giant head sculptures. If you are interested in Hellenistic mystery, the first place that should be visited in Turkey is Nemrut Mountain.