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Turkey Landscapes:
14 Beautiful Landscapes

Turkey Landscapes attracts everyone from all around the world. Turkey is an amazing country, where every corner is beautiful, has many historical and natural Turkey landscape. Turkey offers the landscapes that can suit to every soul. Turkey hosts some absolutely magnificent Turkey landscape - from high mountains to powder-sand beaches and turquoise seascapes.



14 Beautiful Turkey Landscapes


Every city of the country has its own cultural, natural and historical beauties and stunning Turkey landscape. There is a wide range of places to visit, and to be valued. Think how many magnificent Turkey landscape you have not visited or seen even in the city you live in. Due to its centuries date, its gastronomy, nature, the sea and the mountains, Turkey is among the most charming countries in the world.

The architectural monument, natural beauties and historical ruins of our country have enough extraordinary value and offer breathtaking landscapes.


1. Maiden's Tower is taking place in Istanbul


Turkey Landscape: Maiden's Tower is one of the magnificent landcapes in Turkey.The history of the Maiden's Tower, situating on a small island of the Bosphorus in the Uskudar region, dates back to the Byzantine period Turkey landscape.

You will have peace of mind by watching the landscape of the tower, which is one of the most famous landmarks of Istanbul, combined with the magnificent silhouette of the Historic Peninsula at sunset. Those who are not satisfied with watching the view that takes all the stress of the city from afar can visit the tower by boats departing from Salacak. Those who have come to Istanbul should not leave the city without watching the sunset landscape with Maiden's Towers. Real estate investors are very attracted to this magnificent tower and in search of apartments in Istanbul with Maiden's tower view or approximate to Tower. There are lots of real estate in Uskudar Salacak that attracts everyone at first glance.



2. Cappadocia: Turkey Landscape


It is easy to confuse the fact that the legend is from the old kingdom of Turkish heartland, Cappadocia, and one of the country's greatest tourist destinations with a truly perfect Turkey landscape. In the vicinity of the town of Goreme and inside the national park in the same name, ancient volcanic activity and successive erosion have constituted "fairy chimneys", caves and elaborately carved cliffs.

Turkey's most important tourism center Cappadocia region attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists with hot air balloon tours. It offers a magnificent Turkey landscape to the region by taking off hot air balloon tours from the early hours of the morning to the wonderful sunset hours of the day.

While some tourists and visitors who live the pleasure of watching the Cappadocia region from the bird's eye view in the early morning by joining in hot air balloon tours from about 1500 meters above the ground, some local and foreign visitors who want to memorize the hot air balloons together with their fairy chimneys are immortalizing these moments on the hill of lovers.




3. Mount Nemrut, stunning Turkey landscape in Adiyaman


A wonderful mountain taking place in the Kahta district of Adiyaman has a height of approximately 2150 meters. The king of the empire, founded on the foothills of Mount Nemrut, Antiochus I. standing beautiful monuments and sculptures on the peak the mountain.

It is well-known that these remains, which extend to the east, west and north facades, pertain to the Hellenistic period. Nemrut Mountain, which has a breathtaking Turkey landscape, is takes its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List. As soon as you watch the sunset from the top of the mountain, you will realize that the great things said about its landscape is not overstated.



4. Sumela Monastery a Great Turkey Landscape in Trabzon


The Sumela Monastery, dating back to 386 years, was established on the steep cliffs having a landscape of the Altindere Valley in the Macka region of Trabzon. Sumela Monastery, which is also the topic of many films nowadays, is a famous destination for local and foreign visitors. You can also fall under the spell of the monastery, which is winking among the greenery with the Black Sea Tours, and you can visit this history nearly.




5. Pamukkale Travertines in Denizli


Pamukkale travertines, which are said to have a history of 14 thousand years, are also taking place in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is feasible to enter the travertines in Pamukkale, which provides various Turkey landscapes according to the angle of the sun at any time of the day. The most important thing you should notice here is to take off your shoes. In addition, be sure to take your camera with you on your way to Denizli and photograph the perfect sights.



6. Mardin Houses, Have Perfect Turkey Landscape in Mardin


The Turkey landscapes in Mardin houses provide the serenity of the Mesopotamian Plain and the history of the city for thousands of years. The greatest feature of these traditional houses is that they are constructed of yellow lime stones, which can be easily shaped. In houses with interrelated streets, there is no wood except for doors, windows and mezzanines. Do not forget to visit Mardin houses, which have a very perfect structure.



7. Uchisar Castle Taking Place in Nevsehir


Cappadocia has an amazing atmosphere that makes its tourists think that it has come to a perfectly different world with its unique Turkey landscape and general atmosphere. Uchisar Castle is situated at the far end of Cappadocia. The most significant feature of this place is the highest hill in the vicinity, as well as strategically very precious. By joining the Cappadocia Tours, you can breathe the historical atmosphere of this city and witness the memorable views of the Hasan and Erciyes mountains.



8. Tekirova Situated in Antalya


Tekirova, a holiday destination famous for the flagged beaches of Kemer. The most popular beaches is Olympos. The magnificent beauties of Olympos and the other bays around you are legendary, but there is more to this in Antalya! For instance, Tahtali Mountain overlooking to the Mediterranean with its glory and attracting attention with its triangular shape. If you want to have the pleasure of visiting these eye-catching Turkey landscapes from more nearly, you can start by planning on the most suitable date for yourself by examining the Lycian Tours before it is late.



9. Kizkalesi, Great Turkey Landscape in Mersin


This castle, established by the Byzantines, covering an amazing island of its own in the Erdemli region of Mersin. It is taking place only 300 meters from Kizkalesi Beach, the castle attracts with its mysterious state. This stunning castle has an atmosphere just like the Mediterranean princess.


10. Assos Behramkale


Behramkale Village is an old village founded in the Ottoman period which is among beautiful Turkey landscape. The village draws attention with its location within the ancient city walls. It is just a one hundred fifty housing settlement. It is prohibited to construct a new building since it has been preserved as a protected area for about 30 years. Only the existing housing units can be restored. It is feasible to see beautiful samples of the stone workmanship of Assos architecture in the village. It is pleasant to walk through the streets maintaining its historical texture.

Nowadays, the village has a touristic atmosphere with hostels, hotels, restaurants and souvenir stalls. The restaurants and cafes, which shows the historical texture, are filled with daily tourists.

The history of the ancient city of Assos goes back to the 6th century before the Christ. At the time, the city turned to the sea and descending to the sea with terraces. After the accommodation of the Ottomans, the settlement improved in the opposite direction and the village of Behramkale appeared.



11. Anadolu Kavagi – Castle


Anadolu Kavagi is a region on the Asian side of Istanbul. In spite of the fact that Anadolu Kavagi, which is connected to Beykoz, is a beautiful settlement, it draws the attention of many visitors and tourists, especially in the summer months. Those who go to visit Yoros Castle, prefer to swim as well as enjoy the amazing Turkey landscape in the area. You can come with the Bosphorus tours to the region. You can also reach Anadolu Kavagi, which is the last stop of the Bosphorus cruise ships departing from Eminonu, or by taking the bus number 15A departing from Kavacik.




12. Pierre Loti Hill: Magnificent Turkey Landscape


Pierre Loti Hill in Istanbul is a great place preferred by many local and foreign people who want to enjoy the landscape of Istanbul and Golden Horn. This wonderful hill is taking place in a unique location with a landscape of the Golden Horn. In addition to its perfect Turkey landscape, the hill has become one of the places frequented by many people with its touristic facilities of the same name.

When you reach these ridges, which is the best district where you can look at that popular panorama of the Golden Horn from Coffee Shop named by the same name of famous French writer Pierre Loti. The real name of Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul for a long time and is a true Istanbul lover, is "Julien Viaud". Historical Coffee Shop is a great place where the unique Turkey landscape can be seen.



13. Peace, Silence, Nature and Turkey Landscape; Kalekoy – Simena


Situated in the borders of the Kas region of Antalya, the most beautiful city of the Mediterranean region, Simena, is famous as Kalekoy nowadays, has a stunning Turkey landscape. In order to go to Kalekoy - Simena, you must first reach Ucagiz Village.

The way to Ucagiz is a road that bends slightly towards the sea, so you will have travel with a magnificent view. Maybe, as everyone did, from time to time, you will want to take your car aside and take photos of the unique landscape and take this magnificent view to your house.





14. Ephesus Ancient City, Izmir


Ephesus Archaeological Museum and Ancient City a magnifient Turkey Landscape is located in Izmir. It is establishment Before Chirst. Ephesus Ancient City, which dates back to 6000 years, has been belonging to Roman, Greek and Turkish nations in various periods. This extraordinary landscape, which consisting works such as the Temple of Artemis, the House of Virgin Mary and the Ashab-i Kehf, is situated in the Selcuk region of Izmir. Ephesus Archaeological Museum lived its golden age in Hellenistic and Roman periods. During the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus, its population reached 200,000 as the capital of Asia Province. It take its place in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.

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