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Turkey Black Sea
Real Estate Investment

The Black Sea Turkey creates a lush green area with the forests it has from the west to the east, the most beautiful real estate in Turkey provides an important wealth in terms of accommodation and culture for people. The Black Sea is both for local and foreign tourists visiting our country considered as a point of tourism.


The Black Sea Turkey recently has a 9 million population, and a small proportion of people select to live in rural areas. Although the enamors majority of its population are Turks, in the eastern part of the region lives Laz people, who are closely related to Georgian and speak a Kartvelian language that transformed to Islam in the late Ottoman period.



The Black Sea view is dominated by the beautiful Pontic Mountains stretching from east to west, proximate to the southern coast of the Black Sea. The region has a moist oceanic climate that makes commercial farming quite profitable to Rize in the east, which is known for tea growing, especially between Zonguldak in the west.


The Black Sea region is home to vibrant towns with a rich and varied history, amazing natural beauty, incredible ancient architecture, mountainous landscapes and exciting nightlife possibilities that are the wonderful gateway to everything that this magnificent place has to offer.


The climate of the Black Sea is not only advantageous for farming. While the coastal summers are hot and humid, the winters are cool and humid, offers a popular skiing attraction in the Pontic Mountains, which is snowing between the months of December and March.


People who do not like summer and hot weather than those who do not like the humidity of the Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey, go to the mountains and the plateau in the Black Sea, like especially many visitors from the countries of the Arabian States.



The Black Sea region is an excellent place for nature lovers as it makes the region incredibly attractive with numerous rain, rich flora and fauna, crater lakes, waterfalls, streams, trekking, rafting, canoeing, hunting, fishing, grass skiing and of course, winter sports. Many of the regions, especially in the west, are also within proximate distance to the famous city of Istanbul, making it the unique second home destination for anybody who is in search to do business in Turkey.


For lots of the people who want to have a second home in Turkey and for real estate investors in Turkey, a sun-soaked Mediterranean coastline is a great place.

There are magnificent wooden houses for sale in the Black Sea. It provides more peaceful and healthy living spaces than unnatural areas such as reinforced concrete structures or iron and steel structures.


Especially, people who are interested in and attached importance to naturalness and durability in the Black Sea region like more to live in wooden houses for ages. At the present time, the construction of wooden real estate Turkey Black Sea is still preferred, especially in regions such as stunning plateaus.


In the Black Sea, where you can find the most beautiful wooden houses more frequently in the plateaus in regions such as Trabzon, Rize and Artvin, due to the fact that some people are interested in the strength and technological features of reinforced concrete structures, it can be replaced by modern residence in some districts.


However, the property Turkey Black Sea, whose structure is still protected also impressive with its aesthetic features, provides a charming view for domestic and foreign tourists and investors. The wooden luxury property that you can discover in the Black Sea, which brings to light the cultural structure of the zone, is also named with different names such as Laz Houses on the coastal regions. The fact that there is not a lot of stone and concrete materials in their construction allows these houses to be built with wooden carcasses.


Real estate Investment from Arabian Tourists in the Black Sea


By the end of 2017, 15 billion 287 million dollars of Arabian investment was made in our country. Discounts on granting citizenship to foreigners who bought a house increased the investment of Arabian tourists and investors in Turkey. Especially with the opening of Ordu - Giresun Airport, the new preferred investment center of Arabian tourists became the Black Sea.


Tourists from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Kuwait caused a boom in sales based on tourism in cities where tourism is active. In the last years, tourists coming from the Gulf countries to this city have also started to buy real estate in Turkey Black Sea gradually. Properties based on individual houses as well as collective purchases have been made.




Arabian tourists and investors showing an intense interest in the shopping and commercial areas in Turkey. Our country continues to rise in the tourism sector and the activities in the field of real estate purchases day by day.


A period the Arabian tourists had a doubt about issues related to the housing market after Turkey had a boom in the real estate at the recent years, they resolve the problem of trust and had lost their interest in the European markets. There is a particular speed in the investments of Arabian real estate investors in the Black Sea and the Marmara region.


Arabian tourists coming from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Kuwait " especially Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar tourists from the Gulf countries stand to continue to see the homes in Turkey Black Sea as an investment with no competitor and indispensable.


In the last years, tourists coming to the Black Sea from Gulf countries have also started to purchase property progressively. As well as homes in Turkey Black Sea purchases were made on an individual apartment basis and multiple sales. So that Arabian investors are competing with each other to purchase or invest in housing in Turkey.


In addition, those coming from Iraq, Iran, Syria, as well as those from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain are also in search of real estate Turkey Black Sea.


Samsun and Trabzon Ranks First in the Black Sea Real Estate Investment


While the Middle Eastern real estate investor interested in the cities such as Samsun and Trabzon mostly in the Black Sea region, they prefer to invest in Istanbul, which they know very well, in the Marmara region. While the natural beauty of the Black Sea plays a great role in the interest of investors, the advantages provided by Istanbul affect the preferences of foreign real estate investors.


The Most Beautiful Turkey Black Sea Houses with Magnificent Architecture


The Black Sea region, is creating a model for many regions of Turkey together with the amazing architecture. It owns the most beautiful wooden houses in the region, which are socio-cultural works.

These houses are often mentioned by different names such as Laz houses or Georgian houses. The use of wooden real estate Turkey Black sea elements from the base to the roof of the home offers structures that create more healthy and natural thermal insulation.


Although there are dissimilarities in wooden houses between the Eastern and Western parts of the Black Sea region, these structures come to the forefront in most of the cities proximate to the coastal areas. You can come across the most beautiful real estate samples through different architectural designs in the Turkey Black Sea region.


In the Black Sea, there are dozens or even hundreds of options of the most unique wooden houses in regions such as Artvin, Rize, Trabzon, Amasya, Bartin, Bayburt, Bolu, Samsun, Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Giresun, Ordu or especially Safranbolu and Amasra.


While the wooden houses you can see in the city of Rize in the Eastern Black Sea region are generally constructed in tea gardens and forested regions, natural landscapes and natural areas around them also allow these houses to be used as investment real estate today.

When it comes to the western parts, wooden houses situated on the shores of the Black Sea and Yesilirmak generally offer structures like mansions, especially in cities such as Samsun and Amasya.


Black Sea Known with Safranbolu


When it comes to the Turkey Black Sea especially in the region extending towards the western parts, the Safranbolu district of Karabuk province and Amasra district of Bartin province offer the most aesthetic and beautiful alternatives at the point of the most beautiful wooden houses.


Safranbolu real estate takes its place as Turkey's very significant place as a cultural heritage, but also offers a unique beauty in the world of culture.

Among the houses constructed in Safranbolu and Amasra, the homes built with only wood and the majority of which are provided with wood can be used as housing, restaurant, or touristic business.

In many regions of Turkey, these real estates which are rotated back to life with some restoration work, Safranbolu houses or Laz and Georgian houses that can be seen in Rize modeled structures wooden houses are being rebuilt.