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Trump Tower Istanbul:
Landmark in the Historic City of Istanbul

Trump Tower Istanbul is a landmark that captures luxury to the highest level in the historic city of Istanbul. It is located in the Mecidiyekoy region on the European side of the city, within the borders of the Sisli district.


 Trump Towers has become a significant transfer point and business center between the two sides of Istanbul.

Trump Tower Istanbul takes its inspiration from the fact that it is one of the most intense traffic arteries, which is the heart of transportation. It is attracting four million people within-day and connecting the Asia and European continents.



Two masses that seem independent, gain a stunning structure with their movement in opposite directions around the more transparent mass in the middle.

Those who are traveling on the E5 highway perceives the Trump Tower Istanbul as if it is moving around its core. The transparent mass in the mid also provides natural light entry to the core.


Trump Towers Istanbul is a mixed-use project with a total construction area of 260,000 square meters on a land area of 23.370 square meters.

 It is consisting of a 39-story residence, 37-story office tower, parking lot and shopping center on most of the 12 basement floors. The Trump Tower Istanbul is planned as 250,000 square meters of reinforced concrete and 10,000 square meters of steel.


The Trump Tower Istanbul includes two towers rising 30 meters back from the main street on a large podium. Due to the 30 meters height difference in the land, the shopping center was constructed at the ground floor level and below. In specific areas of Trump Tower Istanbul, the chance to get light from outside can be ensured in this way.


The towers are asymmetrically drawn on the columns rising from the podium, seated in such a way that they do not block each other as much as feasible. The front Trump tower is designed as a residence and the rear tower as an office tower.

By considering the central location of the land on which Trump Tower Istanbul was constructed, a square was designed with the entrance of the shopping center as well.


A luxury retail component exceeding 400,000 square feet at the base of both towers offers perfect retail and dining to its visitors and the residents, with personalized service unlike anything else in Istanbul.

It is considered that the square will be a great meeting point and will also add a vibrant to the project. The gross 76.000 square meters shopping center includes 5 floors and is bonded to the podium.




Almost 6,000 square meters of green terraces, restaurants and kiosks on the podium are in services to everyone, consisting of residents and office users.

The residential Trump Tower features spacious layouts, a meticulous look for design, and luxurious finishes synonymous with the name Trump Tower Istanbul. The views of the forest, city and Bosphorus will be remarkable with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Mecidiyekoy, one of the great passenger transfer centers in Istanbul, is an area where pedestrian traffic is very intensive with bus stops, metro stations and newly constructed Metrobus.



Restaurants in Trump Towers Istanbul Shopping Center, Mecidiyekoy Merkez, Sisli


There are magnificent and luxury restaurants in Trump Tower Istanbul that offers both Turkish and worldwide tastes.

If you are hungry and plan to have a perfect lunch or dinner you can select the restaurants that offer delicious stew foods, amazing Turkish kebaps or fast foods such as:




Beylerbeyi Profiterol


Burger King

Caffe Nero Çocuk

Chinese & Sushi Express


Favela Burger&Bistro

Haribo Seker

HD Doner

HD İskender

Kara Fırın


Kofteci Ramiz

Marti Bistro

Mr. Kumpir

Mrs. Cupcake

Ova Mantı

Pera Muhallebicisi



Saloon Burger


Tavuk Dunyası

Ziyafe Kayseri Mutfagi



Trump Tower Istanbul offers a great atmosphere to have a joyful talk with your friends or formal meetings. There are restaurant and cafes that has every type of coffees and desserts. You can find Turkish coffee and desserts or desserts from world cuisines.


These cafes and restaurants in Istanbul Trump Tower are:


Al Fakheer

Ara Kahve


Caffe Nero


Kahve Limani

Kuzine Mutfak

Lavazza Best Coffee Shop


Miso Ramen

MotMot Coffee

Salas Bira Evi

Tarihi Beyazıt Kahvecisi