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Top 11 Beautiful Waterfalls
in Turkey that you Must See

You don't need to go all the way to Niagara waterfall to see a beautiful waterfall view. There are many waterfalls in Turkey, moreover, there are picnic and sightseeing areas around most of them.


11 Waterfalls in Turkey You must See when you had a Trip to Turkey


  1. Manavgat waterfall
  2. Duden Waterfall
  3. Yerkopru Waterfall
  4. Gelintulu Waterfall
  5. Tortum waterfall
  6. Bulut Waterfall
  7. Kursunlu Waterfall
  8. Suuctu Waterfall
  9. Tomara Waterfall
  10. Muradiye Waterfall
  11. Palovit Waterfall


Manavgat Waterfall


Manavgat Waterfall is situated in Antalya Turkey spreads over a wide area despite the fact that the Manavgat River spills from only 3 to 4 meters high. There are also areas where you can have a picnic around it. It is one of the waterfalls that attract tourists coming to Turkey.



Duden Waterfall


Duden waterfall is located in Antalya. It is on the Duden Stream pouring into the Mediterranean. This waterfall, which is pouring from the cliffs with a height of approximately 40 meters, has a unique beauty worth seeing.



Yerkopru Waterfall in Turkey


Yerkopru Waterfall in Turkey is located on the Goksu River flowing through Konya to the Mediterranean, spills from a height of 20 meters. The waterfall fascinates everyone with its extraordinary view, from spring to summer. If you visit this waterfall, you can witness how the natural life around it is green and blooming.



Gelintulu Waterfall


Gelintulu Waterfall is located in Rize Ayder Plateau, fascinates everyone with its magnificent view. It got this name because the waters falling down between two hills poured out in a way resembling a bridal veil. If you want to enjoy the famous Ayder Plateau for a long time, Ayder Plateau hotels are very suitable for your stay.




Tortum Waterfall - The Greatest Waterfalls in the World


Tortum Waterfall in Erzurum is situated where Tortum Lake ends. Tortum is one of the greatest waterfalls in the world, pours down from a height of approximately 48 meters. The picnic area around the waterfall are waiting for their visitors.



Bulut Waterfall


Bulut Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Turkey located in Ayder Plateau. This is pouring from the highest point of the 4-stage elevation. The waters of Bulut waterfall, which has a height of about 250 meters, start from Kackar Mountains and mix with Firtina Creek in Camlihemsin.



Kursunlu Waterfall


Kursunlu Waterfall is a great place for tourism in Turkey. It is located in the Aksu district of Antalya offering width and facilities of picnic and entertainment areas. Kursunlu waterfall is well-known for its forest and clean air, is also a nature park. You can take a walk in the beautiful park by following the waterfall pouring from a height of 18 meters.



Suuctu Waterfall


Suuctu Waterfall in Bursa Turkey falls from a height of 38 meters. It is banned to bottle and sell the water of the waterfall, which supplies the drinking water of the region it belongs to. Bursa buses are one of the transportation alternatives that you can easily reach from the surrounding metropolises. You can picnic, barbecue and camp around Suuctu Waterfall in Turkey.



Tomara Waterfall


Tomara Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Turkey that has the most legendary about it. Many legends are told about this place, such as the water coming out of the place where the shepherd dropped his pipe, and the shepherd took the flock to the water coming from there. Especially those who are interested in photography frequently visit the waterfall in Gumushane.



Muradiye Waterfall - Best Waterfall in Turkey for 4 Seasons


Muradiye Waterfall taking place on the Bend-i Mahi stream of the Muradiye district in Van. It is an ideal place for those who want to spend a quiet day with its drawbridge and recreation areas. When the waterfall freezes, a view similar to Pamukkale Travertines emerges, and it receives visitors for 4 seasons.



Palovit Waterfall


Palovit Waterfall is another natural beauty that makes the Ayder Plateau a natural attraction center in terms of tourism. Palovit Waterfall in Turkey falls from a height of 15 meters, is the region's highest flow waterfall. Palovit Waterfall is surrounded by greenery, with an observation terrace, recreation areas and camping sites.