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Tips in Turkey:
Little Known Features about Turkey

Tips in Turkey: Transport Facilities to and from Airport, Tips about Telephone / Communication in Turkey. Tips about Istanbul Card “Touring and Itinerating to Istanbul”, Museum Card “Visiting museums”, Money Issues and Currency Exchange. Also, Dressing Tips in Turkey, Delicious Foods You Should Taste and Rent a Car, Shopping Tips in Turkey “Tax refund”.


Tips in Turkey and all about little-known features of the country which is a topic that everyone is curious about will be clarified in this blog.

Having a journey to a foreign and unknown country is a wonderful and thrilling adventure. But there are some important things you may wish to know before having a trip to Turkey. Knowing tips in Turkey will save you from the stress and offer to have extra time to have a pleasant journey.

Before having a trip to Turkey noting some of the issues you need to know and being aware of everything, will avoid the hassle of learning the hard way through experiences and you will have a joyful adventure in your travel in the country.




What are some tips for traveling to Turkey?


Transport Facilities to and from Airport – Tips in Turkey


Taxis are not the only option when you leave the airport to the hotel or go to the airport from your hotel. The shuttle bus such as HAVAIST new Istanbul Airport shuttles/buses are available or other buses can be found across the country. It is first and foremost a bus service that operates from the airport to the city center and specific centers in the city with more affordable and lower prices than taxies.

HAVAIST runs a 24-hour official airport bus service between New Istanbul Airport (IST) and approximately fifty destinations in Istanbul. You can reach all the essential information about official airport bus services between New Istanbul Airport and central points of Istanbul by searching about HAVAIST airport shuttles, consisting of HAVAIST lines, stops, timetables, ticket prices and more.




Tips about Telephone / Communication in Turkey


Another issue you should know about tips in Turkey is the registration of the mobile phones you bring from abroad. The mobile phones you bring from abroad to the country are required to be registered for long-term use before it is blocked. You can use your cellphones for 120 days without registration - it will be blocked after that. On the other hand, if your phone is blocked, you don't have to worry because you can start using it again after returning to your country. As well as you can use it by Wi-Fi internet without sim card services (No calls and messages from sim card). There are several mobile operators at the airport where you can quickly sign up for a prepaid line.




Istanbul Card “Touring and Itinerating to Istanbul” | Tips in Turkey


The Istanbul Card is a card you can use for HAVAIST new Istanbul Airport shuttles/buses and all public transportation fees payments around Istanbul. This card, which is prepaid and is rechargeable with ease, is a great tool for those who want to travel all over Istanbul. Without the need for taxi fares or having to buy a coin every time you can to go by public transportation in the city. You can implement an Istanbul Card, binding on autobuses, subways, ferries, cable railway and trams, online. Or you can get it at one of the big public transport stations. For more information and application you can visit the official website of Istanbul Card. You will have to pay a non-returnable fee of 10 Turkish Liras to purchase an Istanbul Card.



Museum Card “Visiting museums”


Turkey is a magnificent country with a rich culture, historic places and museums. For sure everyone who comes to the country wants to know about tips in Turkey and visit all the historical sights and museums. If you want to go to visit museums it is better to obtain the Museum Pass. Museum Pass previously were only offered to local people, at present foreigners can also benefit from it. You can get the Museum Card for 325 Turkish Liras as of 2021, which provides free entry to museums in the city, and use it for 5 Days (120 Hours).

Museum Card in Istanbul will take you to the Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace Museum and Harem Apartment, Istanbul Archeology Museums. To Istanbul Mosaic Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Islamic Science and Technology History Museum, Chora Museum, Galata Mevlevi House Museum. Also, Yildiz Palace, Rumeli Hisar Museum and Fethiye Museum at no extra cost. The period of validness for Museum Pass begins with your first visit to the museum. Each card is allowed to be used only once per museum.


Money Issues and Currency Exchange


Other most important tips in Turkey are money issues and currency exchange. The currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira, TL. When you landed in Turkey, you have the chance to change your money in currency exchange offices or cabins at the airport. You can get more competitive prices in more central and tourist destinations. So you may want to keep most of your money and exchange only as much as you need. Banks and goldsmiths are also other places where you can exchange currency. Central and tourist destinations such as Beyazit and laleli exchange offices offer more great prices.

You can also exchange money by using your credit or debit card in many places where you can pay with EFTPOS. Using an ATM is a more reliable and easier alternative to draw cash all over the country. However, be sure to let your bank know that you will travel to a foreign country. So that they do not block your account due to doubtful activity and make trouble for you. One of the other important to keep in mind for tips in Turkey is the commission rates that the bank can charge to use a foreign ATM. Make deals with your bank for charges or fees when withdrawing money from ATMs in foreign countries.


Dressing Tips in Turkey


Turkey, despite being a Muslim-populated country and there are a wide range of female population wearing headscarves, everyone is free to dress as they wish. If you are planning to go to the east of the country, do not forget that in the eastern region of the country where the people are a little more conservative in contrast to western Turkey. You will also need to cover some parts of your body such as hair, shoulders and legs while visiting a mosque and take off your shoes, as the mosques are fully covered by carpets and should be clean and hygienic for prayers. However do not worry about the Sultan Ahmet Mosque which is also known as Blue Mosque, one of the most famous and touristic mosques in Turkey, because there are often items provided to cover yourself before the entrance to the Mosque.


Delicious Foods You Should Taste It in Turkey



Turkey is a country which is famous all around the world for its traditional and Ottoman cuisine. Food is one of the prominent things while having a journey to Turkey. However, there are some particular tips in Turkey you should be aware of before you start eating in the country. You will have the chance to find hotels and housings that offer free Turkish breakfast - usually a buffet. An original "Turkish breakfast" is composed of tomatoes, cucumbers, a wide variety of cheeses, olives, bread, boiled eggs or omelets and melemen, fried sujuk, cheese, or potato-filled pastries, yogurt, jam, fruit and freshly squeezed orange juice. But, do not expect to find bacon as a Muslim majority country.

Simit (famous Turkish bagel), newly caught fish sandwiches are some of the more cheap and flavor food options you should try, but if you want to try street food such as kokorec, be a bit more attentive because it is made of charcoal-grilled sheep bowels. It can be a bit not good for those with a weak stomach.

When eating at a restaurant, take a look at the bill to make sure you are charged correctly, and if you are pleased with the service they offered, one tip is usually to gift some money to the waiter if you want, it is not a compulsory thing. Do not return without tasting Turkish special pastries and traditional sweets, Turkish delicious dishes and appetizers.


Squat toilets and toilet paper


While it is feasible to access the standard modern toilets in almost all public places like restaurants, shopping centers and museums all around the country, you may encounter quite a few squat toilets as well. In cases, you have no other option but to go to a squat toilet, you may likely want to blank out your pockets or make it safer in advance. Even though it is already toilet papers in almost all public toilets, it will be better to be ready and keep some tissue papers or wet wipes by yourself all the time. These toilets both have a flush similar to the other toilets. Do not worry about it you will not face them in public.


Renting a Car – Tips in Turkey


Renting a car in Turkey is too much easy as long as you have a passport and driver's license. Your country's driving license is usually sufficient, so you should not need to have a global driving license. Despite that, control and get information about the car rental company to make sure it is still good and reliable. Be sure to follow the parking rules and follow the signs to prevent heavy penalties and towing.


Shopping Tips in Turkey “Tax refund”




An 18 percent tax on the price of products sold in Turkey is included. Those who do not have a residence in Turkey and you are going to return to your country before the six months. They can get a tax return on all shopping over £ 108. That is why try not to lose the receipt and keep it by your when leaving Turkey and request a tax return at the airport.


17 Little Known Features about Turkey _ Tips You Need to Know in Turkey



Besides tips in Turkey, there are lots of little-known features about Turkey. Below you'll find some very important features that everyone knows less about Turkey.

  1. Turkey is the only country with both European and Asian soil.
  2. The world's second-oldest subway "Tunnel" was put into service in 1875.
  3. Contrary to widespread misinformation in Europe are no desert and camels in Turkey. Camels are used for touristic purposes only.
  4. Historical names such as Homer, Aesop and Saint Paul were born in Anatolia.
  5. The Grand Bazaar, which is one of the symbols of Istanbul, has 64 streets, 4,000 shops and 25,000 employees.
  6. Turkey's Black Sea coast fully 1,650 kilometers in length that is equal to the distance between Paris and Berlin.
  7. Tulips entered Europe in the 16th century through Ottoman merchants.
  8. St. Nicholas who is known as Santa Claus was born in Turkey.
  9. Before 1934, in Turkey surname was not being used.
  10. There are over 82,000 mosques in Turkey. | Tips in Turkey
  11. The 29-letter Turkish alphabet, which is used today, was starting to use as a result of Atatürk's initiatives.
  12. It is estimated that the first settlement in Anatolia started 40,000 years ago.
  13. Turkish delight is one of the oldest known desserts.
  14. Two of the world's 7 wonders are located within the borders of Turkey. Temple of Artemis / Selcuk and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.
  15. Those who introduced the Roman Empire to cherry were the producers in Anatolia.
  16. 13 works of art within the borders of Turkey are placed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Tips in Turkey:


+ Historic Areas of Istanbul [1985]

+ Great Mosque and Hospital of Divrigi (Sivas) [1985]

+ Hattusas (Bogazkoy) - Capital of Hittite (Corum) [1986]

+ Mount Nemrut (Adiyaman - Kahta) [1987]

+ Xanthos-Letoon (Antalya - Mugla) [1988]

+ City of Safranbolu (Karabuk) [1994]

+ Ancient City of Troy (Canakkale) [1998]

+ Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Complex (Edirne) [2011]

+ Catalhoyuk Neolithic City (Konya) [2012]

+ Bergama Multilayer Cultural Landscape Area (Izmir) [2014]

+ Bursa and Cumalikizik: The Birth of the Ottoman Empire (Bursa) [2014]

+ Goreme National Park and Cappadocia (Nevsehir) [1985]

+ Pamukkale-Hierapolis (Denizli) [1988]


   17. The history of Turkish bath culture is based on the bath culture of the Roman Empire.

   18. Turkey is the 6th most popular tourist destination in the world.