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Things to Do
in Bursa Turkey

Bursa Turkey is one of the most attractive places visited by tourists from all over the world. It is one of the historical cities of Turkey with magnificent monuments, mosques, and other tourist attractions dating to the Great Ottoman Empire.


Bursa is Turkey's 4th-largest city, where especially ski tourism is at the forefront.

It is a city that has become a brand in terms of tourism with its world-famous silk, towels, textile products, Iznik tiles, Bursa knife, chestnut candy, peach, kebab, Uludag, healing thermal waters and baths.




10 Things to Do in Bursa Turkey


  1. Ride the World's Longest Cable Car – Bursa Teleferik
  2. Go Shopping and Sightseeing in Bursa Grand Bazaar
  3. Discover the Streets of Cumalikizik
  4. Enjoy Skiing in Uludag
  5. Visit Bursa Grand Mosque
  6. Go to the Watch Sema Ceremony in Bursa
  7. Visit Green Mosque and Tomb
  8. Explore the Lakeside Village – Golyazi
  9. Walk and Discover the Bursa Citadel Neighborhood
  10. Take a Bath in Hammam (Turkish Bath)



Ride the World's Longest Cable Car – Bursa Teleferik


Bursa Teleferik is Turkey's first cable car line. It was opened on October 29, 1963. Bursa Cable Car, one of the symbols of Bursa province, is also the longest cable car line in Turkey with its 9-kilometer horizontal length in the rope transportation area.

 It is also a living center with entertainment centers and shopping shops at its stations. Bursa Cable Car, which has four stations within its structure, departs from the Teferruc station in the Teferruc District, which is proximate to the Yildirim district in Southern Bursa, as the first station and reaches the hotel's area in Uludag.


Bursa Cable Car Expedition Hours

Weekdays: 10:00-20:00

Weekend: 10:00-20:00


Bursa Cable Car Ticket Price 2021

Normal Ticket Round-Trip Price: 60 Turkish Liras

Student Ticket Round-Trip Price: 40 Turkish Liras




Go Shopping and Sightseeing in Bursa Grand Bazaar


Bursa Grand Bazaar is a must-see place in Bursa Turkey. The Grand Bazaar is located in a central location proximate to many places to see.

It is one of the centers of shopping and commerce with the Jewellers' Bazaar, the Yorgancilar's Bazaar, the Shoemaker's Bazaar, and the furniture manufacturers.

You can find everything you want in this bazaar. Also, there are lots of restaurants and cafes that have Turkish foods and kebabs.

Bursa Grand Bazaar is located in the Heykel district of Bursa. Heykel district is the center of Bursa.




Grand Bazaar Opening and Closing Hours 2021


Weekdays: 09:00-18:00

Saturday: 09:00-18:00

Sunday: Closed


Discover the Streets of Cumalikizik


Cumalikizik is a small but unique neighborhood in the Yildirim district of Bursa, Turkey. It has an 11 kilometers distance from the Bursa city center. Transportation is provided for an average of 20 minutes to this village.

Cumalikizik village is well-known for its chestnuts, blackberries and raspberries. Since it is a place with lots of tourists, you can see stands with homemade products and souvenirs in front of most houses in the village.



Enjoy Skiing in Uludag


Uludag is one of the tourist destinations in Bursa Turkey. Uludag is the highest mountain in the Marmara Region. Extending in the northwest-southeast direction,  it has a 40-kilometer length and 15–24 kilometers width.

Uludag, which has lots of both domestic and foreign tourists with its magnificent view, is one of the most important winter tourism venues in Bursa.



Things to Do in Uludag, Bursa Turkey


  1. Start the Day with a Delicious Mountain Breakfast
  2. A Day of Adrenaline and Fun on the Ski Slopes
  3. Enjoy Uludag View with Cable Car
  4. You Can Take a Nature Walk in the Snow
  5. Taste the traditional tastes of Uludag, sausage bread in the snow is among the most delicious activities to be done.
  6. Continue to Have Fun at Night with After Ski Parties
  7. Stay in Chalets - A Romantic Winter Holiday


Visit Bursa Grand Mosque  (Ulu Mosque)


The Grand Mosque is one of the historical symbols of Bursa, located in the city center of Bursa Turkey, on Ataturk Street.


192 calligraphy plates and graffiti written by different calligraphers in the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century on the walls of the Grand Mosque are among the original samples of calligraphy.

The fountain, situated under an open dome inside the mosque, is one of the remarkable features of the Ulu Mosque. This magnificent mosque is famous as Hagia Sofia of Istanbul. It is said that Bursa's Hagia Sophia is Bursa Grand Mosque.



Go to the Watch Sema Ceremony in Bursa


Free Sema Ceremony in Bursa: You can watch the Sema Ceremony 365 days of the year at Bursa Karabas-ı Veli Cultural Center. A Sema ceremony is held every evening at 21:00 at Karabas-i Veli Cultural Center in Bursa Central Osmangazi District.

It has the distinction of being the only place in the world where the Sema ceremony is held each day of the year. Karabas-i Veli Cultural Center hosts more than 500 thousand visitors from all over the world. It offers people the opportunity to discover their inner world.




Visit Green Mosque and Tomb Bursa Turkey


Yesil Mosque or Green Mosque is a historical Structure that is among one of the most important examples of early Ottoman architecture in Bursa. This great mosque is located in the Yesil district. It was built in 1419 by Yildirim Bayezit's son, Celebi Mehmet.

There is the Green Tomb is one of the most valuable monumental structures of Bursa, located opposite the Green Mosque. It was also built by Celebi Sultan Mehmet in 1421.



Explore the Lakeside Village – Golyazi


Golyazı is one of the richest ancient settlements in Bursa, famous as a corner of the Heaven. The history of Golyazi, which was established on a magnificent peninsula, dates back to Before Chris. It dates back to the 6th century.

It is located on the Bursa-İzmir highway, on the shore of Uluabat Lake, whose ancient name was Apolyont. 200-year-old Greek houses, protected birds, and the monumental tree "Crying Sycamore" are just a few of the magnificent features that make Golyazi a must-see.7




Walk and Discover the Bursa Citadel Neighborhood


Bursa Citadel is a historical castle situated within the boundaries of today's Osmangazi Municipality. Bursa walls, which were built on a natural rock, are well-preserved walls. The Bursa Citadel is surrounding the oldest park of the city.

The park has magnificent views of the Grand Mosque and the surrounding bazaar area and the slopes of Uludag rising in the distance behind it.

There's an old clock tower and the tombs of the Ottoman Empire's founders, Osman and Orhan Gazi in the park. Also, you will see lots of Ottoman houses and mansions on the roads and alleys of the park that are restored. It is one of the first destinations that is visited by tourists coming to Bursa Turkey.



Take a Bath in Hammam (Turkish Bath)


Taking a bath in Turkish Hammam is one of the best activities all the foreigners coming to Turkey want to experience. There are plenty of Turkish baths in Bursa.

The best place to go for a bath in Bursa Turkish baths is the thermal spa suburb of Cekirge. The Eski Kaplica Hammam is also a good option for a Turkish bath in Bursa that features plenty of traditional marble designs features.

These Turkish baths offer services as a typical soak, sauna, and scrub experience, as well as massages and other spa-type. So don’t miss taking a bath in Turkish baths while you are in Bursa.