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The Nation’s Library
First-Ever Biggest Library of Turkey

Nation’s Library known as Cumhurbaskanlıgı Millet Kutuphanesi is the first-ever biggest Library of Turkey presented by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which will serve 7/24 with inspirations from great Seljuk Empire, Ottoman and contemporary architecture in the capital of Turkey Ankara.

The construction work began in 2015 with the direction President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by covering 125 thousand-square-meter area. It has the capacity to serve 5,000 people at the same time. The library contains 4 million printed, over 120 million electronic publications, and 550 thousand e-books and rare works.

It is the largest single library investment in the history of the republic, serves people of all ages. As well as there are special sections for children, students, researchers and İndividual studying parts are available which is an innovative way of developing knowledge. Tea, coffee and simit services are free. 

With a shelf length of 201 kilometers, the library attracts attention as the largest collection which houses over 4 million publications in 134 different languages from over 100 countries.

The Nation’s Library is one of the six depositary libraries of the world offers access to 45 million documents within the state archives, 300 thousand manuscripts, 46 data bases, 550 E-Books and 120 million articles, 60 thousand     E-Magazines, featuring reports and documents.  

Turkish citizens wishing to use the library should become member through e-government will be able to log in with the new ID card. It is a first-ever Turkish library to accept membership applications through E-Government and to use an integrated book convey system. On the other hand, foreigners will be able to benefit from the library services with temporary entrance cards to be issued in exchange for their passports. 

This library provides access to numerous special collections of 300 thousands of books donated not only from turkey but also from abroad. It is the best way of global information network in the country. It has a conference hall with 4 simultaneous interpretation cabins for international conferences and meetings. 

Turkey is a great country with lots of libraries and malls. If you are living in Istanbul there are great library facilities. You can also find quiet places for studying and working in libraries and malls in Istanbul.

For foreigners and tourists who come to visit Turkey and benefit from the great facilities of the country for a long time, Turkey provides the opportunity to come anytime without a visa requirement. You can buy an apartment and obtain a Turkey residence permit for 2 years.