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The Most Expensive
Residential Areas in Istanbul

The most expensive residential areas in Istanbul are Besiktas, Sariyer, Kadikoy, Beyoglu, Uskudar, Beykoz, Sisli, Bakirkoy and Atasehir.


Istanbul is a magnificent city with a unique Bosphorus connecting Asia with Europe. The mega city is the apple of the eye of people all over the world.


There are numerous advantages of living in Istanbul. Its luxury real estate, multicultural social structure, rich history full of important events, rich culture, unique architecture, easy access to all kinds of goods, beautiful views and many other things make Istanbul so special.

Despite being one of the most crowded cities in the world, you can see the same hospitality of the Turkish people in Istanbul. It is a common feature of Turkish people to create helpful and sensitive communities that wish for the well-being of every human being.


Istanbul offers ultra-luxury possibilities. In this blog, you get all the details and guide about the most expensive residential areas in Istanbul.


Besiktas – The Most Luxurious Residential District in Istanbul


Besitas is one of the well-known and luxurious residential areas in Istanbul. It has a central location approximate to each point of the city with many public transportation options, including ferries, highways and more. Besiktas is famous for the many privileges it offers. The wide variety of shopping facilities makes it easy to purchase anything you want. Life in Besiktas is exciting in many ways. It is impossible to be bored in Besiktas with its endless nightlife, shopping facilities and many parks. Besiktas is a place to live, with its proximity to big business life and the Bosphorus. You can find the best Istanbul real estate for sale in Besiktas.


Luxury Life in Elegant Sariyer


 Sariyer is one of the first areas that come to mind when we talk about luxury with historical buildings of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. Sariyer with its precious and luxury villas offering sea views is definitely the perfect place to live.  If you want to enjoy nature and luxury in Istanbul, Sariyer is full of privileges, historical values ​​and more in the northern part of Istanbul on the European side. Buy property in Sariyer and step up to an ultra-luxury life in one of the most expensive residential areas in Istanbul.


Kadikoy - One of the Most Important Residential Areas of Istanbul


Kadikoy is one of the most important residential areas of Istanbul on the Anatolian Side with its many must-see places. Kadikoy, which has been an important settlement for the Christian world throughout history, is also one of the places where the heart of the city beats in terms of culture and art. When you come to Kadikoy, you will find a district that will impress you with its coast, historical buildings and many other beauties. It is also the point of attraction for real estate investors as Kadikoy real estate offers the best luxury options in Istanbul.


Beyoglu is the Fashionable District with Historical Values


One of the other most expensive residential areas in Istanbul is Beyoglu. Beyoglu hosts the famous Taksim Square and Istiklal Street is a classy place to live. Taksim Square, where almost every road leads to an important place in Istanbul is also in Beyoglu. Beyoglu is placed between roads that lead to Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. Beyoglu is a very large district with 46 neighborhoods. It is almost the first destination of tourists coming to Istanbul that is it offers high investment returns. Taksim apartments are the best option for those who want to buy a house both for residential and investment purposes. You can find tenants for your apartment during the four seasons of the year.


Stunning Uskudar is a Wonderful Residential Area on the Shore of the Bosphorus


Uskudar is a district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, on the shore of the Bosphorus and integrated with the historical Maiden's Tower. It has one of the popular piers for the transition to the European side, the Maiden's Tower enchanting with its beauty just at the heart of the Bosphorus, the 16th-century mosques in the square, the large historical fountain in the middle of the square and Madrasa on the beach, the historical Karacaahmet Cemetery and more. It offers the best moments to its visitors to the big and small Camlica hills ahead. As you buy your house in Uskudar you will start a completely luxurious life in Istanbul.


Beykoz Presenting the Magnificent Beauty of the Bosphorus


The other most expensive residential area in Istanbul is Beykoz. Beykoz located in the north of Istanbul is a favorite of its residents with its seafront location and forested areas. It offers many living spaces that cater to different needs in the region where city life meets nature. The region, which is different from other regions with its natural areas and calm structure, also stands out as an old settlement area.


Sisli the Center of Business Life


Sisli is one of the most preferred destinations in Istanbul's real estate market due to its central location, proximity to historical landmarks, and high rental returns. This region is popular with its high buildings, business centers and wonderful location. You can find a wide range of properties for sale in Sisli on our website.


Bakirkoy the Best Residential Area with Mega Projects


Bakirkoy, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul, is one of the most popular districts of the city with its historical texture, lively bazaar, shopping centers, long coastline, neighborhoods where minorities live friendly and its central location.

While walking on the narrow streets of Bakirkoy that open to the sea, you will not be able to pass without taking a photo of these beautiful houses, stopping and examining them, and taking a short trip to the past. Bakirkoy neighboring Zeytinburnu, Bahcelievler, Kucukcekmece, Marmara Sea and Gungoren are one of the most important centers and an expensive residential area with unique houses for sale on Bakirkoy European side.


The Modern Atasehir Intertwined with Nature


Ataşehir is one of the most visited places on the Anatolian side, where you can be intertwined with nature and see modern architecture.

It is one of the other most expensive residential areas in Istanbul with dozens of privileges. Although we are saying these are the most expensive in fact in comparison to European countries, these regions are very reasonable providing amazing offers. You can find the best Istanbul real estate at advantageous prices in the most expensive residential areas on melares.com. contact us now...