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30 Most Used Turkish Surnames
Foreigners Obtaining Citizenship

Foreigners obtaining Turkish citizenship can change their name and surname in their Turkish passport and identity card. 


According to the data obtained from the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of the Ministry of Interior, the most commonly used Turkish surname in 2021 is Yilmaz.


There are 1 million 580 thousand 313 people with the Yilmaz surname, 1 million 154 thousand 158 people with Kaya surname, and 1 million 105 thousand 381 people with Demir surname.

According to the news of AA, Kaya and Demir surnames were, respectively, followed by the surname Yilmaz.

It was stated that the Turkish surname Kaya ranked second used by 1 million 154 thousand 158 people and the surname Demir ranked third used by 1 million 105 thousand 381 people.

The other most common Turkish surnames are Celik, Sahin, Yildiz, Yldirm, Ozturk, Aydin and Ozdemir.


The 30 most used Turkish surnames are;


1-Yilmaz means Won't Shy away

2- Kaya means Rock

3- Demir means Iron

4- Celik means Steel

5- Sahin means Falcon

6- Yildiz Turkish surname means Star

7- Yildirim means Lightening

8- Ozturk means Pure Turkish

9- Aydin means Enlightened

10- Ozdemir means Pure Iron

11- Arslan means Lion 

12- Dogan means Hawk

13- Kilic means Sword

14- Aslan means Lion

15- Cetin means “Tough” or “Robust”

16- Kara means Black

17- Koc means Hero

18- Kurt Turkish surname means Wolf

20- Simsek means Lightning

21- Polat means Steel or Metal

22- Ozcan means a True Friend

23- Korkmaz means Fearless, Unafraid, Brave.

24- Cakir means a Person with Blue-spotted, Blue-tinged Eyes.

25- Erdogan means One Who is Born Valiant, A Person Born Prematurely.

26- Yavuz means Strong

27- Can: It has many Meanings such as Spirit, Vitality, Power, Cute, Heart.

28- Acar means Strong, Vigorous, Agile, Bold, Brave

29- Sen means Cheerful, Joyful

30- Aktas Turkish surname means Milestone, Marble, Limestone