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Most Visited Ski Resorts in Turkey
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5 Most Visited Ski Resorts in Turkey 


The best ski resorts in Turkey are Uludag Ski Center, Palandoken Ski Center, Kartalkaya Ski Center, Sarikamis Ski Center and Erciyes Ski Center.


Ski resorts in Turkey such as Kartepe Ski Center, Davraz Ski Center, Ilgaz Ski Center, Ergan Mountain Ski Center, Saklikent Ski Center, are popular as well.


  1. Uludag Ski Center in Bursa - Turkey's First and Largest Ski Resort


Uludag is the first and the largest ski resort in Turkey and takes place at the top of the best ski resorts in the country. Uludag, where winter sports and mountaineering started in 1927 for the first time, has been growing and developing rapidly since 1933.

Uludag is the highest peak of the Marmara Region that has 2,543 meters in height. It welcomes visitors with 34 accommodation facilities in the first and second development areas and offers ski lovers the opportunity to ski with different levels of slopes.


Uludag has many options and facilities for ski lovers. There are shops where you can rent all kinds of equipment for skiing.


  1. Palandoken Ski Center in Erzurum Province - with the Longest and Steepest Ski Tracks in the World


Erzurum is one of the coldest cities in Turkey, experiences the advantage of being covered with snow for almost 6 months of the year. The Palandoken ski resort in Turkey is one of the most popular winter ski routes with its snow quality, tracks and accommodation facilities built on the foothills of the Palandoken Mountains.


There is a high interest in this ski center as it is one of the ski centers with the longest and steepest tracks in the world.


Palandoken Ski resort in Turkey ranked 18th among 41 ski resorts by the New York Times. It increased its popularity by hosting the 25th World Universities Winter Games in 2011.


  1. Kartalkaya Ski Center in Bolu - Snowfest and Icefest Festivals


Bolu is one of the most distinguished provinces in the Western Black Sea Region.  It is not only well-known for its magnificent lakes, but also for the Kartalkaya Ski Center.

The total length of its tracks reaches 40 kilometers and has approximately 25 tracks at different slopes. There are plenty of accommodation opportunities in Bolu, which is one of the indispensable winter routes for those who are considering skiing or snowboarding.

The ski season lasts from December to March in Kartalkaya Ski Center. You can also participate in the Snowfest and Icefest festivals. Kartalkaya Ski Center is one of the most famous ski resorts in Turkey offering amazing nature and perfect activities.


  1. Sarikamis Ski Center -  with Powder Crystal Snow


The Sarikamis Ski Center is 55 km distance from the center of Kars. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Turkey during the winter season. The Sarikamis Ski Center has Powder crystal snow, which is only found in the Alps in the world that is why there is great interest in this ski resort in Turkey. This type of snow, which is the most convenient and safest for skiing, is a great wealth for the Sarikamis Ski Center.

The Sarikamis Ski center is surrounded by yellow pine forests and offers a track length of 25 kilometers in total. The weather is always clear and sunny, but the snow is not crystalline and icing like the first day. Sarikamis is the best option for those who want to spend a quieter, unhurried ski season.

Sarikamis Ski Center is more reasonable and cheap in price than many popular ski resorts. Those who want to relax and pass a long holiday Sarikamis will be the right choice.


  1. Erciyes Ski Center - the Most Modern Ski Resort with International Standards



Erciyes Ski Center is one of the most modern ski resorts in Turkey with international standards. It is consists of more than thirty tracks. Erciyes Mountain, with a height of 3917 meters, is the highest peak of the Central Anatolia Region. The ski center established on the Erciyes Mountain has achieved to become one of the most well-known ski resorts in Turkey.


It is feasible to ski for almost 6 months on the tracks, which are categorized with Red, Black and Blue colors according to their difficulty levels.


Snow Volleyball was the first winter sport in Turkey held here since 2017. The Snow Volleyball World Cup will be held in Erciyes Ski Center, which has started to perform the trendiest games of the world in the field of winter sports.


It welcomes thousands of visitors with dozens of different activities carried out not only in winter but throughout the year. If you want different and trendy ski experiences, you should visit Erciyes ski resort in Turkey.


** Of course the winter ski resorts in Turkey are not limited to 5 centers. Other than these, the ones that should be visited when traveling Turkey are;


- - Kartepe Ski Center in Kocaeli

- - Davraz Ski Center in Isparta

- - Ilgaz Ski Center in Kastamonu

- - Ergan Mountain Ski Center in Erzincan

- - Saklıkent Ski Center in Antalya

- - Zigana Ski Center in Gumushane

- - Ladik Akdag Ski Center in Samsun

- - Esentepe Ski Center in Bolu

- - Bozdag Ski Center in Izmir

- - Hasan Mountain Ski Center in Aksaray

- - Elmadag Ski Center in Ankara

- - Atabari Ski Center in Artvin