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in Turkey

Residence in Turkey


One of the world's paradise country is a privilege to reside in Turkey for foreign nationals.

Purposes of residence in Turkey can be different. A foreign citizen can come to Turkey for the purpose of sightseeing attractions to see. Or you may need to stay in Turkey for study purposes. Or by marrying a Turkish citizen, you may need to reside in Turkey. In all these cases, foreign persons within the borders of Turkey to reside legally, must take the necessary residence permit.

As long as the purpose and conditions of staying of foreigners in Turkey is not changed, purpose of reside can not be changed. However, after receiving of residence permit, if the residence status of foreigner changes in Turkey, it should always be reported to the related authorities. For example, if a foreigner's education period ended in Turkey and if he/she needs to stay purpose of finding a job in Turkey, must notify the competent authorities where he/she received a residence permit.

According to Turkish law, residence permits are of different types. These residence permits can be counted as follows.

• Short Term Residence Permit

• Family Residence Permit

• Student Residence Permit

• Long Term Residence Permit

• Humanitarian Residence Permit

• Trafficking Victim Residence Permit



In the scope of the Turkish legislation, foreigners coming to Turkey as tourists, if he/she wishes to stay in Turkey for longer than the legal time, are obliged to obtain the permit for residence in Turkey. Legal time limits for staying in Turkey for touristic purposes, it is more than 90 days within 180 days. A foreigner can stay in Turkey without a residence permit for up to 90 days. (This period, determined as 90 days, can be used consecutively or separately.) In order to stay longer than this period, the relevant residence permit must be obtained according to the purpose of the stay.

Applications for residence permits are made directly to the Directorate General of Migration Management. Applications can also be done online.

Short-term residence permit is the most common form of permit. Foreign people who can be granted short term residence permits can be counted as follows.

* Foreigners who come to Turkey for the purpose of scientific research,

* Foreigners who has property in Turkey,

* Foreigners who will establish commercial relations or business in Turkey,

* Foreigners who attend in-service training programs in Turkey,

* Eğitim veya benzeri amaçlarla Türkiye’ye gelecek olan yabancılar (Agreements to which Turkey is a party or student exchange programs required),

* Foreigners coming for tourism purposes,

* Foreigners who will be treated (Except for diseases that are considered as a threat to public health),

* Foreigners who must stay in Turkey accordingly by the request / decision of Judicial or administrative authorities,

* Foreigners who will be transferred to short term residence permit by losing their family residence permit conditions,

* Foreigners who will attend Turkish learning courses,

* Foreigners who participate in education, research, internships and courses In Turkey (through public institutions),

* Foreigners who apply within six months from the date of graduation after completing his/her higher education in Turkey,

* Foreigners who will invest in Turkey in scope and amount to be determined by the Council of Ministers (in addition, their foreign spouse, his or her spouse's non-adult or dependent foreign child),

* Foreigners who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

As per the decision of official institutions, the short-term residence permits that foreigners have previously obtained are not extended as of January 2020.


Accordingly, for the foreigners having the short-term residence permit which will expire after January 2020, in order to stay in Turkey should have one of the following situation.

* The continuation of education in Turkey or

* Having the work permit in Turkey,

* Being a real estate owner in Turkey.


Residence in Turkey for the Real Estate Owners


In accordance with the International Protection Law No. 6458, a foreign citizen acquiring property in Turkey, making the application for a residence permit in Turkey may receive short-term residence permit. According to the law, the real estate to be purchased must be a residence (apartment, villa etc.) and used for this purpose.

* By the renewal guarantee of the Short-term residence permit, person can stay with a long-term in Turkey. According to current law, if you own property in Turkey, you can receive a maximum one-year period of residence in your renewal application each. (In the previous application, this period was 3 months.)

* To get short-term residence permit in Turkey, there is no restriction of any property amount. In other words, to apply for Turkish citizenship, while mandatory minimum real estate investment in Turkey amounted to $ 250.000, but it is available to obtain a house for an amount of under $ 250,000 for resident permit.

* Accordingly, family members of the foreigners who own a house in Turkey and obtain residence permit, can benefit of "family residence permit".

If any of the family member has a work permit, this work permit is also a residence permit. Therefore, family members who have a work permit do not need to apply for a family residence permit.


2020 Residence Permit Costs in Turkey


Approximate expenses related to the residence permit application, which is revised every year by the Law, can be considered as follows.

- Valuable Paper Fee of Residence Permit: 110 TL

- Residence Permit Fee: Depending on the country, 25 USD for the first month + 5 USD for other months.

- Single Entry Visa Fee: 695,60 TL

- Health Insurance Amount: Between 150 TL - 1.250 TL (calculated according to the age of the person.)

- Notary and Translation Amount: Approximately 250 TL (for each document)

- Apostille Certification Fee: Approximately 205 TL


Why You Should Buy Property in Turkey?


Long-term living in Turkey is the dream of many foreigners. Many foreign nationals who want to live in this country and enjoy their privileges have been turning to buying housing in recent years.

The house that you will buy in Turkey not just for residence in Turkey, but also it is important in the scope of providing you a lucrative investment.

Real estate prices vary in different provinces of Turkey. For a calm, peaceful and a life like a holiday, you may prefer Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. If you love green, nature and you are also a sea lover, the Black Sea provinces will fascinate you.

Ankara and Eskişehir, one of the most developed cities of the Central Anatolia Region, will offer you a magnificent life with its modern and organized life.

If you are one of those who want a quiet life close to Istanbul, Bursa and Yalova are two of the most suitable options for you.

If you want to live in Turkey's and the world's metropolis Istanbul and make real estate investments, Istanbul is a fabulous place that can offer you all kinds of home options.

Whatever in which region you prefer residence in Turkey, your property will make you gain any kind of investment value.


Residence in Turkey | Street Flavors of Istanbul


The most known features of Istanbul are its natural and historical structure and cultural features. The pleasure of shopping with Turkish and world brands in dozens of giant shopping centers is very attractive for foreigners. In addition, delicious Turkish cuisine, which is not enough to taste, is a very important feature.

However, beyond all this, one of the different aspects of living Istanbul is the famous street flavors. Street flavors that you cannot find in different parts of the world seduce foreigners as well as Turks. Some of these delicious flavors are;

Turkish Bagels: Although Simit cafes have been opened in recent years, Simit was originally started to be sold in wheelbarrows and trays on the streets. It is always a very affordable and satisfying flavor with a warm bagel scent with lots of sesame seeds. Especially with a warm tea or cold buttermilk.

Fish – Bread: Eminönü is the first place that comes to mind when this duo is heard. Fish-bread, which is sold in boats, beside the Eminönü ferry port, is an affordable and delightful flavor against the sea.

Pickle Juice: You can also find this flavor in pickle shops. However, we recommend you to taste it in pickle carts that you will come across on the street. Certainly one glass will never be enough.

Stuffed Mussels: You can also choose the Fish Market in Istiklal Street or the restaurants in Besiktas for this flavor sold on the trays in the streets of Istanbul.

Kokorec: Essentially cooked in embers, this flavor is found in the wheelbarrows or some restaurants in the streets. It is one of the most important street flavors of Istanbul.

Pilaf with Chickpeas: It is sold in hand carts on the street or in some special restaurants in different points of Istanbul. The wheelbarrow in front of the Plakcilar Bazaar in Fatih Sarachane is just one of them.

Chestnut: Chestnut takes its place in the important squares and avenues of Istanbul, especially Taksim Square and Istiklal Street during the winter months. It is a different pleasure to eat the warm chestnut that you bought and walk on Istiklal Street.