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Residence Permit
in Turkey 2020

Turkey is a country that welcomes millions of tourists from around the world each year. With Turkey's recognition at the international level and also thanks to ads from ear to ear about Turkey in foreign countries, each day the number of people are increasing who want to see this country.

As well as its tourism potential, those who wants to come to Turkey for living or educating, firstly would like to come here as a tourist and want to experience of living conditions of this country.

Of course, Turkey's international policies and practices should include specific duration of stay of foreigners in our country. For someone who arrived with a tourist visa is not possible to stay in Turkey for a long time with this visa. At this point, the residence permit comes out to stage.

Residence permit is a document that given to foreign nationals coming to Turkey, in order to stay in Turkey longer than the period of visa or visa exemption.

In current practice foreigners who come to Turkey, may stay with the time up to 30, 60 or 90 in single entrance. Beyond this time if they want to stay in Turkey they must do the necessary permit application for residence permit in Turkey 2020.

For a foreigner the starting time of stayin period here is the enterance date to Turkey. Example; For a Finnish citizen, stayin period in Turkey is 90 days at a time. If a Finnish citizen enter to Turkey, on April 21, 2020, the person may stay in Turkey maximum up to the date of July 20, 2020. 

When the person wants to stay longer than this period, he/she must apply for a residence permit before the visa expires. Otherwise, when the application is made after the expiration date, related authorities will not accept the request and the person will be ask to go out of Turkey.


How do I Get a Residence Permit in Turkey 2020?



The residence permit in Turkey, is directly related to person's staying purpose. Residence permit types vary accordingly. We may have a look at residence permit in Turkey 2020 as follows.

>>> SHORT TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT (Each time is given for a maximum of 1 year.)

Short-term residence permit is arranged by the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection and the regulation regarding this Law.

Accordingly, foreigners who can obtain short term residence permit are as follows.


1. Foreign persons who will come for scientific research,

2. Foreign persons who have property located in Turkey,

3. Foreign persons who will establish commercial connections or business,

4. Foreign persons who will participate in the in-service training program,

5. Foreign persons who come within the scope of agreements which the Republic of Turkey is side of it,

6. Foreign persons wo will come for educational or similar purposes in the framework of student exchange programs,

7. Foreign persons who will stay for tourism purposes,

8. Foreign persons who will be treated (He/she musn’t carry one of the diseases that will be a threat to public health),

9. Foreign persons that need to stay in Turkey depending on the demand or the decision of the judicial or administrative authorities,

9. Foreign persons who will be pass to short term residence permit because of losing the family residence permit conditions,

10. Foreign persons who will joing the Turkish courses,

11. Foreign persons who will participate to education, research, internships and courses in Turkey through public institutions,

12. Foreign persons who completed their higher education in Turkey and also applied in six months after graduation,

13. Foreign persons that not working in Turkey but who will invest in scope and amount to be specified by the Council of Ministers, and also their foreign spouse, himself/herself and his/her spouse's non-adult or dependent foreign child,

14. Foreign persons who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

To Get Residence Permit in Turkey by Purhcasing House


According to requirement of Article 2 of Short-term residence permit , it is possible to get short-term residence permits for the foreigners who own property in Turkey.

The property mentioned here refers to the residence. So, in order for a foreigner to make an application of residence permit in Turkey 2020, must have a housing and property must be used for this purpose. In this case, a person who owns a home in Turkey will have a residence permit to a maximum of 1 year at a time.

In addition, if the family members have a shared or cooperative ownership right on the residence, family members can also apply for a residence permit within the same scope.

Family members refer to the applicant's spouse, non-adult child and dependent adult child.

Short Term Residence Permit Application Documents

* Residence Permit Application Form 

* Original and photocopy of the passport or replacement document

* 4 photos 

* Statement of having sufficient and regular financial means within the time to stay

* Health insurance valid during residence.

*In addition to the documents listed below, the title deed original of the purchased house is required for the applications of the owners.

You can obtain a residence permit by purchasing a house for sale of Turkey. However, to obtain Turkish citizenship, a minimum of $ 250,000 worth of property is required. But, there is no such requirement to get a residence permit. So, according to your budget, by purchasing a house worth to $ 45,000 or $ 150,000 and you can do your application of a residence permit in Turkey 2020.

It does not matter in which region or city you buy the house. All across the Turkey the houses that suit to your budget and your taste are waiting for you. You can buy an apartment or a villa for a more luxurious life.

MELARES Turkey Properties will guide you through all your real estate purchasing processes. In addition, our young, dynamic and expert lawyers will facilitate your residence permit application processes for you.

Thousands of property may be viewed on our website and residence permit in Turkey for 2020. alternative you can select a suitable home.

Important Considerations About Short Term Residence Permit?

* Application in Turkey, is made to the Governor. In other cases, it is made to consulates in the country where the foreigner is a citizen or legally resident.

* Application for a residence permit must be made by the foreigner personally. These applications can also be made through the legal representative of the foreigner. Or the application also can be made by foreigner's attorney who has the power of attorney.

* In the assess phase of the application, if the competent authority deems necessary, an interview can be held with the foreigner.

* If all information and documents have been submitted to the relevant authority correctly and completely, a residence permit will be concluded within 90 days at the latest after the application is processed.

* Residence permits obtained from abroad will expire if they are not used within six months.

* If foreign person has a work permit in Turkey, throughout the work permit, this document is considered to be the residence permit.

Other Residence Permits

>>> FAMILY RESIDENCE PERMIT (It is given for a maximum of 2 years each time.)

A family residence permit can be issued for the relatives of Turkish citizens who are covered by Article 28 of Law No. 5901 or relatives of foreigners who have any residence permit and refugees and relatives of secondary protection status holders.

a) To foreign spouse,

b) To the adult foreign child of himself or his wife,

c) To the dependent foreign child of himself or his wife,


>>> STUDENT RESIDENCE PERMIT (During the education period)

Student Residence Permit can be issued to the foreigners listed below.

- Foreigners who will have primary and secondary education without a family residence permit,

- Foreigners who will study at a higher education institution in our country.

If the person holding a student residence permit has spouse and children, a family residence permit in Turkey 2020 application must be submitted for them. In this case,owner of the student residence permit can be supportive in the application of a family residence permit for their spouse and children.

Except for spouse and children, it does not benefit other relatives about obtaining a residence permit.



The following persons can be granted a Long Term Residence Permit with the approval of the Ministry;

• At least 8 years of continuous reside with residence permit in Turkey.

• Not benefiting from any state aid in the last 3 years.

• Having a sufficient monthly income to sustain your life.

• Not to pose any threat to society and public security.


>>> HUMANITARIAN RESIDENCE PERMIT (Each time is given for a maximum of 1 year.)


In case of the occurrence of some compulsory situations specified in the Law, a humanitarian residence permit can be issued.

For example, when it comes to the best interests of the child or in extraordinary situations, a humanitarian Residence Permit may be issued.


>>> HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIM RESIDENCE PERMIT (30 gün süreyle verilir. Uzatma süreleri ile birlikte toplam 3 yılı geçemez.)

It is issued for foreigners who have strong suspicion that they are or may be victims of trafficking.