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Renovation Houses
for Sale in Turkey

Today, as well as it is produced, new and branded residential projects, renovation property for sale takes their place in the market.


Renovation projects can be on a regional basis within the scope of Urban Transformation, as well as the transformation of buildings individually. Turkey, a country's estate wealth is increasing with each passing day.


It has a wide range of properties in terms of properties, thanks to the architectural traces and modern architectural understanding left by civilizations instead of uniform constructions.


Structures in many countries around the world are close to each other. Villa types, building types, public buildings always show similar characteristics.


These structures were built with a more limited architectural understanding. In Turkey, in different segments of the real estate where you go in the country's possible to find a combination of diversity.


Since the expectations and tastes of real estate buyers are also different, this diversity in real estate is an attractive element for domestic and foreign real estate investors.

When buying real estate, the decision mechanism of real estate investors also operates 2 types. The first is to buy a new real estate that is ready for use or under construction. Another is to renew this by buying an old or bargain real estate.


The Turkish government has provided strong support to the construction industry over the past 15-20 years. Construction, one of the leading sectors of the Turkish economy, is being expanded with urban transformation projects.

However, although the scope of the urban transformation program is the obsolete or historical carrying value of buildings in different regions of Turkey and the province, houses, hotels, renovation real estates are being modernized by individuals.


You can find a bargain property with very reasonable price tags that will not be over your budget in different provinces of Turkey. It can be a highland house in the highlands of the Black Sea.

It can be a summer house in Kas, Kalkan, Fethiye and similar summer regions. It can be a village house or traditional stone houses in coastal towns.


If your dream is to have a magnificent villa, you can turn the bargain buildings that you will buy in places like Bursa, Yalova, Canakkale, Bodrum, Göcek into your dream villa.


Advantages of Renovation Property for Sale in Turkey


If the property you are considering buying in Turkey is not a ready-to-deliver property and if you are interested in architecture, we recommend that you purchase one of the renovation properties for sale. Renovation property for sale can have many advantages for you.


First of all, when you get new construction projects or a ready-made house, you have to make a purchase according to the sale price that the construction company has set for that property. Here the price will be slightly higher, as the contractor will add its own profit margin to the property price as well as construction costs.


What are the advantages you will get when purchasing a renovation property for sale?


Renovation property for sale is generally houses that need renovation such as old buildings, historical buildings or houses, stone houses, country houses, plateau houses. For this reason, renovation properties are sold at lower prices than ready-to-move houses or buildings. Examples, as seen in many countries of the world, domestic or foreign real estate investors, are preferring buying a property in Turkey at a low cost and renewing it.


Low Cost


In addition to the cost of buying a property, the renovation work on the property you purchase will depend entirely on your taste and budget. While the original wood version of a similar material (e.g. Wood parquet) is sold at a higher price, the cost of laminated parquet with a very similar wood look is much lower. However, there will not be a big difference in the place you renovate as an image and you will have a high-quality, aesthetic decoration.


External and Internal Renovation Preference


You may not have to renew the entire building to renovate your old property. The exterior of some properties is highly available. In such a situation, you only save time and money by renovating the interiors. Or vice versa, the interiors of a property may not need any renovations. So you can have a renovated property with some renovations that you will only make on the exterior of the building.


To do this, you must first make expertise on the property. In cooperation with an expert team, you can have a very useful and effective renovation property. Of course, the architectural team will also have a cost for you. However, getting professional help will ensure that the right materials meet a quality architecture, and will give you useful ideas on which product will be more cost-effective and visually.


MELARES Turkey Properties, with its expert partners, will do the necessary guidance for architectural work of renovation property for sale.


Decoration to Your Own Taste


One of the biggest advantages of renovation properties for sale is that you can decorate the building according to your own taste. When you buy a ready-made apartment, villa, building, cottage and similar property, some parts of the property may not be fully compatible with your dream.


In the property that you have purchased for renovation, the exterior and interior coatings, colors and decorative materials you will use except for the historical buildings will be complete to your liking. Window size, lighting of the places, the comfort of the furniture will be shaped as you wish. Creating your dream home is the realization of the houses you build in computer games.


Type of Renewal Property


The type and characteristics of the property that you will buy to renew will be your choice. In this regard, you can actually create your dream home or hotel. As this is very exciting, it will also reflect your creative power and tastes, so the resulting renovated property will be your magnificent work.

Prior to that, it is the starting point to decide where and in what properties your renewal property will be located.


Renovated Hotels for Sale in Turkey


If you wish, you can turn it into a magnificent boutique hotel with the project of renovating old buildings with 8-10 rooms in the center of the Aegean holiday resorts and on the sea shore.

Many Turks abandon their professional business life, settle in the coastal towns of the Aegean or the Mediterranean, renovate their bargain buildings and run magnificent boutique hotels.

When you finish your renovation and start your business, the admiration of the visitors will be proof of how well you are doing.

Whatever your dream is, you must act now in order to have one of the renovation property for sale that fits your budget.


Renovation Houses for Sale in Istanbul


Seven-hill city Istanbul… It is a magnificent city that contains all of the history, nature and cultural heritages together. While millions of tourists come to visit every year to experience these beauties that Istanbul has, thousands of foreign investors also acquire real estate from Istanbul.

Undoubtedly, the places that come to mind when mentioning the historical districts of Istanbul are the city walls. Fatih and Beyoglu are two important districts of the historical city of Suriç. Istanbul, where different empires were ruled for centuries, continued to protect the historical regions and structures after it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire.

Local real estate investors, who are interested in history in recent years, are buying old or historical buildings that can be renewed from these regions in the city wall and bringing them back to the real estate sector with a modern face. Real estate investment in these regions, which has become a focus of interest for foreign investors as well as domestic investors, is profitable. Because a property to be purchased at an affordable price can be sold at profitable prices after renewal.


Galata - Beyoglu


One of the oldest settlements in Istanbul, Galata is a region worth living with its square, historical Galata tower, historical houses, cafes and people. Although Genoese, Greeks and Armenians lived in Galata, which is one of the most beautiful places of Beyoglu district, it became a cosmopolitan region with the settlement of Turks in the following period.


In Galata, which has preserved its historical texture from the past to the present, you have the chance to buy a historical house or building and renew it. However, it is extremely important to renew the buildings in accordance with the original within the scope of the permits to be obtained.


Kuledibi - Beyoglu


This region is defined as the location of the Galata Tower and its immediate surroundings. Kuledibi, which is not limited to Voyvoda Street and its streets and the location where the tower is standing, is spread over a wide area between Bankalar Avenue and High Pavement. Kuledibi is one of the most important regions that reflect history.


The building named Palazzo del Comune dating back to 1316 has been used as the administrative building by the Genoese and is one of the oldest buildings in the region. There are many historical buildings such as Sankt Georg Church and School, Sankt Georg Hospital, Saint Pierre Church, Saint Pierre Inn, Neve Shalom Synagogue.


In this area, one bedroom, you may have one of the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom renovation property for sale. Especially if you buy a property with a sea view, you will sign a much more enjoyable and profitable investment.


Tarlabasi - Beyoglu


Tarlabasi is at the forefront of the regions that have come to the fore with the renewal projects that it has recently initiated within the scope of urban transformation. While there are old houses ruining especially in the back streets of this region, which has previously abandoned buildings, the region has a new face with important urban transformation projects initiated by construction companies. The value of the real estate in this region, which is a few minutes away from Taksim square, is increasing day by day.


Fener / Balat - Fatih


Fener and Balat neighborhoods are one of the oldest settlements in the inner city wall of Istanbul. Balat is a region between Ayvansaray and Fener on the Golden Horn. In Balat, which was a region where Jews lived in ancient times, the examples from Jewish houses to the present day are seen more in the neighborhood.


These Jewish houses that survive to the present day are generally three-story buildings with narrow facades and bay windows on the second and third floors.


Fener district is on the shores of the Golden Horn and in a neighborhood neighbor to Balat. Since 1601, the Istanbul Patriarchate, which is the center of the Orthodox sect, has been settled here in Ayios Yeoryios (Aya Yorgi) Church.


Greeks and wealthy Jews lived in Fener during the Ottoman era and wealthy Greek families' mansions were located on the Fener beaches. Until 1955, this neighborhood, which has a population structure of half and half Muslim and Christian families, has formed a texture of masonry houses.


Today, the Fener-Balat region has become the center of attention of rich Turkish families and artists. The purchased properties are renewed and evaluated for life and investment purposes.


Yedikule - Fatih


To buy a renovation property for sale, one of the best places is Yedikule. This region, which is one of the oldest settlements in the Fatih region and which consisted of Greeks, Armenians and Turks, has become more cosmopolitan in recent years due to the intense interest of the citizens of different countries. While Yedikule city walls and historical Greek houses add value to the region, construction companies also started the production of new housing projects in this region. However, the former home to the curiosity of those who, as the owner of one of the old Greek houses or Ottoman house bay, enjoying the pleasure of renewing property in Turkey. In addition to its historical texture, the region stands out with its neighborhood culture.