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Real Estate
Istanbul Luxury

Real Estate Istanbul Luxury

Istanbul is one of the luckiest cities in the world in terms of real estate diversity. There are not only apartment buildings or country style houses in Istanbul. The options are endless. You can also find a reasonably priced property according to the budget, and a magnificent property with unlimited features.

Real estate Istanbul luxury offers unique opportunities for those who adopt a quality life. Thousands of luxury real estate options are offered on the European and Asian sides of Istanbul to suit different needs. Because of so many options, it is not easy to decide which of luxury property is suitable for you.

When it mentioned "luxury real estate" first comes to mind primarily, high standard flats, villas and waterfront mansions come to mind. Later, upper segment commercial real estate, namely offices converted from villas, plazas or office environments located in luxury buildings can be counted among luxury commercial real estates.

Your budget is important for your real estate purchase in Istanbul. This is inevitable. But before the budget, maybe you can decide whether you want to buy real estate on the European side or Asian side before.

If you are buying your property to live, your criteria may be different. Because the possibilities of the property must be able to meet your own living needs. If you are going to buy a property for investment, your priority will be financial issues such as investment income, rental income, depreciation value of the property, and payment facilities. In fact, if you choose the right region, your investment will make you to gain in all kinds. Real estate Istanbul luxury options will be completely shaped by your expectations and budget.

Buying Luxury Real Estate for Sale in Istanbul

There are different options for your real estate purchase in Istanbul, which has 39 districts, hundreds of neighborhoods and a large surface area.

Inner City Luxury Properties: In fact, Istanbul has been planned from one end of the west to the other end of the east, and it is a city whose construction works are increasing and renewed day by day. Here in, the more rooted and central locations that we refer to as "inner city". Otherwise, every point we talk about within the city limits of Istanbul is actually in the city.

You can maximize your quality of life with alternatives real estate Istanbul luxury inner city. The possibility of finding villa settlements is more limited in inner city. Generally, new buildings built with the latest modern technologies and buildings with extraordinary architecture that change the silhouette of the city comply with the concept of luxury housing.

Today, even for sale apartments in a normal building in the back neighborhoods of Istanbul, contractors can use the concept of "luxury apartments". However, the real concept of “luxury” should be able to offer material quality and possibilities above the standards.

There are many features that will facilitate your living needs in an ultra luxurious residence house in the city. For example, if you own such a property, you do not need to do house cleaning, because there are concierge services provided by the site management, and there are officers who will do house cleaning for a daily fee. Or instead of parking your car in the parking lot, you can take advantage of the valet parking service and deliver your car to the staff in front of the building. You do not need to spend time between all your work to buy plane tickets. If you inform the reservation services, your plane owner will be bought on your behalf. Beside this, you will not waste time looking for the shoe shine or leaving your child nursery, because this and many other services will benefit as extra services in the luxurious living space offered to you.

Apart from concierge services, luxury properties offer you many social opportunities. For example, when you return home, you can reach the fitness center where is away a lift. With cafes and restaurants within your site, swimming pools, playground, ornamental pools and even the shopping street under your site, you can meet all your needs without driving and without traffic stress.

You can prefer villa life even if it is limited in the city. However, since there are not enough areas to build new villas in the city, they are located in the most established settlements of the city center and their prices reach millions.

Properties Near to City Center: The regions we mentioned as near to the city center can actually be called neighbors to the city center. In these regions, which also have all kinds of transportation alternatives, you can choose one of the luxurious lives, especially the sea view or the forest or panoramic city view according to your preference. Prices of luxury properties with sea view may sometimes approach the price of an ultra luxury house in the city center.

Properties in Young Regions: Apart from the old settlements of Istanbul, there are regions that have developed and continue to develop in terms of construction and municipal services for the last 15 years. The concept of luxury real estate raises the bar in these regions, especially in recent years. If your workplace is close to these areas, your life will become more comfortable as you will not have any traffic problems to go to and from your work.

New and large-scale housing projects in these regions offer almost every opportunity to real estate investors. From 1 bedroom apartments to 5 bedrooms apartments and duplexes, you can find real estate Istanbul luxury alternatives of all sizes.

Bosphorus Properties: The Bosphorus is a rare settlement on the European and Asian side that fascinates those who see it with its exquisite scenery. The Istanbul Bosphorus line starts from Karakoy on the European Side and extends to Rumelifeneri. In the Asian side, it starts from Uskudar and continues to Anadolufeneri.

In terms of location, Karakoy, Besiktas and Uskudar are located in the center of Istanbul, but they have a special place in the Bosphorus line.

However, the mega luxury properties of the Bosphorus are, of course, mansions. It has a very limited number of sales whether it is a seaside or a road mansion. Prices expressed in millions of dollars can reach up to 8 digits.

Those who want to have a luxurious life in the Bosphorus line can review the villas or mansions in the circle or greenery.

Best Places for Luxury Real Estates in Istanbul

If your budget is quite high for your property purchase in Istanbul, the places you should look at first should be Sisli, Besiktas, Arnavutkoy, Bebek, Ulus, Levent, Emirgan Tarabya, Uskudar, Beykoz. If you wish, a loft apartment with a view of the Bosphorus or the city from the top will offer you a life beyond standards. You can watch the sea view from the terraces and balconies of some houses or have a pleasant time in your pool in the garden of your detached villa.

The regions close to the city center of Istanbul can be counted on the European side as Zeytinburnu coastal area, Atakoy, Yesilkoy, Florya. It will make you happy to have one of the luxury properties in Istanbul by the sea. On the Asian side, Atasehir, Bagdat Caddesi, Suadiye, Caddebostan, Moda, Kalamis are the first to come to mind from the luxury segment regions.

There are many quality regions that are one of the young districts of this beautiful city and fully meet the expectations with their luxurious residences. In these regions also you can find real estate Istanbul luxury choices. Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Başaksehir, Bahcesehir, Sancaktepe, Cekmekoy, Kartal, Pendik especially attract attention with their new and ultra luxury construction projects. If you have a boat, you will not be able to give up a residential project with a marina or a luxury house with an island view.

Luxury Villas for Sale in Istanbul

It is necessary to put the villas in a separate place in the luxury segment lives. Because villas offer a completely different life to their owners. Large square meters, high ceilings and spacious lives come to life in villas. Detached or semi-detached villas create a private living space for you. It provides a living space outside your home with its large gardens. It rests your soul with landscape areas, flowers and trees.

You determine the shape of luxury with different options in the villas. Villas with town-style architecture and decoration, villas reflecting the single-storey Mediterranean style, villas combining wood and metal with modernity and nature ...

You can have comfortable areas by choosing any of the duplex, triplex or forlex villas according to the number of family members.

Luxury and ultra luxury villas offer suitable solutions for your needs in the European side of Istanbul, Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Buyukcekmece, Zekeriyakoy, Gokturk, Kemerburgaz, Kilyos regions. On the Asian side, do you prefer a villa in Nakkastepe where you can see the Bosphorus from above, or is it a life in Beykoz that is intertwined with forest and green? If you want to watch the view of the islands in Dragos or the merger of the Sea of Marmara with the Black Sea in Anadoluhisarı? The choice is yours…



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