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Real Estate Turkey Istanbul

Real Estate Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most magical and facinating cities in the world with its historical places, churches, mosques, natural landscapes, nightlife and entertainment opportunities, food and culture. The city was ruled by the Byzantine Empire during 395-1453, before it was subjugated by the new ruler of the city, Fatih Sultan Mehmet in May 1453. The Ottoman Empire ruled Istanbul for 470 years with the reign of thirty different emperors. In 1923, they ruled the city until the foundation of the Republic of Turkey.

Istanbul is a stunning city and it is one of the exceptional cities located between the two continents and has 9 islands, 39 districts, 647 kilometers of coastline and a population of 16 million. The city is popular for its various structures.

Actually, there are 1792 historical places, 28 palaces, 91 museums, 93 Turkish baths, 712 hotels, 28,650 restaurants, 49 universities, 36 libraries, 227 theater halls and 882 movie theaters in Istanbul. In addition, it offers an advanced transportation network with 2 international airports, 28 ships, 50 piers and 233 kilometers of railway transportation. Istanbul is a worldwide attraction point for tourists.

In 2018, 13,433,101 tourists from all over the world visited this beautiful city. In 2019, a total of 51.7 million tourists visited Turkey and the country reached a tourism income of 34.5 billion US dollars. 2020 January-February months, showing the number of foreigners visiting Turkey raised by 9.68% compared to the same months of the last year and reached to 3,520,547 people.

Istanbul is hosts three Bosphorus bridges linking Asia and Europe. 15th July Martyrs Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge.

This is a beautiful famous city consisting of magnificent real estate Turkey Istanbul. Foreigners and real estate investors from all around the world are attracted to the real estate market of Turkey Istanbul. Due to the high demand for housing projects in Istanbul the real estate market had a rapid increase in recent years. You can find the most luxurious and beautiful real estate Turkey Istanbul in almost every region of the city.

Istanbul’s Luxurious Districts/ Real Estate Turkey Istanbul


Kadikoy is especially popular for its historical Haydarpasa Station, situated on the Asian side of Istanbul. In addition, it is also one of the oldest emplacements in Istanbul. The region still keeps the tracks of history. It has a large population. Kadikoy hosts the Fenerbahce football club and the iconic bull statue in the center of it.

It is in the center of attraction every period with the social facilities and great living standards offered to the people of the district. The region, which has a total of 21 neighborhoods, has a very colorful lifestyle. The district, where people are in search of a house to buy is highly preferred. Houses in the Kadikoy are very suitable for both big families and those who live independently. The region, which provides many advantages to people living in the district in every respect from transportation facilities to social activities, is also one of the ancient emplacement in the city.

Kadikoy real estate Turkey Istanbul options have a wide range of thousands of different alternatives. There are many options in different sizes and price ranges among the housing alternatives. There is a wide number of apartments in the district with quite high living standards. Apart from this, being attached to the population rate, which has raised in recent years, many housing project works emerges.

Some of these housing projects constructions have been completed and the building of some of them is ongoing. The age of the real estate alternatives offered by housing projects is quite young. The interior design is also decorated in a modern and luxurious way.

The real estate Turkey Istanbul in the Kadikoy district is among the frequent places of many foreigners and real estate investors due to its high number of modern houses and different facilities.

Especially, the fact that business areas are possible in most parts of the region greatly attracts people from different cities to turn there. In the district where there are many private universities as well as many campuses of Marmara University, you can frequently come across students and their families.

In the region, there are not only universities but also educational institutions such as primary, secondary and high schools. There are also many health institutions attached to important government and private sector management such as Siyami Ersek Chest and Vascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital. You can also discover calm neighborhoods in the interiors of Kadikoy, which generally has a colorful and active lifestyle.

Due to its proximity to the sea, the sea transportation of the district has advanced greatly. There is a wide range of social areas where you can have an amazing time in the region where both the middle-age population and the young population are dominant. Among the housing options, you can discover different alternatives such as apartments and houses as well as detached houses. 

The most examined Kadikoy Moda apartment advertisements offer hundreds of various alternatives to those who are looking for this region. The district, which is situated at a point near to the sea, attracts those who in search of real estate Turkey Istanbul with its unique coastal view. Most of the houses in the region takes place very proximate to business areas and educational institutions. There are many places where you can enjoy, playgrounds and sports activities on the coastline.

Real Estate in Beyoglu District of Istanbul

Beyoglu an important and developed region on the European side, surrounded by the townships of Sisli, Besiktas and Kagithane in the north and the Bosphorus and Golden Horn in other directions. The district consists of 45 neighborhoods and has no rural accommodation.

It is also one of the first emplacements known as "Pera", which means "the other side" of Istanbul. Galata Tower, which was within the borders of Beyoglu in history, was a place where Genoese lived during the Byzantine period.

You can find a wide range of real estate Turkey Istanbul taking place in Beyoglu on our website melares.com. Those who are attracted to advertisements of houses for sale in Beyoglu district, which has coast to Halic, know that the region has a lively structure.

The young population is high in the neighborhood where Halic University is also taking place. In Halic Park, you can have fun with your children and have a pleasant time.

Those who will prefer a house for sale in Beyoglu, they will have the chance to live in a very cosmopolitan residential area. The region, which is home for many cultural and artistic activities, draws a small portrait of the city.

There is a cultural center within the border of the region. In addition, many movie theaters, theater stages and show centers operate in the district. There are many educational institutions in the region. Campuses of most popular public universities such as Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul Technical University are taking place here.

Besiktas Real Estate Turkey Istanbul

Besiktas is a region of Istanbul on the European side within the boundaries of the Metropolitan Municipality. It is encircled by the Bosphorus in the east, Sariyer in the north, Sisli in the west and Beyoglu in the south, and looks directly at the Bosphorus of the Uskudar municipality.

Although it is a small region in terms of surface area, it is situated on an area of 1520 hectares with 8375 cost lines along the Bosphorus. Besiktas, located at the arterial junctions of Istanbul, is the view of the city with its central location.

Since the bridges connecting the two sides of the city (Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet) are both within the borders of Besiktas, they stand out as an important transportation link. Besiktas is popular for its football club, which takes its name from this region.

Besiktas is one of the most beautiful and livable regions of Istanbul. It is known as a charming neighborhood where many alternatives are offered in terms of restaurants, attractions, educational institutions and transportation networks.

At the same time, with its historical texture and modern lines, Besiktas, which captivates those who want to buy real estate Turkey Istanbul. Besiktas stands out with its apartment alternatives for sale. You can benefit from the advantages of this region by purchasing a home from Besiktas, which is the most preferred place to live in Istanbul.

Real Estate in Uskudar District

Uskudar is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, in the western part of the Kocaeli Peninsula. Uskudar region, neighboring the Umraniye district in the east, Kadikoy in the south, the Bosphorus in the west and northwest, and Beykoz region in the north. The district covers an area of 35 kilometers within these borders and the west surrounded by the sea. You can discover the best housing units on Uskudar. melares.com is the best address you need to stop by. There is a wide range of real estate Turkey Istanbul in Uskudar that meet all kinds of demands and appeals to all budgets.