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Real Estate Turkey Coast
Real Estate Turkey Beach

Real Estate Turkey Coast | Real Estate Turkey Beach


Turkey is a fascinating country, with its having thousands of kilometers long beaches, clear blue seas, also its sun and climate. Real estate Turkey beach house, is the most important part of these extraordinary beauty that cannot be denied .

Wherever you go in Turkey, you can find a property that can answer your dream that buying a home at the coast. Black Sea in the north, Marmara Sea in the northwest, the Aegean Sea in the west and the Mediterranean in the south, offers great real estate alternatives that surround Turkey.

Real estate Turkey beach has all of the alternatives of flats, villas, summer houses or detached houses that you can enjoy being at the seaside in summer or winter, which promises to offer its owners unconditional happiness.

Especially when we consider the citizens of foreign countries that do not have a sea or beach in their own country, the concentration of property purchases of foreigners on the beaches cannot be ignored. The millions of tourists who visited Turkey for the holidays while discovering the history and natural beauty, but also many of them dreaming being able to live in their dream house in Turkey's coast have. According to the budget, big or small, medium standard or in luxury real estate for foreigners whose dreams come true with a beach house with the alternatives in Turkey, prices are also more suitable than many countries.

Looking at the world, dozens of places such as Bora Bora, Thailand, Greece, Australia, Seychelles, Ibiza, Nice, Italy and Miami are among the most popular places in terms of beach houses. However, Turkey Oludeniz Fethiye, Kas, Kalkan, Marmaris, Cesme, Kusadasi, Istanbul and Alanya can offers marvellous houses at least as much as these countries. Moreover, the prices are very advantageous compared to many of the world countries we count.



Most Beautiful Quiet Places of Turkey | Real Estate Turkey Coast


If you want to be intertwined with the marine life in Turkey, there is no limit on real estate alternatives. What you need to decide here is where you want to live. While some coastal areas with a denser population, some real estate Turkey beach areas draws attention to aith its calmness and serenity. Below you'll find some of the most peaceful places to live in Turkey.




Akarca, located 4 kilometers from Seferihisar district of İzmir, is a summer resort visited by many tourists every year. It is one of the most beautiful places to live with its crystal clear sea and warm-blooded people. In Akarca, you can have duplex or triplex detached villas or one of the apartments starting from 2-bedrooms.



Located at a distance of 10 kilometers to Dikili district of Izmir, Bademli is a seaside resort that many people do not discover but those who know do not give up. It is a piece of paradise with its white sands, the clear sea that shows the inner of water, and its magnificent nature. The real estate Turkey beach house that you will buy in Bademli where each side is covered with olive trees, offers the opportunity to vacation during the year.





The Cukurbag peninsula, which is 11 kilometers from the Kas district of Antalya, whose ancient name is Habesos, can be considered as one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean. The majority of the year is sunny in this beautiful place where a full Mediterranean climate is experienced. For those who love summer and holiday, a property that can be bought here will be a great chance. If you wish, you can buy the land and make your detached beach house by yourself, or you can own one of the houses or villas for sale.

Cukurbag peninsula, which can be called a hidden paradise, promises a peaceful and calm life with its forests and sea. Cukurbag, which includes villas, luxury facilities and boutique hotels, is an important bay for those who are interested in boats. If you have a boat, the house you will have here will give you both pleasure.


Guzelcamli, which is connected to Aydin's Kusadasi district, is half an hour away from the center of Aydin. This place, which impresses people with its perfect nature, magnificent sea and warm climate, also includes historical values such as Kusadasi National Park, Cave of Zeus, Ancient City of Panionion. At the same time, the Ionian temple dedicated to Poseidon, which has survived from the 8th century BC, is also located in this ancient city.

In Guzelcamli, your choice can be one of the beach houses or a modern luxury house with a little distance from the beach, or a magnificent villa with a sea view can offer you the life you miss.




Badavut, located 5 kilometers from the town of Sarimsakli in Ayvalik district, is a region that attracts attention with its natural beach and calm sea. The region that attracts the attention of those who want to have one of the real estate Turkey coast house, is also extremely close to historical and natural places as Satan's Table, Heaven Hill, Cunda Island.

If you like sea, sun, golden sands, a beach house you will buy in Badavut will offer you all these opportunities.


Turunc, which is connected to the Marmaris district of Mugla, is a dazzling settlement with its little population, lush nature and hills decorated with pines. Ideal place for those who love to live on the beach with its sea, which can be swim in almost 7 months of the year. Amos Ancient City, where is 2 kilometers away, adds a different value to the region. You can have one of the detached houses with pool or one of the apartments in low-rise buildings at very affordable prices.


Palamutbuku, located 25 kilometers from Datca, is a very convenient place in terms of living costs. Its natural environment, sea and climate beauty make Palamutbuku a place to live in every season.

Knidos Ancient City, located very close to it, and the local flavors market established on certain days of the week, add a different atmosphere to this settlement. There is a port for yachts and boats in Palamutbuku, which has a long beach.

While wooden or natural stone covered houses are a good alternative for your real estate selection, beach villas promise a comfortable luxury life.




Koycegiz, which is affiliate to the province of Muğla, is a place you will not want to return to once you step. It is a fascinating living area with its tectonic lake, spas, proximity to the ancient city of Kaunos. It is also famous with the beauty of its sea. This charming town, which dates back to 3400 BC, is extremely suitable for living. Here, by the sea or pool houses, detached houses within the site, or you can step into your life with a modern villa in Turkey.


Real Estate Turkey Coast - Istanbul Beach Homes for Sale


It should not come to mind priorily the Aegean and the Mediterranean, when its mentioned of Turkey's seaside homes. Also Istanbul, which combines the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, offers thousands of beach house alternatives. If you want to have one of the real estate Turkey beach homes, apartments in both European and Asian sides, villas, detached houses offer many alternatives so you'll have difficulty deciding.

For example, if you are in love with the sea and boats, you can find apartments or villas with a marina in several of Beylikduzu's luxury projects on the European side. These houses with the upper segment price tag will live up to the luxury and comfort. In Kartal on the Asian side, you can sign a quality life in one of the new housing projects with ultra luxury standards and a marina.

Both villa and Istanbul apartments are waiting for you in seaside settlements such as Silivri, Buyukcekmece, Guzelce, Kumburgaz, Atakoy, Zeytinburnu on the European side or Maltepe, Caddebostan, Pendik, Kalamis on the Asian side.


Beach Villas for Sale in Istanbul


Villa life is preferred for people with sufficient budget in terms of comfort and width it offers. Especially if you want to live a quiet life by the sea, villas that offer a detached life will be the best choice for you instead of large sites containing mass housing.

In Istanbul, it is possible to review hundreds of real estate Turkey coast houses, that having different size and architectural design. Some of the most attractive places for this are Kilyos, Sile and Agva, the quiet settlements on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul. It is possible to buy a land here and have your villa built to your liking. If you are looking for a place that is ready to deliver and move, there are also a wide variety of options for this.

If you are thinking of a villa on the Marmara Sea coast of Istanbul, you can buy it from the villas in Silivri, Buyukcekmece, Kumburgaz that are suitable for your budget.