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Real Estate in Istanbul

Real Estate in Istanbul

A wide range of luxury real estate in Istanbul Turkey is listed on our website. You can find many properties for sale on our website almost in both parts of Istanbul such as Beylikduzu, Taksim, Zekeriyakoy, Sarıyer, Sisli, Esenyurt, Bahcesehir, etc. You can contact us for real estate and property prices for sale in Istanbul.

The increasing number of European and Asian foreigners and investors in Turkey caused a rapid increase in the real estate market in Istanbul as well. Foreigners have many reasons to buy property in Istanbul. Some of these reasons are that Istanbul is a metropolitan city and has popular districts.

In addition to its location, Istanbul's linkages with other European countries, its amazing climate and low-cost of living opportunities also attract everyone's attention. Mortgage rates have been made more affordable for those who want to buy property in Turkey and in Istanbul.

The real estate market had a boom in recent years by increasing the number of foreigners in Istanbul, they discover that the potential of real estate in Turkey and started to find interest to buy house in Istanbul.

There are some reasons why metropolitan cities are so popular, and these reasons do not end just by economic factors. The position of the city is compared to other European countries and cities. In addition to the agreeable climate and low cost of living, for those who want to buy real estate in Istanbul Turkey on the city or other areas the mortgage rates are made more affordable as well as it has applied more economic reforms.

Istanbul is located in northwestern Turkey, and situated on two continents. The city is historically and commercially part of Europe, but a third of the population is actually located in Asia. Bosphorus hosts the waterway known as the city gateway. This intensive channel extends to the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

The climate of Istanbul is very decent, but due to its proximity to waterways, the humidity is higher than most other European centers. It is generally hot in summer and mild in winter that is why most of the investors in Turkey. Regardless of its proximity to the coast, the climate does not change much in the metropolis.

The economic strength of Turkey and the Istanbul is another reason for investors and buyers to buy real estate. The economic strength of Turkey and the Istanbul is another reason for investors and buyers to buy real estate. Smart planning is made to attract investors under favorable conditions and at certain rates. Throughout the recent history of the financial growth of the country, it has been a superior investment target.


Real Estate in Istanbul/ Housing Projects in Istanbul

New districts that will make premium within the extent of branded real estate in Istanbul Turkey have been announced for housing projects. Construction companies aimed at the districts surrounding Channel Istanbul and Istanbul Airport for new housing projects. The increase of urban transformation projects also rises housing prices in Istanbul.

Why to buy real estate from housing projects in Istanbul?

In terms of real estate, the number of branded housing projects has a boom rapidly in recent years. Investors' demand in this direction has increased every year. Everyone who purchased an apartment from a branded housing project in Istanbul has a magnificent return in income so far. Briefly, with the investment in the real estate in Istanbul, you will never have a loss in income. In particular, construction companies will continue to provide branded housing projects in Istanbul near Channel Istanbul and along with the Istanbul Airport. The properties in these districts have amazing investment value with high returns.

Will the prices increase in housing projects in Istanbul?

This is the most often asked question of those who want to buy a house or invest in real estate in Istanbul Turkey. The prices of constructions, which have been rising quickly in recent years, have not yet been reflected in housing prices. Housing prices in Istanbul will experience an increase in the near future, and the current trend is this way. In this way, those who buy houses from Istanbul housing projects will earn a lot after a few years.

Does the real estate in Istanbul Turkey has investment returns?

Istanbul still has not reached the top levels in terms of price and housing needs. Especially within the scope of mega projects, it will increase the prices in branded housing projects in Istanbul. Their first effects have already started to be seen. Housing investments made with all special criteria for real estate will be the key to big rental returns. If you buy a house in central places with proximity to business centers, hospitals, educational institutes, transportation networks and close to the Istanbul Airport you will have an amazing return from your investment.


Which Regions Stand Out in the Real Estate Market in Istanbul?

Istanbul, where intensive housing and strong urbanization are observed, still attracts attention with its districts suitable for housing projects and the region to be take into consideration.

The new roads, bridges, tunnels and various transportation networks made an important effect on urbanization. Which provides good alternatives for investment in real estate. The construction of housing projects carried out in almost every part of Istanbul continues to develop in order to meet the increasing needs not only in residential aspects but also in the field such as offices and commercial units.

Those who want to purchase a house from a luxury housing project in Istanbul can choose Kucukcekmece, which is the beginning of the Channel Istanbul route. Basaksehir is one of the regions where the example of regular construction and mega housing projects are constructed. It is among the best districts to be preferred in branded housing projects.

In addition, the Kartal, Pendik, Kurtkoy and Tuzla center line has gained a great movement in the real estate market in Istanbul with the growth of the Sabiha Gokcen Airport project.

Moreover, residential projects in the Bahcekent region will also have high rental returns and high returns on investment to their investors in the long term. Branded housing projects in the regions is constructed right in important parts of Istanbul.


Some Istanbul districts continue to be valued with these housing projects in certain regions.

First of all, it is important to observe where the companies that make housing projects, which are scattered in different points of Istanbul. By a short search on our website melares.com, it can be easily learned where the future values will be higher and which districts has amazing mega projects.

Districts such as Taksim, Sisli, Levent, Nisantasi, Kadikoy, Atasehir, Bayrampasa, Esenler, Beyoglu, Besiktas, Sarıyer, Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, etc, attracts attention of investors as well as foreigners.

The truth is that these places are expected to win high value in the future along with workplaces, offices, residences and housing projects. It also has projects started with various proposals which increases the prices in the region.

Apart from this, when an assessment is made focused on housing projects, there are places such as Kadikoy, Maltepe, Kucukcekmece, Kasimpasa among the real estate in Istanbul districts to be evaluated. The biggest important factor in bringing these districts to the attraction point is the facilities provided by these regions in terms of transportation.

It is also known that the regions, which maintains easy access to many points of the city with its amazing transport alternatives, are also among the optimum districts for those who never lose their value in the real estate market in Istanbul. Especially for long-term investments because they are central locations therefore, this returns positively on the sale of apartments and rental houses.

In addition, places such as Sancaktepe, Umraniye, Kozyatagi, Buyukdere Street, Kartal, Topkapi, Yenibosna and Basin Express are among the regions that already have high investment value by the boost of their existing transportation networks with new projects.

The Exclusive Districts with Outstanding Housing Projects Away from the Crowd of City

It is expected that places such as Silivri and Buyukcekmece will be among the places that increase their value in the fastest way on real estate in Istanbul Turkey in the near future. With the implementation of the Halkali-Kapikule high-speed train line project, these regions continue to multiply its value with much greater speed. Buyukcekmece and Silivri is the amazing places to live in summer. There are luxury villas and detached houses with amazing garden near beach and around. You will enjoy the four season holiday pleasure in these districts.

Considering the increase in land sales in the points away from the crowd of the city, it is mostly desired places to own a house and most of the construction companies take into considering to build housing projects in calm areas as well in order to appeal everyone's taste.

As well as there are some places which are gaining value with proximity to Istanbul. Canakkale and Tekirdag districts, are the amazing places whose is value is rapidly increasing cause of their locations with proximity to Istanbul.

For more details you can contact us or visit our offices on three points. MELARES Turkey Properties gives amazing services in three points such as; Istanbul airport contact point, our main office on Bahcekent-Basaksehir district on the European side and an office on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. We are here to assist you in every part of Istanbul.