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Real Estate for
Sale in Turkey

Real Estate for Sale in Turkey


Turkey, is settled on the area of 783 562 square kilometers, consisting of 7 regions and with 83 million inhabitants is one of the great countries. It has more wealth than many countries have. The country is surrounded by 3 big seas, the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Furthermore, the inland sea Marmara which is linking the Asian and European continents, is located in Turkey.

Different regions have different cultures in Turkey consisting of population, 2019 As of September registered 38.4 million residential systems where it is observed. A large part of this housing, are in Istanbul which is Turkey's most populous mega city.

Except for housing in Turkey, shops, stores, factories, offices, there are also other alternatives such as land property. All we think of the Turkish real estate for sale, real estate Turkey is a haven for foreign nationals.

With so many options and regions, it can be difficult to decide. For a foreigner who does not know Turkey very well, it is quite exhausting duty to take the time, search and find the accurate property.

At the end of all this, it is also necessary to make sure that there is a proper real estate shopping. Because sometimes the total price of a real estate that suits you very much, the unit square meter price may be more expensive than an equivalent property. If you are looking for property abroad, you should definitely look for Turkish properties.

MELARES Turkey Properties, gives you professional support with your search for real estate for sale in Turkey. With 18 years of experience and dominance in the construction sector, the most suitable property alternatives are offered to you by MELARES' expert Buyer Consultants.

In which regions should you invest? What kind of property should you prefer? Answers to all the topics you are wondering are presented to you. Comparisons between real estates are made by MELARES' professional Buyer Consultants.

Why to Buy a Real Estate for Sale in Turkey?

Can be counted dozens of reasons to buy real estate in Turkey. The most important is that Turkey is a powerful country in the world many than countries.

Even though in some sources it is specified that Turkey is a Middleast country, when viewed of world map it can be seem that Turkey has a strategic location where between Asia, Europe and Africa contients. In other words, in one side it carries the Europe and in the orher side the Asia. Sea transits of many countries are carried out over the Bosphorus through the seas it owns. It has many strategic ports in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean. Thus, Turkey has an important status amongst the world's countries as of its location.

Most of the commercial and economic relations with the countries of the world continue to make Turkey one of the economically powerful countries.

Turkish lands that offer more confidence and stability than many countries, are encouraged foreign investors to obtain real estate for sale in Turkey.

Apart from these, some advantages provided by the Turkish government for foreign real estate investors are also important factors in the demand of Turkish properties.

What are these advantages?

+ It is an important advantage to be reduced Turkish citizenship with real estate investment from $ 1,000,000 to $ 250,000.

+ Short-term residence permit the time has been increased for those wishing to stay longer than the visa period in Turkey. A foreign citizen who owns a house in Turkey, may receive a residence permit with a minimum of 1 year.

+ To own a real estate easily, implementation of “Reciprocity” has been abolished between the countries. Foreigners, can freely get property from Turkey with the condition that the principles and procedures to comply with the law.

+ The income taxes related to the real estate acquired by the foreign person in Turkish territory are deducted from the total tax to be paid in his/her country. So the person does not pay double tax.

+ In real estate purchase of foreign investors in Turkey, Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption is apply.


In addition to the support provided by the state, foreign investors who get real estate for sale in Turkey, will benefit from the ease of payment offered by the construction company. Contruction companies offer remarkable discounts in cash purchases. Thus, while the cash flow is provided to the construction company, the real estate buyer also makes a profitable shopping.

+ Construction companies also offer installment opportunities up to 24, 48 or 60 months. A certain part of the real estate price is paid directly to the company during the contract / title deed transaction and the remaining part is paid in installments. Especially in housing projects, the construction of which has just begun or is ongoing, the possibility of installment becomes more prominent.

If you have made an installment shopping in this way, you can evaluate your current money in different fields.

+ Some construction companies provide their investors with rental guarantee. If you bought a property with a guarantee of rental in an ongoing or completed project, the construction company rents your property on your behalf when you get the property. Or, if the rental period is extended, it guarantees that it will pay you this price in advance.

+ In most part of the Turkish real estate market, real estate sales are made on Turkish Lira. The money of people who will buy real estate with foreign currency types also gains value in this case.

+ When you want to rent a house you bought, the rental fees you get will generate a regular income for you.

+ If you want to sell your real estate for sale in Turkey, you benefit by providing value increases the value of investments. The Turkish real estate market is always an active and alive sector.

Which Regions Can Be Preferred for Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Istanbul is the pioneer in the real estate industry to get real estate for sale in Turkey. Its population exceeding 15 million, its diverse business potential, cultural and historical richness are very important reasons for investing in Istanbul. You can find thousands of real estate alternatives on the European and Asian side of Istanbul that can fit your budget. If your choice is a residence, you can choose from a wide variety of alternatives such as apartments, detached houses, houses with garden, villas having pool. 

Although Istanbul is one of Turkey's most expensive cities, the real estate prices more reasonable than in many European and world countries. It is possible to buy a luxury house in Istanbul, with well below price that you will pay for an ordinary apartment in the countries such as England, Spain, Italy.

If your choice is a house in the city center, Taksim, Sisli, Kagithane, Eyupsultan, Besiktas are the best regional alternatives for you.

If you prefer villa life, you can find very good options in new villa projects in Zekeriyakoy, Kilyos, Gokturk, Buyukcekmece Lake Valley or Beylikduzu where you can be in intertwined with nature.

If you search a more affordabel real estate for sale in Turkey the alternatives that offered by Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Bagcilar, Basaksehir will make you happy.

If you prefer a more featured and luxurious life, regions such as Etiler, Bebek, Arnavutkoy, Kuruçcesme, Emirgan will offer you the most dazzling home alternatives in Istanbul.

Luxury villas and apartments in Turkey will raise your life quality with the privileges offered by them.

There are alternatives in many different regions and prices for a commercial real estate investment. However, Maslak, Sisli, Levent, Basin Ekspres Road and Gunesli are the most valuable regions for commercial investment.

If you do not want to be in the crowd of Istanbul, Bursa and Yalova, located in the Marmara Region and located close to Istanbul, say hello to you with its city and sea view alternatives. Yalova with its hot springs and Bursa with its historical and modern life will allow you to live a peaceful and calm life.

Izmir, which is the symbol of modern life in Turkey, is the most advanced city of Aegean. You can find house alternatives suitable for your budget in different parts of this beautiful city. In addition, it offers the opportunity to reach famous holiday places such as İzmir, Kusadasi, Cesme and Bodrum within a few hours by your car.

Antalya and Alanya, are privileged places to live both in seaside villas and modern buildings with pools. Antalya and Alanya is one of the most important holiday resort of Turkey with their seas.

For example, you can have a nice house for 35 - 40.000 Euro at a luxury site with pool in Alanya. You can experience all seasons of the year in these regions, or you can purchase a summer house to spend the summer.


Bodrum, which is one of the paradise holiday resorts of Muğla province, is a place where the real estate market is very active due to the demand it has received in recent years. If you wish, you can have a villa with a magnificent sea view overlooking to Bodrum Castle or you can own one of Bodrum's famous white-painted stone houses.

Real estate for sale in Turkey gives you alternatives to the property investment of your dreams.

Life in Turkey

Although the Republic of Turkey is a democratic country, also it offers the freedom of belief. Everyone is free to fulfill the requirements of their religion within the borders of the country. The population of different beliefs and cultures also represents the meeting point of a civilization.

Except it offers a safe living environment, Turkey has also to quality education and health services. Both local and foreign nationals in Turkey can benefit from these services.

For trained and qualified foreign nationals There are many business opportunities in Turkey. According to their competencies, these business potentials, where they can use their native language, provides regular income for themselves and their families.

In terms of climate, Turkey is one of the few countries in the world can be experience four seasons. There are ski resorts in the winter months and enormous places where you can enjoy the sea and the sun in the summer times.

The delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine differ all over the country. Whichever region you go to, traditional Turkish food unique to that region is one of the privileges you will not find anywhere else in the world.