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Property for Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Property for Sale in Turkey Istanbul

Geographic features of Istanbul; here is some important information about the geographical features of Istanbul for those who are actively searching for homes for sale in Istanbul and mostly for those who are aiming to come from other regions to settle.

Istanbul is established in a way to surround the Golden Horn along the Bosphorus, which is located in the northwest of the Turkey.

Istanbul is surrounded by the north of the Black Sea, in the south the Marmara Sea, in the northwest with Tekirdag, in the west by Corlu, in the northeast Kandira and in the east with Kocaeli.

Those cities which are around Istanbul took its share from the economic development of the Istanbul Well. For example, Kocaeli, is today's most advanced industrial center of Turkey. There are many people who come to work in Kocaeli every day although they have a residence in Istanbul. Therefore, those who consider a property for sale in Turkey Istanbul will also have such an option to work in Kocaeli or other nearby cities.

 In general, Istanbul has a changeover climate. Weather conditions are not compelling in the region between the Black Sea and the Eagean and Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and humid, winters are normally cold and sometimes snowy. Humidity makes the air feel warmer and cooler than it is.

The Structure of Istanbul

Istanbul is a bridge between the two continents, which connects Asia and Europe. While the European Side is hosting to 25 districts, there are 14 different districts on the Anatolian Side.

Istanbul is known to consists of three different sections. The first is the historical peninsula area and covers the Fatih and Eminonu districts. The second settlement wing covers the districts of Beyoglu and Besiktas, located to the north of the Golden Horn. Lastly, Uskudar and Kadikoy which were not a district of Istanbul in the ancient period represent the third settlement area.

Those who have decided to buy a house in Istanbul can prefer one of these three different residential areas. There are lots of beautiful and popular other districts as well. The most crowded districts of the European Side, which consist of 66% of the Istanbul population.They are Esenyurt, Kucukcekmece, Bagcilar, Bahcelievler, Sultangazi, Gaziosmanpasa, Esenler and Kagithane. 

Those who think of purchase apartments in Istanbul can also prefer the district's highest socio-economical and the most profitable business settlements. These districts are respectively Besiktas, Sisli, Beyoglu and Bakırkoy. In these districts, the real estate market is very attractive and an active business of real estate is going on there. 

As a summary, foreigners who are thinking to start a branded luxury life can prefer Istanbul European Side to intensify their search in one or more of these districts.

Anatolian Side, has 14 different districts on which Kadıkoy, Atasehir, Umraniye, Pendik, Uskudar, Maltepe, Sancaktepe and Kartal are the most densely populated settlements. The most developed districts of the region are Kadikoy, Uskudar, Beykoz, Atasehir and Maltepe. 

It will be a smart decision to prefer the property for sale with high quality and houses more than luxury standards on the Istanbul Anatolian Side. You can do their searches in a few different points, starting from these highly profitable districts.

 Real Estate Market in the Most Searched Districts of Istanbul

Standing out with its real estate market and housing project sales, Istanbul is the attraction center of those who want to invest in real estate.

Let's take a look at the districts which are mostly preferred more than other districts for the investment of apartments for sale in Istanbul.

The districts which have high value in terms of the investment, transportation and urban transformation studies continue, are the most searched and rented houses respectively; Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, 

Sancaktepe, Cekmekoy, Kadikoy, Pendik, Bahcelievler, Basaksehir, Sancaktepe, Umraniye, Bagcilar, Uskudar, etc.

One of the most modern and beautiful districts of Istanbul on the European side is Beylikduzu. As the demand for housing projects increased, most of the demands come out for Beylikduzu. This amazing district is the most liked region by foreigners.

 Beylikduzu was transformed into a district in 2008 with the composition of the municipal municipalities of Buyukcekmece district. The district is neighboring to the Marmara Sea in the south and west, Buyukcekmece in the northwest, Esenyurt in the north and Avcılar in the east. It brings a high value in terms of location and investment to the housing projects.

While thinking about the property for sale in Turkey İstanbul the other district which directly comes to our mind is Bahcelievler. It is a rapidly developed region of Istanbul due to its proximity to E-5 and TEM highways. It is neighbor to Bakirkoy in the south, Bagcilar in the north, Gungoren in the east and Kucukcekmece in the west.

One of the other most important districts of Istanbul on the European side is Avcılar. The district, which does not have a village settlement, is the intersection point of important E-5 and TEM highways. 

The region hosts one of the most popular Universities in the world, Istanbul University as well as there are lots of other educational institiutes, shoping malls, lakes and beaches. Most of the housing projects in Avcılar has magnificient sea view which attracts every one at first glance.

Sancaktepe is one of the best regions recently preferred by those who want to buy a house in Istanbul. It was created by adding neighborhoods from neighboring districts and merging municipalities.

Cekmekoy, which was created in 2008 by bringing together the towns of Alemdag, Omerli and Tasdelen, is neighbor to Sile in the east, Beykoz in the north, Umraniye in the west and Sancaktepe in the south.

 Esenler is another district is rapidly rising. Esenler, which became a district in 1993, is neighbor to Bagcılar in the west, Gungoren in the south, Bayrampasa in the east and Basaksehir in the north. It has perfect ease of transportation with Metro and most of the other public transportation facilities.

One of the districts that should be searched while aiming to buy a house it Tuzla.It has recently emerged in Istanbul stands out as Tuzla. Which take place on the shore of the Marmara Sea, the region is neighbor to the Pendik in the west and north, the Marmara Sea in the south and Cayırova and Darica in the east.

Zeytinburnu which is known for its proximity to the historical peninsula is another district to be examined while buying property for sale in Turkey Istanbul. The district has an important amount of population as well as wide range of transportation centers of Istanbul. It has the best and most branded housing projects and most new projects of Istanbul.

Nowadays, one of the districts that have gained a place in the real estate market with its luxury housing projects stands out as Umraniye. Umraniye, whose borders are determined by the arrangements made in 2008, is neighbor with Sancaktepe, Cekmekoy and Beykoz.

Some Features about Property for Sale in Istanbul

You may have trouble choosing from a variety of residential properties for sale in Istanbul. It is in your hands to make your job easier by examining our portfolio search engine according to the criteria you are looking for on our website melares.com.

Buying a house can be quite complicated and difficult, especially in a populous and metropolitan city such as Istanbul. You can reach your dream house by using the features offered by our website in order to find the amazing house you want among the many house options for sale. There is a wide range of portfolios consisting of luxury apartments, magnificent villas, commercial units, offices and shops.

In order to get rid of the complexity while buying a house in Istanbul, the first thing you need to residence is to decide the district you want to live in. Once you decide which region you want to stay in, you can be sure that your way will be determined by itself.

Some of the districts in Istanbul began to be valued on urban transformation projects. This situation is naturally reflected in house prices. For this reason, if you want to pay reasonable prices with high returns on investment when buying a house, use your preference for these places.

 After examining the property for sale in Turkey Istanbul options of the Anatolian side and European side, be sure to make special research thoroughly before purchasing the house. It is an important detail in order not to face a surprise in the future. Explore the neighborhood where the house you will purchase, its neighbors, and the additional facilities such as the hospital and markets, etc.

If you prefer to buying a house for an investment, you can follow and research the new cities and districts that will be valued most. Thus, even if you do not have the budget to buy a house from valued places such as Beylikduzu, Fikirtepe and Kartal, buying a house that can be valued within a few years and be suitable for your budget. you can catch the possibility to resale it after a few years and had the best investment return.

Briefly, as MELARES Turkey Properties we will guide and help you in any kind of information about real estate it will be enough to contact us or visit our office in Istanbul.