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Property for Sale in Istanbul

Property for Sale in Istanbul

Property for sale in Istanbul sees a magnificent interest by investors and foreigners. When you want to buy a property in Turkey you will face two main types of real estate investment in Istanbul. One for residence or lifestyle property and the second is for a perfect investment, there are important reasons to choose between these two alternatives. 

In addition, most Istanbul property buyers look for the ideal mix between the two, both real estate and the high capital returns offered by the real estate in Istanbul.

Whatever you dreamed of your property and you need, MELARES Turkey Properties can direct you to your optimal real estate in Istanbul, taking your criteria, budget and personal lifestyle into account.

Istanbul is a big city, and the category of property for sale may differ by the region, but there has recently been a movement to improve innovative luxury housing projects that appeal to families and individuals. 

These branded housing projects mostly consist of gymnasiums, spas, shopping malls and restaurants, swimming indoor or outdoor pools and artificial lakes, spacious landscape areas, small cinema halls, Turkish bath and boast of magnificent architecture.

This rise in growth has turned the lately unknown regions such as Bahcesehir and Belikduzu into modern urbanized centers which is making them attractive for buying a property in Istanbul through regeneration programs supported by the government.

It converts its stunning Istanbul with much higher property price tags due to lower property prices compared to more central districts such as Sisli, Levent, Taksim, Kadikoy, etc. which see high-rise towers, and also offers higher rental returns for anyone seeking central property for sale in Istanbul.

Purchasing a property for sale in Istanbul is the way to a profitable real estate investment as you purchase an apartment or a house in Istanbul, you will earn more than just apartment to live in it. We know the challenges international customers face before, during and after the purchase is complete. Want to purchase property for sale in Istanbul with an experienced team, whether you buy your dream home in Istanbul MELARES Turkey Properties will be there with you in every step of your way.

Types of Property for Sale in Istanbul

Purchasing a property for sale in Istanbul is a smart way to earn from your investment. There are every type of property in Istanbul such as apartments, luxury villas, detached villas and twin villas, duplex and triplex houses, detached houses, housing projects under construction, commercial units, shops, offices and land. 

Luxury villas are the types of properties that have a premium in Istanbul, especially if they have sea or Bosphorus views. As near you are to the heart of the city, the less often there are villas and the price rises; there is a big difference between villas on the Asian side and villas on the European side of Istanbul.

Villas located in rural districts such as Zekeriyakoy and Tarabya in the north of the Istanbul, offer easy road access to the city through the busy Maslak region and offer a healthier lifestyle in the best green areas of Istanbul. As well as easy accessibility to the beautiful beaches on the Black Sea coastline a little further north.

There are more reasonable villa and other property options out of the city, but even on the edge of Buyukcemece, while enjoying the more natural and unlimited views, the prices are a little high due to the demand and interest by foreign and local buyers who want easy connection to Istanbul by car.

There are most special properties that surround the Bosphorus by touching the boundary of the sea. As these are known as part of Istanbul's identity, these properties are rarely offered to the market due to their magnificence, and some of the most high-priced in the world now live by politicians and foreign investors and businessmen who can often pay very extreme price tags.

Some are property for sale in the inner parts of Istanbul. Although these old properties in some of the historical centers of Istanbul such as Beyoglu or Cihangir have been very affordable before, prices continue to increase when more and more people come together to these cultural centers. This property for sale in Istanbul is for that buyers who are in love with Istanbul and wants to have the best entertainment throughout the developing city's culture and the amazing Istanbul history.

There are two types of housing projects with properties for sale in Istanbul, one which is ready to deliver second are the property type that is under construction. It is up to your choice whether to purchase a ready apartment or an apartment that is on the built process.

 There is an option for both properties in Istanbul. If you want to complete the purchase process and start receiving rental income rewards so you should buy a ready house or you have the option of non-plan properties, so in the early stages of construction you choose your ideal property.

 As well as these under-construction properties have attractive payment terms with lower deposits, reasonable prices, and very low-interest rates. Properties that are under construction will also offer higher capital appreciation for property investors, while the completed property is usually about 50 percent higher. For more details about property for sale in Istanbul and most beautiful projects you can take a look to our website Melares.com as well as contact us in case you need more information. 

Select the Best Property for sale in Istanbul

No matter what you are looking for with real estate in Istanbul, you should first consider the budget with very different prices in each district before deciding on the region you prefer for your property in Istanbul real estate investment. Once this is done, you will be able to determine the types of properties available and how many bedrooms you need, the types of facilities offered, etc.

As prices of properties ever-rising, you are supposed to give the decision to have a travel to Istanbul earlier, as the prices will go up with little difference, and then your budget can be further limited by the options available for sale. Visiting the most beautiful housing projects and the property for sale in Istanbul from near will give you the best idea and opinion of a smart investment in the different districts and social facilities provided for you.

If you are confused how to choose your dreamed project or in where to buy the best solution for these problems are to work with an experienced real estate company. If you want to work with a reliable real estate company and have a smart investment without any risk MELARES Turkey Properties will be the best address for you.

 MELARES is one of the strongest companies in the real estate market with its 18 years experiences with best services for the satisfaction of their most precious customers. As you decided to come to Turkey, MELARES Turkey Properties will select the most professional Sales Representative of the company who will assist you in taking your property and guide you till the last stage of the purchase process. As well as there are MELARES professional lawyers that will help you in obtaining the Turkish Citizenship process for you and your family members which are below the 18th age.

We had the finest sales for international customers from all around the world and supported them to make their dreams come true with purchasing the best property.


Istanbul Real Estate Market

Istanbul is located in northwestern Turkey which connects two continents. Istanbul is a historical city that is commercially a part of Europe, however, one-third of the population actually resides in Asia. Istanbul owns the waterway known as the Straits of Bosphorus. This busy shipping canal spread from the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.

The economic power and historical texture of Turkey especially Istanbul is the most important reason to attract investors and Istanbul real estate buyers to the region. There is a responsive plan to attract capital to the country with affirmative conditions. The financial growth throughout the country's recent history has made the region the primary investment target. Turkey is expanding in the position of European Union membership.

Short flights from modern Istanbul Airport and most European countries mean planning a short vacation is easy. Most of the travelers arrive at Istanbul Airport and start an amazing adventure in Istanbul.

Istanbul airport is the most popular and the largest airport in the world, with a total capacity of 150 million passengers annually. Public transportation developed is being put into action with an eye to the future. Transportation alternatives include vehicles, Metrobuses, minibusses, municipal buses, trains, ferry boats, and trams. There are domestic flights to popular coastal resorts on the southwestern coasts as well. 

Those who are considering to buying a property for sale in Istanbul, the cost of living in Istanbul is very reasonable. Real estate prices in Turkey were compared with thirty years ago Spain prices. It is easy to see why to select Istanbul, which has a climate similar to the Mediterranean coast, will be viewed positively by people looking for a second home, retirement place or even a smart investment opportunity.