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Process of Turkish Citizenship Program

Filling the Citizenship Program Application Form

The webform you transmit to us about your request for an apartment, villa, commercial property in Turkey, is carefully examined by our experts Buyer Consultants.

After the review, you will be contacted via WhatsApp / telegram/phone/e-mail in a very short time according to your communication preference.


Needs Analysis and Presenting Proper Portfolios


During the communication with our Buyer Consultant, the analysis is carried out related to your house need in Turkey.

Property alternatives that are suitable for your needs and expectations are presented to you and their suitability is confirmed.



Appointment Organization


Your Buyer Consultant will determine the appropriate day and time with you, in order you to visit Istanbul.


Welcoming You at the Airport and Entertain in Our Office


Our Buyer Consultant who speaks your native language and a Turkish Manager welcome you at the airport in the appointment time.

Also, you can get necessary guidance and support from MELARES Communication Point at Istanbul Airport- International Arrival Terminal.

By providing your transfer with our company shuttle, we welcome you in our Head Office. Here you have the opportunity to see our working environment and get to know our team.




Presentation of Properties Suitable for Citizenship and Determining Real Estate


In our head office, all property options suitable for citizenship in turkey especially determined for you are presented to you.

Comparisons and assesments are made with you. All your questions are answered.


Free Real Estate Tour / City - Region Introduction


After the assesments in the office, we start our FREE REAL ESTATE TOUR with our company shuttle to visit the property alternatives we have determined together. By this tour, you can find an opportunity to review real estate Istanbul.

During the real estate tour; Important information about Istanbul, the features and investment value of the region where the property is located, also the house / housing project you visit are shared with you in all aspects.


Deciding on the Real Estate to be Purchased


After the region and property visits, necessary assesments are made with you for the most accurate location and the house that best suits your needs.

It is ensured that you invest in the most healthy and logical property.




The Importance of Meeting with MELARES' Lawyers


Our lawyers will explain you, about the eligibility of the property for Turkish citizenship, the legal status and the citizenship procedures with all stages. 

They also answer all your questions about citizenship processes loud and clear. 

Thanks to this information you have and the support of our lawyers in all processes, you will not have difficulty in the stages of citizenship in Turkey.

MELARES' lawyers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in citizenship law Turkey.

Therefore, it is aimed to make you maximum benefit of this knowledge and experience.


Organizing Property Purchase Processes


After deciding on the house you will buy, we facilitate your transactions by acting with you in all official processes such as real estate sales promise agreement, payment, bank account opening, title deed transactions and so on.

According to our experience; normally, a real estate purchase process is completed within 2-4 days.



Residence Permit Application


After purchasing your property, you must apply for a Residence Permit before you can apply for Turkey Citizenship.

The necessary directions regarding your residence permit application are made by our company's expert lawyers.


Turkish Citizenship Application

After your residence permit has been issued, your Turkish citizenship application processes are carried out on your behalf through our lawyers.

In this process, all your questions are answered by our experienced lawyers. You will be informed about current practices and procedures.


Getting the Turkish Passport


All processes of your Turkish passport, which will be approved after the application and necessary examinations, are meticulously followed up and concluded by our lawyers.