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Places to Visit in Turkey:
Most Visited Places 2023

Places to visit in Turkey are numerous. Turkey offers lots of beautiful places to visit with each of its 81 cities. Each of the provinces and cities has its own beauties, traditions, cultures and cuisines. Wherever you go, you can discover a place where you can appreciate its natural beauty or take a historical trip.

It is quite difficult to list places to visit in Turkey because every corner of the country has its own specialty. Here are the most visited places in Turkey:


Places to Visit in Turkey | Cappadocia, Nevsehir



Cappadocia stands in the first row of the list of places to visit in Turkey. Cappadocia is actually the general and inclusionary name of an old settlement center with borders in Nevsehir, Kayseri, Nigde and Aksaray provinces.

Due to its magnificent location in a district where the Silk Road passes, it is feasible to see the traces of many diverse cultures.

Since Cappadocia is a big region, it is recommended to spend at least two days visiting. It will be better to start with Goreme, which is the most tourist attraction in Cappadocia. Even for a balloon tour, Goreme is the best address because you will be able to see the amazing fairy chimneys from here.

Among the must-see places to visit in Turkey Cappadocia, the three beauties are in Urgup. Urgup, is a unique region where you can see the Guvercinlik Valley, Uchisar Castle, and Asmalı Konak.

You should not leave Cappadocia before visiting Ihlara Valley, one of the most exhausting places in the Cappadocia region. As get on the balloon, the sight you can see from above becomes even more beautiful while walking. Especially it is recommended to visit Egritas Church, Sumbullu Church, Yilanli Church and Derinkuyu Underground City, which are located in the valley.



Ayder Plateau | Places to Visit in Turkey


Ayder Plateau is one of the stunning places to visit in Turkey. Besides its unique beauty, Ayder Plateau attracts many tourists from abroad with its thermal springs.

Ayder Plateau, which has been the center of attention with its healing water since the Ottoman period, has thermal springs 55 centigrade degree in a depth of 260 meters which are believed to cure internal diseases, gynecological diseases, rheumatism diseases and skin diseases.

Ayder Plateau will meet you in all its glory if you want to have a holiday in a place where you can see every shade of green with nature that wants to escape from the crowds and city noise.

You can experience one of your most beautiful holidays on the plateau, which is home to many hotels.





When talking about skiing and places to visit in Turkey, the first place that comes to mind is Uludag. Every winter Uludag welcomes both local and foreign thousands of ski lovers. That is why there are great hotels that have improved themselves in service. The mountain, which has a height of 2,543 meters, presents a pleasant skiing experience as it is covered with a dense layer of snow during the winter. Offering great paths for both professional and amateur skiers, Uludag transforms into a picnic area for those who plan to escape from the heat in summer.


Oludeniz – Unique for Its Sea and Nature



Oludeniz connected to Fethiye is known as one of the amazing places to visit in Turkey. It offers the great opportunity to swim on the most stunning beach in the world, see Butterfly Valley and Gemiler Island.  Also, you can have the exciting experience of paragliding from Babadag.



Be intertwined Nature in Bolu


Golcuk, which is reached by a snaking road next to Bolu, looks like a miniature lake. Abant, where a greater lake is located, is ideal for an enjoyable walk, cycling and taking a phaeton ride.



Mosaic City: Zeugma | Places to Visit in Turkey


Zeugma is one of the ancient cities to visit in Turkey, situated in the Nizip region of Gaziantep, is famous for its mosaics from the Roman period.



Damlatas – A wonderful Place to visit in Turkey


Alanya is a beautiful city of caves. Its world-famous cave is Damlatas. In addition to its enchanting beauty, the cave is known for its air that is good for asthma patients.


Prince Islands in Istanbul


Prince Islands is one of the most places to visit in Turkey Istanbul consisting of 9 islands. It is associated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. There are residential areas in Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kınaliada, but there are no settlements in Sedefadasi, Tavsanadasi, Sivriada, Kasikadası and Yassiada. The most touristic and visited ones among these islands are Buyukada and Heybeliada. Because there is only a short distance as a ferry ride from Istanbul, both domestic and foreign visitors prefer them as the address of calm in spring and summer.



The Historic Peninsula



The Historic Peninsula, also called the Walled City, dates back to BC 685. It is a region that had been home to Egypt, Rome, Byzantium and finally the Ottoman Empire throughout history. That is why it is very popular among the places to visit in Turkey.

On the seaside, it is surrounded by the Golden Horn, the Marmara Sea also the Bosphorus and on the land side the city walls that were built during the period of Byzantine for the protection of the city. Therefore, the region is also called Walled City.


Cunda Island, Ayvalik Balikesir


Cunda Island is a peaceful corner with its cobblestone streets, mastic ice cream and delicious fish located in the Ayvalik region of Izmir. It is one of the other beautiful places to visit in Turkey that you will not want to return back when you go. No matter you visit in the spring or in the summer, every season has a great pleasure here. When you wake up with the magnificent view of the sea in Cunda Hotels, you will say good luck!

 Taksiyarhis Church, Moonlight Monastery and Aşıklar Hill, which has a view of Cunda from the top, are among the places you can visit in Cunda. You can also go to Ayvalık and visit Şeytan Sofrası and eat Ayvalık toast.



Taksiyarhis Church, Moonlight Monastery and Asiklar Hill, which has a unique view of Cunda from the top, are among the places you can visit in Turkey Cunda. You can also go to Ayvalik and visit Seytan Sofrasi and eat delicious Ayvalik toast.