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Popular Places to
Visit in Istanbul

Are You Searching for places to visit in Istanbul?


There are amazing places to visit in Istanbul. Istanbul which is the apple of eye of not only Turkey, but also the world, the 2010 European Capital of Culture, is a city that had got the era started as it is a great place for many civilizations.


Istanbul is among the Turkey's most crowded cities and the world's most populous 10 city. Besides having most famous historic texture of Turkey is also the largest city that draws the attention of local and foreign tourists with its natural beauties.

Whether you live in Istanbul or if you have come to places to visit in Istanbul from outside of the city or from foreign countries, you will be amazed by wonderful places you can visit here.

Magnificent palaces, mosques, museums, parks, baths, bazaars, historical places and many other natural beauties are among the must-see places for those who want to know all about Istanbul and discover this city.

Maybe you will not have enough time to visit all these great places, but at least going some of the important points adjacent to each other will be sufficient for you to be known about the history, great culture and beauties of Istanbul.


  1. Camlica Hil




Those who are living in Istanbul and the tourists who are curious about places to visit in Istanbul can see the highest points of Camlica Hill. Camlica Hill is among the places that people who want to see the panoramic landscape of the city with the stunning view of the Bosphorus.

Camlica Hill, which has managed to be preserved from concrete, rumble pollution and city life, is also a viewing terrace.

There are restaurants and cafes where you can eat and drink with a perfect landscape of the Bosphorus. It is also a unique place for wedding photos. The smaller part of Camlica Hill, which is disunited into two as Kucuk Camlica Hill and Buyuk Camlica Hill, is taking place 229 meters above the sea level.

Kucuk Camlica Grove, Sofa, Cihannuma and Topkapi mansions are among the dense destinations of the local and foreign people visiting the district. You can try the flavors of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine in the place provided by restaurants. Kucuk Camlica Hill also possesses a TV tower that can be seen from many points of Istanbul.

Buyuk Camlica Hill as one of popular places to visit in Istanbul, is taking place 262 meters above the sea level and has Nurbaba Tekke, restaurants, cafes and social facilities, draws more attraction of most tourists than Kucuk Camlica Hill.


  1. Pierre Loti Hill is Among Magnificent Places to Visit in Istanbul



Pierre Loti Hill, which lays the irresistible beauty of the Golden Horn landscape, is named after the French writer Julien Viaud, who frequently passed his time in a cafe took place on this hill. Viaud's nickname was Pierre Loti. In spite of the fact that it is demanded to replace the name of the hill over time, this request is rejected.

In addition to its landscape, the hill has become a frequent destination for many people with its amenities of the same name and quality service. You can take advantage of facilities such as breakfast, accommodation, food, hookah, sahur, iftar, tea, coffee in the services that took place on the hill of Pierre Loti.


  1. Haydarpasa Station



One of the wonderful places to visit in Istanbul is Haydarpasa Station. Haydarpasa Station, which was begun to establish in 1906 by the II. Abdulhamit, was finished in 1908 by a German company known Anadolu Bagdat.

The station, named after Haydarpasa, which is one of the passages of the III. Selim took place for the facilities for loading and unloading products within the wagons coming from or going to Anatolia.

The aim of the establishment of Haydarpasa Train Station was to consider Istanbul - Baghdad Railway as the starting point. The Haydarpasa Station project, drawn by Helmuth Cuno and Otto Ritter, was applied by Italian and German stonemasons.


  1. Florya Ataturk Marine Mansion



Florya Ataturk Marine Mansion, established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was a present to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk during the Ottoman period. Because of the Turkey's first President Ataturk was highly giving importance to the region, he was a frequent visitor for the mansion. Up to now it is known as great places to visit in Istanbul.

The mansion, constructed on piles placed in the sea, is situated 70 meters far from the land. At the recent time, the mansion, contains bedrooms, library, bathroom and reception hall.

The Florya Ataturk Marine Mansion, which was established by Architect Seyfi Arikan in 1935 draw great attention of tourists and visitors.




  1. Laleli Tashan



Laleli Tashan, as one of the magnificent places to visit in Istanbul, is known as "Cukurcesme" and "Katircioglu" in most sources, was established in 1763. The building was constructed in order to ensure that the cavalryman shelter can accommodate safely. It was established by III. Mustafa. That is why, it is also referred to as "Sipahiler Hani" in some sources. The inn, consisting of two floors and three courtyards, gains a various identity with its architecture.

One of the most significant features of the Laleli Tashan is that it was constructed using cut stones. Keeping in mind the time when Laleli Tashan, whose front facade was made entirely of cut stones, is one of the infrequent architectures built using cut stone in the period it was constructed.

It is taking place right next to Laleli Mosque, the inn serves as a bazaar today and continues to welcome the tourists and visitors in the list of best places to visit in Istanbul.

 You can enter to Lalehi Tashan without paying any money and you can also have a great shopping opportunity from the shops in it. In addition, many cafes are being in the service within the Lalehi Tashan. You can be in the heart of history and enjoy your tea and coffee.

It is said that Lalehi Tashan is famous by many names. At the present time, "Historical Old Bazaar" is written on the sign at the entrance of the inn.


  1. Miniaturk / Places to Visit in Istanbul



Turkey's most successful architecture of Miniaturk is offered to tourists of cases designed in miniature scale, founded over 60 thousand square meters, in the pool, minor shopping centers, amphitheaters, many activities area in service as parking and play areas.

The Miniaturk Open Air Museum, which opens its doors to local and foreign people 365 days of the year, also has a parking lot for 500 units of vehicles.

Miniaturk is taking place among the Turkey's most popular architectural structures and places to visit in Istanbul. Over and above, these structures are presented to visitors with audio guide services in 9 different languages.

In fact Miniaturk, provides you to have a small tour of Turkey. You can also take a mini tour with Miniaturk express in the park where there are more than 100 monuments.

You can go to Miniaturk, which is open all the days of the year including holidays and weekend, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.


  1. Galata Bridge



The Galata Bridge one of the stunning places to visit in Istanbul is established by Sultan Abdulmecit on the Golden Horn, connects Eminonu and the Golden Horn. The bridge, which was used for 18 years with its building, was extended and made more magnificent by Sultan Abdulaziz.

The 490 meter lengthy bridge is also used as a passage from Karakoy to Eminonu. Also it is famous as one of the most visited places in Turkey.

On the bridge, you can see fishermen that have become a tradition and have been draw attention of many photographers and tourists. If you have a fishing habit, you can swing your fishing rod against the Golden Horn.

There are lots of fish restaurants and other restaurants just below Galata Bridge. In these restaurants, you can have breakfast towards the sea or enjoy newly caught fish. Especially in the evening, under the Galata Bridge, the Golden Horn is right in front of you.


  1. Anadolu Kavagi (Anatolian Poplar)


The most significant feature of Anadolu Kavagi, which is a neighborhood taking place in Beykoz region of Istanbul, which is a touristic fishing town with its historical mission. It is among the Historical and popular olaces to visit in Istanbul. Each year thousands of tourists and local people visits Anadolu Kavaği especially in summer months.




Yoros Castle, which dates back to the Eastern Roman period, has an important value in terms of tourism. The landscape of the district, which is a great destination for those who wish to have breakfast to the accompaniment of the Bosphorus view or eat freshly kept fish, is a place that will make those who love it again fall in love with Istanbul.

In addition, while going to Yoros Castle, you can go to Yoros Cafe on the street where there are lots of cafes and restaurants, and enjoy your breakfast by sipping your tea accompanied by the amazing view of Bosphorus.


  1. Taksim Square



As foreigners come to Turkey they search for places to visit in Istanbul and Taksim Square is among the places that everyone shows interest for it. Taksim Square is the most famous square in Istanbul, takes place as the first address in both celebrations and social events. In spite of the fact that the face of this square and its surroundings have replaced many times over the years, the dynamism here will not decline. In the next coming years, renewal projects are being carried out for the reorganization and greening of the square.

Around the square, you can see mobile sellers and stands at any time; you can take a touristic photo right in front of the Republic Monument situated in Taksim Square. It is right in the middle of the circular square, the monument dates back to 1925. One of the next immutable places to visit in Istanbul for those who come to Taksim is Istiklal Street, which is taking place in the continuation of the square.


           10.   Istanbul - Belgrad Forest


One of the unique places to visit in Istanbul is Belgard Forest. Belgrad Forest is a naturally consisting woodland situated on the European side of Istanbul province. It is right at the far east end of the Catalca Peninsula. It is at bordering with the Istanbul Bosphorus to the east and the Black Sea to the north.

Belgrad Forest is a great forest area near the Sariyer district and used for recreation purposes.
It is in the highest point of the region, which has a surface of 5,300 hectares, is Kartaltepe with 230 meters. There are mainly oak, hornbeam, beech and chestnut trees in the forest area.




There are lots of other places to visit in Istanbul as well such as; Sultanahmet Square, Bagdat Street, Nisantasi, Moda, Eminonu, Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahce Palace, Yildiz Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, Maiden’s Tower, Eyup Sultan Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Sultanahmet Mosque, Aya İrini Church , Ahrida Synagogue, Belgrad Forest, Ataturk Arboretum, Gulhane Park, Emirgan Grove, Fenerbahce Park, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Pera Museum, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum, Panorama 1453 Historical Museum, Kinaliada and more.