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Places to See in
Taksim Istanbul

Taksim, which attracts attention with its cosmopolitan structure, is one of the magnificent places that tourists who come to Istanbul must see.


Best Places to Visit in Taksim Istanbul


  1. Taksim Republic Monument
  2. Istiklal Street
  3. İTU Science Center
  4. Syria Passage
  5. Huseyin Aga Mosque
  6. Botter Monument
  7. St. Antuan Church
  8. Galata Tower


Taksim Istanbul, which is the address of multicolor and polyphonic, named after Maxim, which was made to divide the water of Galata - Beyoglu by Sultan Mahmud I, during the period 1732 - 1733 AD.



Taksim, the heart of Istanbul, hosts millions of people every day. Every day is a meeting point of different lives and different stories. It always feels that it is the heart of Istanbul.

Sometimes it hosts festivities, smiles, sometimes sadness and tears.


Taksim Republic Monument


Taksim Republic Monument was built in Taksim Square in 1928 by Italian sculptor Pietro Canonica.

With the help of the sculptor Hadi Bara and Sabiha Bengutas, the monument was completed.

The pedestal and decoration work of the monument, which was opened on 8 August 1928 designed by the architect Julio Mongiri.



At 1925, a commission formed under the chairmanship of Hakki Sinasi Pasha, the Istanbul deputy of the period, Pietro Canonica was contacted and the monument was ordered.

Stone and bronze were used in the construction of the monument which lasted 2.5 years.

The monument, which has a weight of 84 tons, was brought by a ship from Rome to Istanbul.


Istiklal Street – Taksim Istanbul


Istiklal Street is the most popular street in Istanbul.

Istiklal Street, which is a meeting point especially for young people and tourists, is one of the most important places to visit with its cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and historical texture.

It is also an important shopping point where it hosts all world-famous clothing brands.




ITU Science Center


"ITU Science Center is located in Taksim inside Istanbul Technical University.

ITU Science Center was opened in 2007 to entertain children and encourage science.

The science center was established on an area of 3,500 square meters and consists of 120 educational units.

All theoretical information about energy, mechanics, DNA, airplane, space, waves, physics and sound are taught to children by teachers in the center.

ITU Science Center is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00 except Monday."



Syria Passage


"The Syrian Passage located in Taksim Istanbul linked Timuni Street and Darwish Street was established in 1908. The ground floor market including the residential floor and the top floor was built of three separate buildings. These buildings were connected to each other later.

In 1911 Santral Cinema was opened in the passage. The name of the cinema, which used to show old films, was named after Şafak in 1925 and Cumhuriyet in 1928, and later closed under the name Zafer.

The printing press of the Istanbul (Stamboul) newspaper that was published in French, has worked from 1875 to 1964 in this passage.

The Greek newspaper Apoyevmatini is still published in this passage.

The Syrian Passage, which is open from 07.00 to 21.00, continues to serve today with its famous furries and leather makers."



Huseyin Aga Mosque


"Huseyin Aga Mosque was built in 1594 by Seyhulislam Huseyin Aga, who was one of the rulers of Galatasaray.

It is considered one of the historical buildings of Istanbul.

One of the details that make Huseyin Aga Mosque beautiful is the fountain located in the courtyard."


Botter Monument


"The Potter Monument, one of the best buildings designed in the Art Nouveau style Istanbul, was built in 1900 by the Italian architect Raimundo de Aronco.

The owner, J. Botter, was one of the best and most loved tailors of the Palace. He used it both as a home and a workplace for many years.

The plant motifs on the facade of the 7-floor apartment, the human head figures adorned with flowers, floral ornaments, stained glass and lighting accessories were all designed by Aronco."



St. Antuan Church in Taksim Istanbul


"Istanbul has many important churches in terms of architecture and art history. Undoubtedly, the most important of all is the church of St. Anthony in Istiklal Street.

Designed by Giulio Mungeri and Eduardo di Nari,wıth the shape of a cross in the modern Gothic Italian style.

The walls of the church, which were built from reinforced concrete covered from the inside with mosaics up to a certain height and the outer walls were covered with bricks.

The church entrance is located between the two buildings that were established to support the church's income.

The entrance door opens onto the church courtyard, and the width of the facade that facing Istiklal Street is 38 meters.

The 2 apartment which each of them numbered 6, is connected to each other by a passage in front of the courtyard at the entrance of İstiklâl Street. In fact, they were built to provide an income source to the church.

These are St. Antoine Apartments and among the first concrete buildings on Istiklal Street."



Galata Tower – Taksim Istanbul


"One of the first buildings that come to mind when Taksim Istanbul is mentioned is Galata Tower. It is considered as one of the oldest towers in the world.

The structure, which has been observing the city for hundreds of years with its imposing structure and various stories are told about it.

It gives its guests the privilege to learn about Istanbul's history and to enjoy its unique view.




It is believed that the name of the tower, which was called the Megalos Pyrgos (Great Zodiac) by the Byzantines, and the (Tower of Jesus Christ) by the Genoese, was derived from the word gala, which means "milk" in Greek.

There are also opinions that the name of the building is derived from the word Thracian or can be Italian."

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