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Pierre Loti Istanbul:
Café and Mansions

Pierre Loti Istanbul is one of the best places mostly preferred by both locals and foreigners. Those who want to enjoy the unique view of Istanbul go to this great hill. You can spend a pleasant time with the view of the Golden Horn, Tavsan Island and tourist facilities at this point.

Pierre Loti Istanbul is one of the must-visit places in the city. On this hill situated in Eyup, Istanbul, the pleasure of the unique view of the Golden Horn is worth everything. If you are going with your vehicle; there is a back road leading to Pierre Loti. In this way, you can go up the hill and leave your vehicle in the parking lot.



Each visitor has a routine when they come here. With a wonderful view of the Golden Horn in the open-air cafe area drinking Turkish coffee or tea, taking plenty of photos and enjoying the view magnificent view of the hill on the viewing terrace.



How to Get to Pierre Loti Istanbul?


Pierre Loti Hill is a magnificent hill overlooking the Golden Horn in the Eyupsultan region of Istanbul. If you are planning to go in your vehicle; there is a back road leading to Pierre Loti Istanbul. Thus, you can go up the hill and park your car in the parking lot.

If you are coming from the Asian Side without your own car can easily get on the Uskudar - Eyup ferries. It is possible to climb the hill by getting the cable car from the ferry pier.


If you are coming by public transportation like bus, you should get off at Eyup Sultan stop and take the cable car from that point to get to Pierre Loti Istanbul. You can pay for the cable car with your Istanbul card.


The hill took its name from the French novelist and orientalist Julien Viaud. He came to Istanbul in 1876 and was accommodated here is well-known for his frequent visit to a café on this hill.


This wonderful hill and the tea garden with the same name are also frequently visited by visitors coming from all around the world. It is possible to reach the hill via the Eyup-Piyerloti cable car with 2 Turkish Liras.



Pierre Loti Istanbul Café and Mansions




Pierre Loti Istanbul is 55 meters above sea level, took its name after the popular French novelist and traveler who survived in Istanbul and pass most of his time here. For those who do not have a vehicle or do not want to walk from the beach, a cable car is provided to Pierre Loti Hill from Eyup.

Pierre Loti Istanbul Coffee has a great history of more than 100 years. It began to be well-known by this name after the French writer Pierre Loti started to frequently spend time in the place for coffee.


The Hill is also a very famous and stunning place to catch great photos. There is a boutique hotel, 6 mansions, a restaurant and a cafe in the area. There is also a great graveyard on the slopes of the hill.


There is also a perfect viewing terrace with a telescope exactly next to the cafe and the cable car station. You can watch and have pleasant panoramic views of Istanbul with this telescope.

The project originated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1997 with the purpose of gaining into tourism has seized the buildings on Pierre Loti Hill. The building of wooden mansions to serve as hotels according to the Ottoman-Turkish architecture as an alternative to abandoned houses was completed in 2000.

The six great mansions that serve as hotels here have been taken the names of the zones approximate to Pierre Loti Istanbul.


The six great mansions are Ayvansaray, Sutluce, Eyup, Balat, Haskoy and Fener mansions. The cost of a night accommodation in historical mansions differs from 60 to 100 dollars.