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New Year
New Hopes...

The New Year is approaching. New goals, dreams, plans, hopes and changes are waiting for us. In fact the new things make us feel both hopeful and worried because “new” means change and change most of the time means ambiguity. Ambiguous things make human beings have anxiety, but this is normal according to psychologists.

On the other hand, even though entering from 2019 to 2020 seems like a basic cycle as simple as changing a calendar sheet it motivates us all with the symbolic power it possesses. It allows us to think about some habits we want to change in our lives or innovations that we want to make in our lives.

We all make decisions as we enter the New Year, some of which we implement, maybe some for the next years. However, for whatever we expect from 2020, we have to take action to do what we want to do, and we need to have inner peace and be happiness. According to expert psychologists, there are some tips to spend the New Year happy, motivated and peaceful.


Here are these tips which can make you motivated and happy in 2020:


  • Stop complaining. Instead of always talking about a problem, think about the ways of “What can I do to solve the problem?”
  • Take concrete steps to live healthier. Be sure to follow a healthy diet and add exercise to your life.
  • Leave the bad habits like smoking.
  • Save time for yourself and try to have new hobbies.
  • Save time for art, music, literature and culture.
  • Do not hesitate to say “I love you!” to the people that you love.
  • Determine realistic goals for yourself. Because without a goal, you can have no motivation.
  • Take action for the plans that you postponed. This will decrease your stress.