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New Villas for Sale
in Turkey

New Villas for Sale in Turkey


There are lots of luxury villas for sale in every point of Turkey. The demand for villas for sale and urbanization increases in the regions where the development of trade in Turkey. The construction of villas is increasing in recent years and in parallel shows an increase in the number of villas for sale in Turkey.

Today, villas for sale are built so that you can live the joy of both summer and winter. The best regions which have ease of transportation, which may be the point to go to the highway, in the greenest environment or forest views, lake and sea view, no air pollution, no noise, no crowds areas are selected as a residential place for villas in Turkey.

The villas for sale are constructed according to luxury and quality living standards and give special importance to the desire to live the comfort of a five-star hotel.

Most of the villas have a large garden, swimming pool in its garden, large terraces on the upper floors or a roof terrace in the attic floor, balconies belonging to each room, fireplace or barbecue, flooring made of first quality materials, bathrooms and modern open and closed kitchen concepts.

The number of rooms in the villa for sale in Turkey has multiple types. It is up to the customer's desire to choose the best villa for sale from the three-bedrooms, four-bedrooms or five-bedrooms villas for sale suitable for their family.

When the prices of villas for sale are compared to other apartments for sale in the city, even though the margin of land for the apartments in project buildings is low, the price increases because it is in the city center.

As the villas for sale away from the crowd of the city have detached lands, there will be a little bit of an increase in the price of it. From a general overview, there is no astronomical price difference between villas for sale and apartments for sale.

melares.com is the best address to search for villas for sale in Turkey. Contact us to choose for you the best villa suitable for you from the wide range of villa portfolio. Do not hesitate to call us to see our villas for sale or to get information.


Types of New Villas for Sale in Turkey

There are most beautiful types of villas for sale are available in Turkey, detached villas, twin villas, villas in residential projects, villas with sea views, duplex villas, triplex villas, fourlex villa, etc.

Most of the people prefer a detached and independent lifestyle, villas for sale are among the luxury alternatives for a brand new lifestyle. Those who want to live in comfort and feel safe can choose to live in an area that is partially away from the crowd of the city but can choose the alternatives of villas for sale with ease of transportation.

What should be Considered While Purchasing a Villa?

While purchasing a villa, it will be reasonable to decide its size, location and whether it is suitable for your budget and lifestyle or not. Taking into consideration the shortcomings in your current life, you can detail your search for a villa by awareness to the following features;

  • Suitable for Turkish citizenship
  • Title deed is ready to deliver or not
  • Sufficient number of rooms
  • Whether it have maid's staff rooms or outbuildings
  • Reasonable price
  • Its warming and cooling system
  • Garden area and social facilities 
  • Security system
  • Its proximity to business centers, educational institutes, shopping malls and transportations
  • The distance to the center of the city
  • Being close to the Istanbul airport

What is the Best Time to Buy a Villa?

The new villas for sale in Turkey, which are at the construction stage are among the more economic options and more affordable in terms of price. However, if your priority is to live in it you can search for villas who are ready to deliver.

The best season to buy villas is winter season which is the best time for real estate market. As the prices has partially decreases in this period you can start your search for new villas for sale in Turkey.

If you start your search by personalizing the ads, you will have easier access to the villa you are looking for. 

In addition, it is possible to find villas for sale with reasonable prices in all seasons of the year by following the advertisements constantly. For which Melares.com is the best address with wide range of villas for sale and the most update portfolios.

The luckiest investors are those investors who purchase villas in metropolitan areas and resort areas. It is possible to rent their properties for a seasonal or long term and has gain from their investments.

In big cities such as Istanbul especially villas have high rental income. The villas are mostly used in the series and movies have an extreme amount of rental fees so those investors who are aiming to invest in these types of properties Istanbul is the best metropolitan city to invest in it.

Those people who are in search of villas for sale from different cities can evaluate the villas they purchase in the summer regions and take the profit from it. So the investors of the villas for sale in Turkey can clarify their investment objectives and assign the areas they want to invest smartly.

3 Reasons Why to Invest in a New Villa

Why should I buy a villa instead of an apartment are the most asking question that investors asks nowadays.

It can be considered in three reasons to facilitate the decision-making process.

The first reason is; for crowded families with high-income groups and has assistants to help them villa is the best selection. Those who have e a detached life in luxury and comfort can purchase villas of different sizes. In this way, they can achieve a more pleasant life.

The second cause is; villas combines a luxury life with urban lifestyle. It offers a peaceful area away from the crowd of the city in a safe and fresh environment, besides the green areas, breathing views, special walking paths.

Finally the last reason is the villas has high investment value a good income by renting it and acquires an appraised property. An investor who invests in a villa both gets high profit as well as most of the villas are suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Looking forward, the villa for sale is a smart investment option as long as it is chosen from the accurate location. It is also important to aware of to the depreciation periods of the areas you want to buy new villas for sale in Turkey.

New Villas for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul has the most amazing villas for sale which will decorate your dreams, make you have a smart real estate investment at the right time and the right place. Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities of the world, is a quite crowded metropolis city with a population of 15 million 519 thousand 267 people. Turkey's most populous city, which has an active construction industry with continuous production in all regions. It has attracted the attention of investors, with its nature and housing projects.

Besides, European countries where it is quite expensive to buy an apartment, business or a detached house for the investor. Istanbul is the favorite city of investors who want to buy a villa, apartment or any kind of commercial units. The fact that the square meter prices, which are valued every day and differs day by day brings depreciation to the investor in a short time, has made Istanbul the center of attraction.

In Istanbul, where the most improved transportation network reaches almost all regions, such as Zekeriyakoy, Buyukcekmece, Arnavutkoy, Esenyurt and Beylikduzu are the best districts in terms of investment. 

 On the other hand, regions where Luxury new villas are concentrated investors who have a budget can have the opportunity to buy villas from districts such as Besiktas, Sisli and Kadikoy, which have the highest square meter price.

The socio-cultural advantages of Istanbul

 Istanbul is a very wealthy city in terms of socio-culturally strong provinces. It has leadership in the field of social and cultural activities, with its educational institutions and job opportunities. Istanbul offers privileged life in social and economic aspects. Therefore, owning a new villa will always be advantageous.

There are some best examples for new villas for sale in Istanbul Turkey;

A charming duplex villa for sale in Buyukcekmece, it consists of six bedrooms which will be is the best selection for you. Those who are looking for calm place, a villa made with high quality materials, with the modern design, natural green landscape of 180 thousand square meters, an artificial lake view and a wonderful wide garden do not miss this amazing opportunity. 

This villa compound mixes between being a boutique, proximity to the main roads, to Marmara sea, and also it has an international school right beside it.

There are lots of luxurious new villas for sale on our website you can take a look for them also.