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New Property for
Sale in Turkey

New Property for Sale in Turkey


Turkey has a perfect growth in real estate market at recent years. Thousands of new housing projects consturcted with world’s high stanards. New property for sale in Turkey is experiencing a great boom in real estate not only in the real estate market in Turkey with the Turkish people but also with many foreign buyers and investors have been increasing for several years.

The great number of sales ratio in Turkey's cities are listed as 9 cities. They are Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, Yalova, Samsun, Sakarya, Mersin and Mugla.

On which large part of the buyers of new property for in Turkey are mostly citizens of Iraq, Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Jordan, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Palestine, etc.

There is every kind of property for sale in Turkey from those who are purposing to buy a housing unite to start a new lifestyle to and for those who are aiming to buy a property for investment.

 There are wide range of property such as luxury villas, sea view apartments, apartments at the heart of city, beside forest, unique apartments could be used as hotel or hospital and lots of other opportunities for investors to suit any requirement.

Istanbul is one of the best places for real estate investments that see a great development of new properties for sale in large modern complexes with excellent facilities which attract all families of European, Arabian and Asian countries and bring the luxury as a standard to the city life.

If you want to buy a new property in Turkey and do not know a lot about many other areas. The best places to buy real estate after Istanbul are Antalya, awesome city of Kusadasi, a popular Bodrum peninsula and southern and western coastline of Turkey's most beautiful place in the busy harbor town of Fethiye. many new features of properties are being built in these cities of Turkey.

New property housing projects in Turkey, apartments most with the sea views, a luxury villa in coastal areas or in most popular regions, villages traditional-style houses, a modest apartment, stone house or a popular residential newly built or perhaps a stylish loft apartment . New property portfolio offers something for almost everyone's budget and lifestyle.

You can take a look at our website a wide range of new portfolio real estate in Turkey that we are offering for sale in many regions of the country.

What Encourages Foreigners to Be Interested about New Property for Sale in Turkey?

  • Turkey has a strategic position in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Turkey offers the opportunity to go out into the Black Sea by the Aegean Sea. As well as it has access through the Mediterranean from the Marmara Sea. It serves as a bridge between the Middle East, Asia and European countries.
  • The right to obtain Turkish citizenship, by investing on a property with 250.000$ cost you can obtain citizenship. As well as it should not be sell within three years. 
  • High gains with low costs, Turkey has amazing luxury properties with affordable and very reasonble prices, plenty of installment periods and lots of discount rate in cash prices. Each year the prices of which is rising, that means each year you will have gain from your investment. 
  • High rental returns, there is an annual rental income of 6% to 8% if you give your property for rent.
  • Easy rules to buy real estate, there is no restriction (except the citizens that President of Turkey has restricted) or rule for foreigners to buy property in Turkey.
  • No double taxiation rule, as stated by "the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreement" signed between 80 countries, the taxes which you will pay for your incomes on your real estates or your commercial earnings in Turkey will be decreased from the total tax that you will pay in your own country.

  • Obtaing residence permit with buying a house even a one bedroom no matter how much it worths you can get residence permit of Turkey.
  • By investing in Turkey property market you are exempt from paying value added tax.
  • Government investments in terms of education, tourism and health provide vital opportunities to foreign investors as well as Turkish citizens.


Modern property with Breathtaking Architectural Design in Turkey



Modern property in Turkey, could be found almost in every field, especially Istanbul which is the center of main investment, you can find some of the best modern designed houses in the real estate market.

Turkey has spectacular architects designing amazing houses with elegant interior and exterior plans. These architects offer the world's most innovative designs to the real estate market. construction companies are constantly changing their architecture designs with the most updated brands in order to meet the demands of property buyers in Turkey.

You can find magnificient modern new property for sale with wonderful architectures in Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kusadasi, Yalova, Bursa, etc.

The lively and cultural city of Istanbul is always famous for its striking ancient architecture, but as the city moves with the modern world, many modern houses have been developed in recent years to suit buyers' needs and satisfaction.

 There is a wide range of apartments and villas in all parts of the city. Modern new property for sale in Istanbul Turkey is awaiting for investors looking for reasonable prices, high annual rental returns and high investment value.

After Istanbul, Antalya is one of the most beautiful examples of modern architecture in Turkey.The most unique architecture can be found in Antalya, Turkey's largest city on the southern coast. 

Antalya improved a lot in recent years. Foreigners are very interested to buy a house from Antalya both to have an awesome holiday pleasure in summer and as a pure investment in Turkey. Most of them buy houses to give it for rent because it has an amazing income. 

Kuşadası, on the western coastline, is a rising star for the luxury new property, and the area that seems to have lost its appeal a few years ago is now being redeveloped by seeing some amazing modern apartments and villas rising from its territory. 

In many resort of Bodrum peninsula there are excellent modern houses with awesome architectures. Which has high premium rates on yachting resort of Yalikavak and the surrounding small villages in modern accommodation.

You can find the more low-priced modern homes on the resort as Gulluk and Tuzla in Bodrum.

New property for sale in Turkey Fethiye, has various random directions around its inner suburbs, stunning resorts, modern residential villas in Ovacik, Hisaronu and Calis, and luxury apartments in most famous modern residential areas at the heart of the city.

MELARES Turkey Properties is here to give you the best guides along with taking your lifestyle requirements and personal budget into consideration so that you could find your dreamed house in an easy way.

How’s Life in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most developed country in the world. Although it is an amazingly beautiful country with an extremely important geopolitical position, historical importance and lots of places to visit.

Turks have the most precious values that can be introduced to the world market. Which not only brings them together and strengthen their national unity. It has a rich culture, combines the Eastern Mediterranean, Central Asia and Eastern Europe with Caucasus tradition. This wonderful traditions were originally brought together by the Ottoman Empire, a multi-ethnic and multi-religious state.

Turkey is very famous with its hospitable people who are really very friendly and helpful, families are very supportive, foods and the Turkish kitchen are amazing which really attracts all foreigners.

There’s a good music scene, with a wide variety of regional folk styles through Turkish pop to rock. The best type is Turkish art music (sanat muzigi), which catches the respect of the whole world. It has a large number of resources into fine arts such as paintings, sculpture, and architecture.

Turkey has excelllent opportunities for the your education. Government schools are free in Turkey. As well as government universities’ annual fee is also reasonable so if you would like to study in Turkey, you can go as far as getting a Ph.D. for a very small budget compared to European countries. There are also lots of job opportunities and leisure activities.