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New Houses
for Sale in Turkey

New Houses for Sale in Turkey


Both old historical and new houses for sale in Turkey have their own charm. People prefer to buy old or new real estate, in accordance with the features that attract them. Nowadays there are foreign people and investors who prefer to buy new houses for sale in Turkey from all around the world.

New houses for sale in Turkey not only make you feel the style and satisfying feelings, but the structures of houses also are pleasing to the eye. Newly established housing projects are now constructed with the features developed in line with the needs and demands of the new generation.

The new houses are designed according to the wishes of the buyers with a modern charm. This modernity and amazing features are applied both for interior and exterior designs of the new houses for sale in Turkey.

Most of the real estate buyers and investors want the exterior appearance of the house to be neat and impressive, and the interior of the house should be charming. The new house's cost of living for a long time is less than old houses because they do not need renovation work.

New houses for sale in Turkey are constructing with special details to be longevity in recent years. It is unclear how long old real estates can last. Nobody wants to buy a house that is about to collapse on or there can be a lot of maintenance costs.

The greatest advantage of new houses for sale in Turkey is that they are long-lasting. The cement of new constructions have high quality. The new houses are constructed according to new technology conditions, and they remain high quality for many years in contrast to other housings and buildings.

A wide range of regions in Turkey is growing newly. The beaches are cleaner than ever, the coastal shores are more populous and more attractive than ever. Also, there are magnificent new houses proximate to these places. New residences are being built to fill the gap of demand for luxury homes. This provides to have the best social influences on foreigners and real estate investors to have a frequent trip to Turkey.

Purchasing new houses for sale in Turkey takes place in the first preference of real estate buyers. Newly built houses offer structural quality as visual satisfaction, structural sound and interior design to the precious home owners. Most significantly, the new houses for sale in Turkey has very reasonable prices compared to the high quality and standards they provide.



Foreigners Increased their Investments in New Houses for Sale in Turkey!


The last two years investing in new houses for sale in Turkey by foreigners are analyzed considering the data of housing sales to foreigners announced by Turkish Statistical Institute. In the first quarter of 2020, the sales of new houses to foreigners increased by 13.8 percent compared to the previous year. According to the country's nationalities, in the first quarter of 2020, the highest number of houses were sold to Iranian citizens.

According to the land registry office data the real estate acquiring of foreigners was 1 million 898 thousand 694 square meters in the first quarter of 2019. It was recorded as 3 million 035 thousand 199 square meters in the same period of 2020.

According to the information announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute, when the housing is analyzed specifically per units, by the end of the first quarter of 2020 throughout Turkey, total sales of 11 thousand 68 housing units were carried out.

When you take a look at purchases in the most preferred cities in terms of all real estate types, Konya was the most preferred city by foreigners in real estate investments in the first quarter of 2020. As Konya was the most preferred city for foreigners in real estate investments, followed by Manisa, Istanbul, Antalya, Edirne, Sakarya, Denizli, Mugla, Aksaray and Bursa, respectively.

Also Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa and Yalova cities are the most preffered cities in housing investments in the first quarter of 2020.


The Rental rates of New Houses for Sale in Turkey May 2020



Those who are planning to buy new houses for sale in Turkey and tenants are eagerly awaiting for May 2020 WPI (Wholesale Price Index) CPI (Consumer prices index) increases in rental rates. Tenants will be hired at particular rental rates annually, the rental agreement will be renovated in May. These increases are also calculated within the scope of the Code of Obligations.

Because of the negative impact of the rise in inflation rates in 2018 on rents, some varieties were made in the calculation of rent increase. The Medium Term Economy Programs of (2019-2021), prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the Strategy Budget Directorate, was announced in September 2018.

Pursuant to the New Economy Package announced, rental rates rises can no longer be calculated in accordance to the producer price index rates, and the upper limit on the rate of increase in rent will be counted according to the consumer price index (CPI) rates.

Turkey Statistical Institute (Turk Stat) announced on inflation figures. It has been determined how much hike to be made for tenants, which was going to be renewed in May. Consumer price index (CPI) increased by 10.94 percent year-on-year, 0.85 percent monthly, Domestic Producer Price Index (D-PPI) increased by 6.71 percent year-on-year and 1.28 percent monthly.

CPI (2003 = 100) in April 2020, 0.85 percent compared to the previous month, 3.16 percent compared to December of the previous year, 10.94 percent contrast to the same month of the last year and 12 percent on the averages of 12 months There were 12.66 percent increases.

In April 2020 Domestic Producer Price Index (2003 = 100), 1.28 percent compared to the last month, 4.54 percent compared to December of the past year, 6.71 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and 10 percent according to the averages of twelve months Increased by 10.87 percent.

Means it is the time to buy new houses for sale in Turkey because you can get high returns from your investment. If you buy new houses for sale in Turkey and give it for rent you will gain from it as the rental prices rises day by day.


Decoration of New Houses for Sale in Turkey


While moving to a new house, most of the people start to decorate their house with a sweet flurry. This brings lots of benefits, especially if you will be the first user in houses in new buildings. Decoration of new houses for sale in Turkey sometimes makes it possible to pre-select many materials during the construction of the house.

There are conditions in which it is feasible to make decisions such as kitchen, toiletries, cabinets, even flooring or wall color when the house is to be moved. Even if this is not the case, new house decoration can be very attractive because you put the furniture and accessories you have bought in an unused house since everything is clean and open to you for the first time.

Decoration of new houses for sale in Turkey is generally comfortable and easy from the renovation of an old house. Because the Crimean works are very expensive and difficult. The installation or renovation of wall, or window joinery made from scratch points to a more economical and problem-free process compared to those dismantled.

Therefore, it is a more comfortable work to be involved in the new house decoration or the construction process of the new house under construction. That is why it is more feasible to take pleasure in the process with its new house decoration than its face.

Of course, it is essential to decorate each house according to its plan and setup, but acquiring ideas for decoration of new houses for sale in Turkey will improve your creativity. Sometimes integrating the spaces gives aesthetically great outcomes, but sometimes separating these spaces with decorative elements may be the right touching. Making partitions particularly in large areas of the house will add depth to space.

When decorating new houses for sale in Turkey, keep in mind that you can divide large areas in different ways. There is a fact that new house decoration is sometimes not just about selecting furniture, but it can also be action about reshaping spaces inside the house.

For instance, if the kitchen and dining room are in the same place (Open kitchen concept) you can partially divide it with iron joinery and glass. Even if this is rather a small decorative intervention, it is actually a logical solution for well maintaining the boundaries of spaces and creating maximum handy living areas.

New houses for sale in Turkey are commonly appropriate for simple decoration. You can easily decorate a house with magnificent architectural designs that have not yet been decorated and that nobody has decorated, without demolishing it. It is also valuable to pay attention to integrity while making new house decorations. This is, of course, the rule not just for new house decorations but also for all home decoration in general.

If the new houses in Turkey offer you a spacious kitchen area for decoration, feel free to add a place as a kitchen island. Culinary islands are handy decorations both for cooking, dining and for a social culinary experience. It is much simple to be with your guests while preparing food and drink something on the other hand around the kitchen islands.

Decoration of new houses for sale in Turkey sometimes includes the garden area as well. Whether your house is old or new, decorating the garden with furniture will provide a pleasant time in any situation. You can use and decorate your garden with tables and chairs in different colors or just painted in white, they will create a special area that you will enjoy using in new house decoration.