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Luxury Real Estate

Luxury Real Estate Turkey


Some real estate investors contemplating investing in Turkey's Istanbul province, while some investors may invest in different regions of Turkey. If the definition of home you are looking for is "luxury real estate Turkey", Melares Turkey Properties can offer you different alternatives in this regard.

Although the Istanbul is the first city that comes to mind when it is said Turkey and real estate investment, in Turkey's other major provinces or local places also possible to find many luxury estate.

For example, Antalya Konyaaltı and Lara, Kaş, Kalkan, Fethiye Mediterranean Region are regions where luxury real estates are concentrated in.

The most valuable districts in İzmir in the Aegean region are Cesme, Urla, Bayraklı, Bornova-New City Center, Karsiyaka-Mavisehir-Atakent region and Guzelbahce. In these regions, qualified and luxurious housing projects are produced.

Bodrum which is one the district of Mugla province, is one of Turkey's most valuable coastal settlements. Especially in the summer, the population of the region increases considerably with the foreign tourists coming from the surrounding provinces and abroad. Another valuable settlement in Mugla is Yalikavak. Qualified and luxurious sea view villas or detached houses are of great interest in this region.

Istanbul is the equivalent definition of luxury real estate in Turkey. The city's economy, which is more developed than other provinces, huge investments and investments in the construction area, change the skyline of the city day by day. The main regions that we can define as a prestigious and luxury segment in Istanbul are; Nisantasi, Etiler, Ulus, Bebek, Levent, Emirgan, Tarabya, Zekeriyakoy, Bomonti, Gokturk, Kemerburgaz, Kandilli, Atasehir, Suadiye, Caddebostan.

Some of these regions offer prestigious lives as apartments, also some of them offers luxury villas and mansions.

The luxury lifestyle can also be defined in two ways. Luxury living in a flat style and luxury living in a villa or mansion. Which of these houses is suitable for you will be determined according to your family structure and budget.



Improve Your Quality of Life with Luxury Real Estate Turkey 

Real estate preferences of people are directly proportional to their budgets. However, there are also habits of life. These life habits are for some to lead an elite life, for others to live more modestly, even if they have enough budget.

Why do people choose to live in luxury homes?

* To increase living standards

* For a more comfortable life

* To show that they have economically different status

Therefore, if a family whose economic conditions are improving is living in a standard apartment, it seeks a higher quality apartment. He/she changes the region where his/her house is located and chooses a more prestigious residential area. Because the people's car, the house they live in, the brands they wear, give certain messages to other people in the community.

It is good to aim to improve the quality of life. So, what kind of living spaces do those who want to lead a luxurious life prefer? Where are these houses located?

The group of those who love luxury apartment life generally prefer to live in buildings called the A segment. These buildings stand out for their difference with their architecture, interior decoration and services. Especially in Istanbul, there are dozens of luxury housing projects produced with changing architectural features and modern technologies.

The upper segment of the luxury apartment life is the buildings that also offer concierge service. Your comfort increases in these buildings thanks to valet service, cleaning service of your home, dry cleaning, flight reservation and similar services.

The group of those who love detached life likes to build their own private worlds beyond living with people. If you prefer detached life, villas that you can find at different prices according to your budget will be ideal for you. Or you can prefer a mansion as luxury real estate Turkey.

Villa life can be 250 square meters or 900 square meters according to family size and needs. Villas offers you large living spaces, while it has independent space whenever possible for each member of your family. Villa life provides comfortable areas for both you and your children and your pets with its large gardens.

Your villa can be with sea, lake or forest or nature view. Those who prefer peace seek the comfort of the villa instead of the apartment life in the city. The villas will also vary in size and number of rooms, but will also offer a separate space for your housekeeper, if any.

Mansions Turkey's Most Luxurious Living Areas

When it is said luxury, gaudiness and prestige, it is the only unique living space is mansion. 

The mansions are two types: road mansion and real mansion (by the sea).

The question of how many mansions there are in Istanbul is often wondered by those concerned.

There are a total of 622 mansions on the European and Asian sides of the Bosphorus. 366 of them are historical artifacts. But of course not all of them are for sale. Every year, an average of 60-70 mansions change hands and meet new owners. Although the prices vary according to the historical value, size and location of the mansion, it is expressed in millions of dollars.

The mansions, which are historical artifacts, are located in Beykoz, Uskudar, Sariyer and Besiktas.

Some of the most famous mansions of the Bosphorus are as follows:

Emine Valide Pasha Mansion - Egyptian Yusuf Ziya Pasha Mansion - Esma Sultan Mansion - Huber Mansion - Fehime and Hatice Sultan Mansions - Snake Mansion - Afif Ahmed Pasha Mansion - Said Halim Pasha Mansion - Nuri Pasha Mansion

Where You Can Buy Luxury Real Estate in Turkey?

Istanbul is in the first place as the province where you can find luxury residences the most. Why should these regions be preferred? You can find the necessary information in the summary articles below.

Nisantasi: It is connected to Sisli district and is located in one of the most central points of Istanbul. Since it is a well-established settlement, it is not possible to find vacant land in this region and to produce new housing projects. It is an area preferred by elite people. The most famous street is the Governor's Mansion Street. City's Nisantasi Mall is in this region.

Etiler: It is one of the luxury districts of Beşiktaş district. It is one of the best places to settle and live with new and modern buildings. Akmerkez Mall is located in this region. You can find in this region various luxury real estate of Turkey.

Ulus: It is a district of Beşiktaş district. It is located right next to Etiler. It is a decent area with ultra luxury buildings. Ulus Park one of the most famous parks of Istanbul and Liv Hospital Ulus, are located in this region.

Bebek: One of the most prestigious settlements in Istanbul, Bebek is connected to Beşiktaş district. Since it is located on the Bosphorus line, it is possible to find houses with sea views. Prices are well above the Istanbul average. It is a region generally preferred by artists and society.

Levent: It has been one of the most preferred areas of Istanbul in terms of luxury housing for a long time. Especially in recent years, luxury residences which are containing concierge services and shopping centers have increased the segments. Zorlu Center, Metrocity and Kanyon Malls are located in this region.

Emirgan: It is a chance to find a house in Emirgan, one of the historical districts in the Bosphorus. Because those who live in this region generally do not want to change homes. Whether your house has a sea view or not, the Bosphorus coast within walking distance is the greatest privilege offered to you.

Tarabya: The region generally consists of luxurious residences and villas located in the greenery. It covers a region extending to the upper parts of the Bosphorus line. The most spectacular building of the region is the Grand Tarabya Hotel located right next to the sea. In addition, yacht and boat owners prefer this region because it has a marina.

Zekeriyaköy: It is a unique settlement in the Sarıyer district and located next to the Belgrad forest. Thanks to the structures consisting of villas and low-rise buildings, you can fully enjoy the nature. You can find a living space according to your taste in this region where you can also enjoy the sea in summer with its 5 minutes distance to Kilyos beach.

Bomonti: This region, located in the center of Istanbul, is at the heart of business, life and entertainment. There is everything necessary for life in the region, including public transportation alternatives. The region, which also includes luxury residences, is suitable for those who love being in the center.

Göktürk - Kemerburgaz: This region, located next to the Belgrad forest, is connected to Eyüpsultan. It is preferred for a peaceful life, especially with its vastly spread villas and sites offering various social facilities, including golf courses. If you wish to own luxury real estate Turkey, you can choose this area.

Kandilli: This region on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul is famous for its mansions and villas. It is recommended for those who want quality life in a historical settlement in the Bosphorus.

Ataşehir: The shining star of the Anatolian Side, Ataşehir is one of the most developing regions in recent years. The Financial Center on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul is established in this region. In addition, the rising prestigious and luxury segment residences make the quality feel full.

Suadiye - Caddebostan: These regions are the two most important settlements of the coastal axis on the Anatolian side. Along with the coastal axis, it has a facade to Bağdat Street, the most famous street of the region. Bağdat Street offers many opportunities for shopping, sightseeing and entertainment. This street, which is also a meeting point for young people, has a high traffic of people, especially at the weekend. It is a privilege to live in these regions.

Konyalatti: This region, which is connected to the province of Antalya, is generally an area consisting of luxury sites and comfortable structures. This region, where the famous Konyaaltı Beach is located, is one of the most preferred regions for local and foreign investors since it is located on the coast.

Lara: Lara region, which is generally a villa-dominated region, is one of the elite regions of Antalya. This coastal region, where regular settlements and luxury residences are concentrated, adds prestige to life.

Kas: This place which has one of the most clear sea of Turkey, although a small settlement is the preferred region. Ideal for those who are bored with city crowds, Kas houses consist of natural stone cladding or nature-friendly architectural structures.

Kalkan: It is one of the residential areas of Antalya with luxury villas. It offers magnificent alternatives for those who want a comfortable and first-class life with their houses with sea view or nature view. As a summer region, it provides the opportunity to make maximum use of the sea and the sun.

Fethiye: It is possible to find villas with sea view or private pool in this region. One of the most famous beaches in the world, Oludeniz is located in Fethiye. It is a region that attracts local and foreign peoples, both for living and for touristic purposes.

Izmir: This rare city, the pearl of the Aegean, has made great progress in the field of construction in recent years with its modern constructions. Cesme and Urla, which are among the most valuable settlements of the region, are cute towns that can also be lived as summer houses. With the New City Center project in Bayrakli located in the central part of Izmir and many more modern residences, luxury life promises a future in Izmir.

MELARES's experienced team will help you in all related matters to regions and luxury real estate Turkey. You can fill in the form on our melares.com website or call us immediately from our contact numbers.