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Luxury Apartments
in Istanbul

Luxury Apartments in Istanbul


Luxury life is a way of life that everyone with the opportunity wants to have. However, luxury is a concept that varies from person to person and perception. According to some, an apartment located in an average district and produced using good quality materials can also be described as a "luxury apartment".

Luxury apartments in Istanbul are very diverse. Before moving on to these, it is useful to take a look at the concept of “luxury”. According to the dictionary, it means luxury, “flashy and gaudy”. The definition of luxury used in the construction sector refers to the “constructions and comfortable structures produced with a quality above the standards”.

What Does a Luxury Apartment Mean? | Istanbul Luxury Apartments

Although the concept of “luxury housing” was defined by the Regulation published in an Official Gazette many years ago, the definition of luxury housing has changed within the framework of today's changing conditions.

The room or kitchen of an apartment is spacious and the dressing room in the master bedroom does not make it a luxury. Some of the most important criteria for a construction to be defined as luxury are listed below.

* Location

* Architectural quality

* Interior design quality

* Concierge services

* Social opportunities


Whether an apartment is small or large does not change its feature of luxury. Studio or 1 bedroom apartment can also be a luxury apartment.

If you are looking for luxury homes and luxury real estate for sale in Istanbul, we recommend that you first examine the construction companies and the projects they produce and work with a professional real estate company.

You can own one of the luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul 2020.

MELARES Turkey Properties offers solutions suitable for your luxury housing needs with its more than 350 housing projects with special agreement and thousands of property alternatives, in both Europe side and Asia side of Istanbul. MELARES is with you in every subject you need with its multinational professional Sales Team and experienced staff who can serve in your native language.

Features of Luxury Apartments in İstanbul

Location: As you know, the apartments you plan to buy are sold in different regions and with vary price tags.

The most important factor in price determination when calculating the construction cost is the value of the land where the house is located. The fact that the land is even large or small naturally affects the cost. More importantly, however, is the location of the land in Istanbul.

Looking at the map of Istanbul, it is seen which regions are more or less high in terms of land value. The most sought-after locations in Istanbul for luxury homes are really in high number.

Regions for luxury apartments in İstanbul can be generally counted as follows. Atakoy, Yesilkoy, Florya, Yesilyurt, Gayrettepe, Levent, Maslak, Gokturk, Etiler, Ulus.

Both sides of the Bosphorus (Europe and Asia) are luxury segment regions. On the European side strait line, Ortaköy, Kuruçeşme, Emirgan, İstinye, Bebek, Arnavutköy, Tarabya are the regions that stand out as luxury segments. On this coastal line, there are apartments with Luxury Bosphorus and Sea View.

On the Asian side, Nakkastepe, Beylerbeyi, Çengelkoy, Kandilli can be counted. In addition, many regions are luxurious in the coastal line stretching from Kadıkoy district to Pendik district on the Asian side. Moda, Feneryolu, Kalamis, Fenerbahce, Caddebostan, Suadiye, Dragos are some of them. There are seafront luxury apartments in these regions.

Atasehir and West Atasehir, which are among the favorite settlements of the Asian side in recent years, are among the young luxury region segments.

In some of these regions, there are prestigious and luxurious villas, in some of them, there are ultra-luxury apartments with concierge service in the city center, and in some, apartments with sea view and above standards.

Architectural Quality: It is legally mandatory to construct the constructions produced after the Earthquake Regulation published in 2007 in accordance with this Regulation. The production of a luxury residence or a standard house does not change this fact. Maintaining earthquake standards is a mandatory and common feature in all newly constructed constructions.

However, other than that, the extra materials used during the architectural designs of the buildings or the main construction elements such as concrete, iron, steel above the standards make the construction quality and luxurious.

Today, in most of the construction companies architectural design of housing projects are drawn famous architects in Turkey or worldwide. Some constructions are awarded in the category of "luxury apartments" in international real estate competitions with their architectural structure and features.

Apart from the quality materials used in the technical parts of the construction, the quality of the insulation and coating materials used on the exterior of the buildings also makes the houses prestigious. According to modern architectural designs, natural stone coatings, wooden decorative coatings or almost entirely glass coatings used on the exteriors of the buildings are some of the prominent features for luxury apartments in İstanbul.

Interior Architecture Quality: One of the most important features of the definition of luxury house is the interior architecture quality of the house. No matter how good its location and exterior architecture is, if the materials used in a house are of low quality, it cannot be described as luxury. What kind of materials are used in interiors is as important as a house having large and spacious volumes.

In standard apartments, laminate flooring is mostly used as flooring material in rooms and living rooms. Although this material is visually high quality, it is more affordable in price because it is an artificial product. Wood laminated parquet (natural wood), which is in a higher segment than this, is a more expensive and quality material. It is a natural wooden parquet that is used in luxury apartments in İstanbul.

The coating material used as standard in kitchen cabinets is lacquered or membrane covered. Although these are quality materials, walnut veneer or wood veneer material is more luxurious. The brand and features of the built-in kitchen set delivered included in the price of the house in the kitchens are also important.

If the floor coverings in areas such as kitchen, bathroom, corridor, called wet floors of the house, are covered with granite ceramic instead of standard ceramic coating, the quality increases.

Another example is the wall covering of the bathroom or rooms. For example, the rooms and hall walls of the houses are painted with water-based paint as standard. Ceramic coating is used on bathroom walls. Of course, these materials are also of high quality in both appearance and use. However, while decorating a luxury apartment, there are also construction companies that cover the walls of the living room, room or sometimes the bathroom with water-resistant, wipeable Italian wallpapers. Although this material is quite expensive, it transforms the interior design concept into an ultra luxurious and prestigious living space. 

A jacuzzi to be added to the bathroom is an indispensable element of luxury life.

While window coverings are preferred as PVC coating in the standard, wood coating is used in most luxury residences.

In addition, another feature that is mostly used in the concept of luxury apartments in İstanbul is the “Smart Home System”.

If you live in an apartment with smart home system in today's intense pace, your job will be much easier.

With the smart home system, you experience the comfort of managing your home with remote control automation system even at work or outdoors. You can control the lighting, air conditioning, heating system, sound and vision systems, electricity, water, camera system in your home with a single touch. In addition, with the smart home system, you can remotely access the camera system in your apartment or on the site.

Luxury Apartments in İstanbul| Concierge Services and Social Facilities


Apartments in Istanbul with Concierge Service

Two other concepts that reinterpret the definition of luxury are "Concierge Services" and "Social Facilities".


Istanbul, is one of the most prestigious and modern cities of Turkey and the world. Luxury branded housing projects, the number of which has increased rapidly in Istanbul in recent years, also offer important privileges for those who love luxury and comfort.

Considering the crowd of Istanbul city life and the intensity of business life, the comfort of the house is paramount, especially for employees.

Living in a house that will reduce your daily stress and improve your quality of life will be worth the money you pay. For this reason, ultra luxurious apartments in new residential projects built in the special regions of Istanbul come to the fore with a few steps, with concierge services and social facilities.

Concierge Service offers you dozens of opportunities in many areas that you cannot find the opportunity to realize due to your busy schedule.

These services can generally be listed as follows.

+ Tailor

+ Shoe shine

+ Dry cleaning

+ Car washing

+ Valet service

+ Car / limousine / yacht rental

+ Pet care

+ Ironing

+ House cleaning

+ Catering, special invitation organization / reservation services

+ Flower and gift delivery organization

+ Reception service

+ Courier services

+ Travel consultancy and flight ticket, hotel reservation

+ Information service

+ Invoice service

+ Locksmith service

Apartments in Istanbul with Social Facilities

In the new and qualified construction projects carried out in Istanbul for the last 10 years, attention is paid to the wealth of social facilities as well as the comfort of the apartments. Because real estate investors demand more than a house today. When the real estate investor goes out from his/her house, the more activity areas available in the site, he/she becomems that much happy.

There are dozens of activity areas in each housing project. Some of the social facilities offered in construction projects containing luxury apartments in İstanbul are as follows;

* Indoor and outdoor swimming pool

* Sunbathing terraces

* Outdoor / indoor basketball field

* Tennis court,

* Outdoor cinema

* Kids playground

* Walking and cycling routes

* Rich landscape and ornamental pools

* Squash

* Kids playroom

* Billiard room

* Playstation room

* Hobby / music room

* Mini Cinema

* Turkish bath

* Sauna

* Spa

* Fitness

* Pilates

* Meeting room