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Luxury Apartments
for Sale Istanbul

Luxury Apartments for Sale Istanbul


Istanbul which is a lively vast city offers an abundance of ancient history, but a massive modern city that has risen in recent years and has seen many new areas to become the desirable areas to live. It is a spacious modern city that offers luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, with luxurious facilities that have 5 stars hotel criteria.

If you are aiming to buy a modern apartment in Istanbul, it is highly recommended to do your search in different regions because the prices of luxury apartments in Istanbul will see high price tags in each region, in the heart of the city and elite districts. Although the prices of luxury apartments for sale in the residential areas are much more affordable. As the real estate market rises each year the prices of luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul are increasing in all areas as well.

After you made your great decision to buy a luxury apartment in Istanbul. You can contact MELARES Turkey Properties. We will forward your budget to and suggest the correct area to suit your needs you considering and we will guide you how the way Turkey real estate purchase process goes on. As well as by our free real estate tour you will be able to visit all the luxury housing projects of Istanbul closely.

Istanbul is one of the most impressive cities in Turkey, it is a place for luxury brands of the world, so seeking luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul will be a favorite option for the high class of society such as investors, foreign families and businessmen. 

Actually, not just people with a high-level budget can buy luxury apartments but also people with a middle-class budget do. There are lots of amazing projects with the most reasonable prices which are aiming to satisfy all groups of people.

Istanbul has mega luxury housing projects constructed under government guarantee that take place is one of the most prestigious districts of the city, the most important points of tourism and investment.

 We offer you the most beautiful apartments and residential complexes at each point of Istanbul. You can also find the best options for housing projects of 2020 with its luxurious apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Modern districts in Istanbul have appeared as competitive cities in Europe where investigators can find luxury and urbanity in this most developed districts of the real estate market.

With the continuing development of Istanbul, it is constantly improving high-quality real estate districts in the city, where many business centers and commercial residences are close to the city's lively areas and impressive tourist destinations.

Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul emerged beyond our time and also showed the inherent of advanced technology and modernity, smart homes system, shortening time and fulfilling the essential duties of the home owners according to the most recent syntactic intellectual capacity systems.

If you want to buy Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, you have a wide variety of alternatives to the greatest extends of luxury districts of Istanbul such as Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Sisli, Taksim, Sariyer, Nisantasi, Besiktas, Buyukcekmece, Florya, Bahcesehir, Atasehir, Suadiye, Caddebostan etc.

Why to Buy Luxury Apartments for Sale Istanbul

Istanbul, like other great modern cities in the world, features the most luxurious apartments for sale with the sea, forest and city views, apartments for sale in the heart of city and apartments for sale in the center of business life which usually has the premium prices. Mostly they have the advantage of flexible installment periods and amazing discounts in cash prices.

In recent years a large number of foreign investors have bought luxury apartments for sale Istanbul from all over the city and have invested money for both short and long term rents. Enthusiastic investors buy properties at most central location or apartments with are under construction, where property prices have increases compared to their completion date, and they provide you with guaranteed capital appreciation in a very short time.

It is a very important factor with your chosen budget, high-budget property buyers can purchase luxury apartments in the Bosphorus region, but those who want to buy luxury apartments with reasonable prices should look at the new fashionable urban areas such as Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Basaksehir, Bahcesehir, etc.

As Turkey has an amazing increase in real estate market one of the most raised cities is Istanbul. Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul has high investment value, high rental returns and mostly attracts investors and foreign families who are interested in buying property from Turkey. 


Luxury Housing Project of Istanbul



You can discover the latest technology apartments for sale in Istanbul today on our website melares.com. These modern apartments for sale in Istanbul, designed according to elite standards by the most innovative architects in the world.

Istanbul have lots of luxury mega housing projects which are constructed according to the high standards of luxury. There are some example for it. 

An amazing project, which rises in Bomonti, one of the most valuable neighborhoods of the European side, and live in your home at the standard of a 5-star hotel when you come to Istanbul. You will find how valuable time is with your family in the areas of relaxation, walking, celebration and invitation. Live with this project, located next to the Dolmabahce tunnel, 2 minutes from the Bosphorus, within walking distance of Istanbul's culture, art, entertainment centers and business centers.

The project is located in Sisli, right between Besiktas and Kagithane Tunnels. It also has an easy access to highways and Istanbul Airport road because of Kagithane Tunnel. It is on one of the most central districts of Istanbul on the European side. The district is adjacent to Kagithane, Besiktas, and Beyoglu districts which adds value to your apartment in terms of investment.

Sisli, the lively trade and business center of Istanbul, has many large and famous companies' headquarters. The region is also very rich in social life and it is of great importance in terms of history. It is 500 meters to Kagithane Tunnel, 500 meters to Besiktas Tunnel, 1.8 kilometers to Cevahir Mall, 4.2 kilometers to Taksim Square, 4.6 kilometers to Besiktas, 4.8 kilometers to Bosphorus Bridge, 5.3 km to Levent and 35 kilometers to Istanbul Airport. 

Another wonderful project next to the Cekmekoy forest in Umraniye Anatolian side of Istanbul, offers the best opportunity for people looking for an investment housing project in Istanbul. A luxury project, constructed on 11,200 square meters land area in Cekmekoy, consists of 420 housing units.

 The project embodies studio apartment, 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms apartment sizes that carries green to the balconies with plant balconies on the exterior and vary between 48 and 204 square meters. This project provides amazing facilities to investors in order to have a smart investment in the most popular district of Istanbul by rising next to the Cekmekoy forest on Sile road, which has 10 minutes distance to the Atasehir, 4 minutes distance to the Ikea Mall and Metro subway as well as connection roads.

Things to Consider When Buying an Apartment for sale in Istanbul

Those who are looking for a house in Istanbul would be beneficial to pay attention to many criteria. Location is one of the main points that should be taken into consider. Those who want to purchase an apartment for sale in European Side or Anatolian Side in Istanbul can find thousands of apartments in different locations and examine them. When choosing among these apartments, you can consider the proximity to your work, educational institutes and hospital as well as transportation alternatives.

In order not to waste a lot of time on them, employees or students on the Anatolian Side should look at the apartment from the European side. There are many alternatives from 1 bedroom apartments for sale to duplexes and detached residences also there is the ease of transportation on the European side and most of the business centers, educational and health institutions are on the European side of Istanbul.

The importance of the location of the apartments for those who assess the options for sale house Istanbul does not only manifest themselves when going to work or school. It is also very easy to meet daily needs in central locations. If you prefer luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, which is close to shopping centers, and markets, you can go to these shopping spots in a short time.

The accessibility to the hospital is also very significant, especially in emergency situations. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the proximity to transportation networks when buying apartments. When deciding on the location of the apartment you will buy, you can also consider the places you visit the most during our free real estate tours.

One of the points that those who are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul is the size of the apartment and its square meters. You can directly eliminate apartments with more or fewer rooms than the number of people. For example, if you want to buy an apartment that you will be living alone, 1 bedrooms and 2 bedrooms apartment options will be suitable for you. If you have a large family, 3 bedrooms flats, 4 bedrooms apartments and duplexes are more suitable for you. Apart from duplex and triplex alternatives for sale, detached houses are among the primary preferences of large families.

For more details of luxury apartments for sale Istanbul you can visit our website or if you come to Turkey you can visit our office and let us give you the best real estate guidelines.