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Lost or Stolen
Turkish Residence Permit Cards

I lost my residence permit, what should I do?


In case you lost your Turkish residence permit card, go to the police station to get the property lost report, pay the card fee and apply to the migration department.


Turkish residence cards are given to foreigners by the Directorate General of Migration Management that shows the right to live in Turkey. 

This card has 11 numbers known as Foreign ID numbers starting with 99.




What if my Turkish residence permit is lost or stolen?


In case you lost your residence permit card there are some procedures to do: It is very significant to go to the nearest police station and ask for a report immediately.

Pursuant to Article 11 of Law No. 5683, those who lost their residence permit must obtain a new residence permit by applying to the Foreigners Branch of the Police Departments in the province and the Foreigners' Offices in the districts as soon as possible, together with the lost property report to be drawn up by the police station officers who are affiliated with it.


1.            Get a Lost Property Report from Police Station


You can obtain the lost property report from the nearest police station by taking your passport and the lost residence card copy with you.  Then they will ask you to fill a form that they will give you and they will guide you in this process.


2.            You should pay the new card's fee on the Istanbul Tax Department (close to the Immigration Management)


As you get the lost property report from the police officer you should pay the new cards fee and the application fee on the Istanbul Tax Department (close to the Immigration Management). The staff of the Directorate General of Migration Management will tell you how much you should pay for your application. Do not forget that the tax office accepts only Turkish Lira in cash.

If you had a student residence permit, you should only pay 110 Turkish liras for the card fee to either Ziraat Bank, Halkbank, or Vakıf Bank with the 9267-reference code and your foreigner ID number starting with 99. Keep the given receipt with you.


3.            Visit the Istanbul Immigration Management in Fatih District


Required documents for the lost residence permit card new application:


•             Police report

•             Address registration certificate (housing document is accepted) Photocopy of your passport (first page, visa page and exit-entry pages)

•             Your passport

•             2 Biometrics photographs

•             The fee payment receipt


The same documents are required for the stolen residence permit card as well.