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Living as Expat in Turkey:
Moving to Turkey | Complete Travel Guide

Is Turkey Good for Expats?


Expats in Turkey are attracted to the perfect and extraordinary geographical location of the country, its rich and deep history with fame as the home of different cultures and civilizations. Turkey is an exclusive alternative for foreign citizens and their families.


Many expats in Turkey find their income lasts longer here and lives in more. Here is the complete travel guide and important issues for living in Turkey.


Turkey, within the last 14 years has greatly changed dramatically inside and the modernization process has been fulfilled in some parts very rapidly.

Turkey's new residents are among the countries where the United Kingdom, Iran, China, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium, France, the US and various Gulf countries come. New arrangements in property laws and in Turkish citizenship processes and also in the abolishment of reciprocity allowed foreign investors, expats in Turkey or from all around the world to buy property in Turkey.


The Turkey real estate market has indicated a very high improvement, addressing housing alternatives which appropriate to every budget level. There are different options, from apartments taking place in the heart of the city to detached houses away from the crowd and luxurious residences with perfect facilities. Mostly in modern new housing projects in big cities, all facilities like private security, playgrounds, sports facilities, social facilities, parking and shopping center are provided to residents to compensate all the needs of city life.


Different reform steps have been taken in the last ten years in the education system in Turkey. 12 years of obligatory education and the rapidly rising number of schools and educational amenities are the most significant steps. As well as public school education also many private and foundation schools are in giving service in Turkey.

Besides that, there are international schools where only foreign students and expats in Turkey can educate. In addition to the most important European languages like English, German, French and Italian, there are also educational institutions that supply education in languages such as Russian, Japanese, Arabic or Chinese.


Hospitals in Turkey are categorized as public hospitals, university hospitals and private hospitals. Social security and health systems are usually be arranged by the state, but obtaining private health insurance is also feasible. A significant part of public or private hospitals in Turkey gives service as the international standard substructures and specialty.


There are many options in terms of a hobby, entertainment, culture and art activities provided for foreigners and expats in Turkey. Mainly in great cities, it is feasible to join in many cultural activities such as cinema, theater, concert, ballet, modern dance, opera and shows, as well as traditional entertainment activities and local festivals all around the country.


Besides the sports that appeal to a wide range of audiences such as football, basketball and volleyball, there are alternative sports facilities such as golf, mountaineering, and scuba diving, rafting, skiing and yachting.

Turkey, which is situated in the heart of various civilizations, due to its place right at the transition point in terms of the climate, makes it feasible to make several activities at the same time in different zones. For instance, while skiing in one region, it is possible to swim in another region on the same day.


Some Important Issues for Expats in Turkey


Turkey's Geography and climate


Turkey is a big and magnificent country with a size of 783 562 square kilometers is much as huge as the mix of the United Kingdom and France. Turkey has borders with Armenia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iraq and Iran, Also the country is surrounded by four great seas like the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea.


The great majority of Turkey's lands is expanding in Asia and Anatolia on almost 3 percent of the country is located in the Balkans. You can pass through the popular bridges on the Bosphorus or the cable railway tunnel (Marmaray metro line) that unites underwater. Depending on the traffic, it takes only a few minutes to move from Asia to Europe.


The climate of Turkey differs considerably depending on regional conditions. While the continental climate, with warm summers and cold snowy winters, is seen in Central and Eastern Anatolia, the west and south coasts have a hot Mediterranean climate with tepid winters and rainy summers. High humidity in the northern coastal areas including Istanbul aggravates highly warm and cold temperatures.


Culture in Turkey – Expats in Turkey


Turkey, which is a passageway between Europe and Asia, taking the role as an indispensable country of expats in spite of their country. Big cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir, are hosting a great number of American, European, Arabian and Iranian communities. In the last five years, there are a growing number of Asian and Arabian expats in Turkey. Turkey provides work for many of them in the service industry, usually in positions that can use most of their language skills for instance positions as a teacher, sales consultant or public relations specialist.


Middle East, Eastern Europe and North governing a huge region involving vast areas of Africa, the inheritor to the Ottoman Empire, Turkey are standing at the intersection point between civilizations. The culture of Turkey carries a wide variety of influences from past Anatolian communities. You can shop from shopping centers, older than 500 years, such as the Grand Bazaar which is one of the oldest bazaars in the world.


The cultural profile of The country continues to develop, especially supported by the TV entertainment industry: after the United States, Turkey is the second biggest soap opera exporter. Turkey exports the most popular TV series to further than ninety countries in Eastern Europe, especially to Arabian countries or Latin America.

Expatriates often come together, so if you take a look there may be base events and activities organized around your new home for foreigners and expats in Turkey.


Living as Expat in Turkey


It can be said that life for expats in Turkey is quite easy to live as foreigners in the country. Living in a foreign country other than Turkey could not be as easy as possible Turkey. There are many things that expats love about Turkish people, but one of the most amazing and encountering things is that how friendly and hospitable these wonderful people are. It does not matter where you come from and what is your gender or your race and skin color are.


And for Turkish people, it is not a really important issue. This magnificent thing and their great behavior approach partially come from the religion of Islam, on which nationality and race do not matter. And it also depends on their nature. As long as you behave well and respect the country, their flag, tradition and people, it doesn't matter where you come from. You can live as free as you are in your own hometown.



Where do Most Expats live in Turkey?

Most famous living regions for expats in Turkey are:


Antalya's Mediterranean zone and multicultural Istanbul have probably emerged as the most famous regions, including the country's biggest and busiest airports. Expats with higher budget levels are turning to luxury resorts such as Kalkan or specific regions of the Bodrum peninsula, while there are reasonable real estates in the most famous regions such as Altinkum and Fethiye. Mainly, expats look after purchasing in regions where English is extensively spoken, such as the great city Istanbul, the popular coasts of Aegean and the Mediterranean.


Most of the expats coming to Turkey seriously want to speak Turkish pleasantly, but the truth is that many gave up. Experts say the great time to study and acquire new knowledge or a second language is 7 years old because you will be able to easily captivate the new information. But,  if you really want to learn the Turkish language, it does not matter at which age you are, you will learn it so fast because Turkish people are very friendly and helpful in this issue.


In these cities, large amounts of natives speak the English language and some other foreign languages due to the tourist landscapes, and because most are dependent on tourism income. If you face a condition where there is a problem in language or communication, waving your hand or asking for a translation from a Turkish friend solves most problems.


You can also be innovative and have a perfect journey with amazing photos, images, or make camps in the amazing nature of Turkey. See the delights of Turkey taking place in the north to south, this country is actually reminded everyone of how unique and special life is.

Be sure that you will not ever regret being expats in Turkey as it has the most beautiful and unlimited historical places to discover.


Once the first enthusiasm for accommodation into a new home in Turkey, most expats consider what to do next. Some expats begin hobbies like golfing in Antalya, some start from visiting historical places in some cities like Istanbul, or some of them participate in regional charity groups in the purpose to return to their home country in a pleasing way.