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Land for Sale
in Turkey

Land for Sale in Turkey


Land for sale in Turkey is usually difficult to access through online platforms. MELARES Turkey Properties is the only address where you can get the best information and limit the searches of property with land for sale easily and search according to the important features you settle.

There are every type of land for sale in the most strategical and most developed locations. We have land for sale near Channel Istanbul, Silviri, Catalca, etc.

Channel Istanbul is one of the most important project of Turkey. Channel Istanbul project will be constructed on the European Side of Istanbul. A synthetic waterway will be opened between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea in order to decrease the traffic of the ship in the Bosphorus, which is an alternative passageway between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

At the point where the Channel Istanbul meets the Sea of Marmara, one of the two new cities planned to be established by 2023.

By the time channel Istanbul started to work, the Bosphorus will be completely closed to tanker traffic, two new peninsulas and a new island will be established in Istanbul. The lands and housing project near to this project has a magnificent investment value with high returns.

Silivri is a district on the European side of Istanbul, located in the Marmara region. Silivri is the western gate of Istanbul, the paradise of summer vacationists and the place to swim in a beautiful sea in Istanbul. Silivri has always been a paradise that can go to escape from the crowd of the city.

Silivri is actually a very beautiful, historical and old settlement district of Istanbul which is recently at the most attraction of foreign investors.

There is the most precious and most reasonable property with land for sale in Turkey suitable for your budget in order to sign the most correct investment among the land options for sale. When you decide to buy land for sale, you need to be careful about some criteria in order to make an accurate investment.


Points to be Considered When Purchasing Land

The following are the main points to be considered.

  • The land which is going to be purchased should be examined in Cadastral, Zoning Directorates and Land Registry Directorate.
  • In order to prohibit the feasible risks that may happen, apply to the cadastral and map directorates to which the title deed is related, pay the fee and assign the location of the land.
  • Information about the zoning status should be obtained in the land.
  • The essential information should be taken from the relevant municipality about the zoning plan to which the land is depending.
  • In the land registry, the square meter of the land should be written. While buying land for sale the specified square meter should be compared with the real square meter. The lands are generally; diversified in the form of a residential area, industrial area or commercial area. For that reason, you should consider the land which is suitable for your investment.
  • The price of land for sale differs according to which type of construction is going to be built on it. So be liable to the zoning plan, how much construction can be done on the plot should be examined.
  • You should have research about whether the land is another shareholder or it has just one owner. In case it has another shareholder as well, permission must be obtained from them before buying it.
  • It should be learned from the Land Registry that the freed from inhibitions and encumbrances status or not.
  • The location of the land is a very important detail to be considered whether you buy it from a real estate agent. The rapid increase in production, business and trade as well as the population in the region determines the value increase of your investment. For this reason, it is important to evaluate the location of the land.
  • It must be examined whether there is any illegal or unlicensed building on the land. If the land is occupied by someone, it is recommended not to purchase the land in such cases.
  • As far as possible the lands you are going to purchase should be topographically less or flat, near to main roads and active points, next to the recreational areas, on the wide facade of the roads, far from high tension lines, a figurate and smooth land should be preferred.
  • The land should be seen on site. If you do not have the possibility to see on the spot, it should be checked on the internet, the geographical investigations should be made with GPS (Global Positioning System) data and should be consulted with professional people.
  • In order to make a smart investment by comparing the prices of lands in the environment, detailed information should be obtained about the prices of the property with land for sale in Turkey.

As concuation while purchasing a land the important features to be considered are the square meter of the land, price features, location of the land, location of land on the map, information about land seller.

Property with Land for Sale in Turkey

Due to the fact that the real estate investment in Turkey is the most famous and less risky investment instrument compared to the other investment markets, many investors turn to this field.

The main purpose of the investors is always to prevent their savings from melting against inflation and use it in its most profitable ways.

The most profitable investment is the once which has high return on investment. If the rate of profit gained from the sale of real estate at the end of the target period is above the inflation rate over the past period it means that you made a smart investment.

There are types of property with land for sale in Turkey some of which are luxury villas, villas with one or two acres of garden (land), a complete building for sale, detached houses, independent buildings, commercial units, shops and firms.

For example unprecedented commercial factory for sale in Umraniye Istanbul, appropriate for Turkish citizenship with high investment value covering of 5.716 square meters areas and 2.070 square meters land area. It is constructed in a very rich region in terms of economic diversity.

This commercial unit is very charming with having high rental returns, as well as the presence of fewer competitors in the region so that you could do the best form of your business. 

The factor is ready to deliver with its title deed. You can easily get Turkish Citizenship by buying this commercial unit.

It has five floors with two basement floors which are seven floors in total. Also, it has a big dining hall. This commercial unit has a spacious warehouse for more storage with 4.6 square meters height and the workshop consists of 3144 square meters. The warehouse has a suitable entrance to factory vehicles and also a loading ramp.

There is a special 1.056 square meters area as an outdoor garage area. The security camera infrastructure is ready. As well as the building is prestigious and fully equipped.

This commercial unit is located in a central place in the Umraniye district of Istanbul. It is the fourth most populous district in Istanbul and the most populous district of the Anatolian Side.

Umraniye, which is a commercial development region, hosts a large number of tourists and foreigners which is an important point for your business.

The district consists of 35 neighborhoods. Its population is growing rapidly; it is an example of urbanization in which village and local traditions are preserved. Umraniye is a very rich region in terms of economic diversity. It ranges from small manufacturing industries to apparel, spare parts and wood products.

It has a distance 6 minutes to the metro station, 4 minutes to the finance center metro station and lasting 23 minutes to the Istanbul Airport.

For instance; another property with land for sale, a luxury villa for sale in Uskudar district of Istanbul. This luxury villa for sale in Istanbul is a family home that delivers a substantial floor plan with plenty of flexibility with five floors. It contains spacious three living rooms, nine bedrooms, three open and closed kitchen concepts, laundry room and Warehouse for more storage, playroom, elevator, four master bathrooms, spacious terrace, outdoor swimming pool, sports facility, garage and security service.

The villa covers 800 square meters area and the using area for villa is 2000 square meters.

A space that redefines luxury and comfort, far beyond the construction of an ordinary villa. It has large windows from ceiling to floor, you can make maximum use of daylight. Its green areas offer you the opportunity to live in harmony with nature.

The villas have three modern kitchens with gorgeous cabinets, the main kitchen, an open kitchen on the garden floor and an indoor kitchen on the upstairs floor.

The villa is ready to deliver with its title deed appropriate for Turkish citizenship. It has a high rental return and high investment value with its most popular location.

There are lots of social facilities in the villa such as:

  • Spacious sport hall
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Elevator in each floor
  • Big garden
  • 7/24 security system

The villa is located in camlica which is a hilly and green district located on Uskudar district of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Kucuk Camlica Hill, which includes large groves where the most beautiful views of Istanbul and Bosphorus can be seen, is located in this district.

For more details contact us now. As MELARES we are always here to guide you in investing every type of real estate.