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Karakoy Istanbul
Real Estate

Karakoy Istanbul Real Estate


Karakoy neighborhood, which is connected to Beyoğlu district in the European side of Istanbul and in the center of the historical peninsula, is one of the oldest districts of Istanbul. For this reason, it contains many buildings and buildings that have witnessed the history of Istanbul. Karakoy Istanbul real estate is an important value that is the center of attention of domestic and foreign real estate investors.

There are the Golden Horn sea in the west, the Marmara Sea in the south, Galata in the north and Tophane regions in the west. Karakoy, as well as its historical background, Karakoy Istanbul real estate market has always gained value because it is a region that dominates the sea from two sides.

The value of Karakoy, which is a very valuable region both in terms of reside and commercial terms, dates back to very old years.



Famous for its historical buildings, banks, business inns, Karakoy is one of the oldest commercial centers in Istanbul. It has served as a port area throughout history due to its location on the seashore and has therefore been the center of trade. The fact that Karakoy is a port region dates back to the Byzantine period.

Resembling an Italian city before, Karakoy was a region with predominantly Genoese merchants. After the conquest of Istanbul, Genoese, Venetian and Catalonian merchants, Genoese and Ottoman people and Greek, Armenian, Georgian and Jews started to be seen in this region. After 1879, a pier was built in the region. Karakoy quay, is one of Turkey's historic wharf still it continues to be active in their activities.

Over time, the Karakoy region started to develop in the field of banking with the opening of various banks and insurance companies. The center of the Ottoman Bank was established in this region. Today also become intense as bank branches and the Republic of Turkey for hosting the Bank Street to the Central Bank, the investment value is high and very busy place.

In Persembepazari, one of the busiest streets of Karakoy, you can find many shops that sell electrical, electronic and installation materials.


Real Estate for Sale in Karakoy İstanbul


Karakoy has an important place in the Istanbul real estate market as it is a region that continues its historical heritage today and is also renewed without destroying the historical texture. The fact that the Beyoglu region, not only in itself but also in its close vicinity, is intertwined with other valuable neighborhoods also multiplies the value of Karakoy Istanbul.

The number of new buildings is less in residential buildings in the region. The buildings that have been renovated without damaging the historical texture attract attention in the region. Housing prices are over 500 thousand dollars in buildings that have been renovated in accordance with the characteristic historical buildings and the Bosphorus, Marmara Sea and the historical peninsula. It will be worth everything to give this price to own a house in one of the oldest cities in the world, Istanbul's most historic place. Having one of the houses with panoramic sea and historical peninsula in Karakoy Istanbul will be a real privilege, and if you want to rent your property, it has very good returns.

Karakoy Istanbul real estate also offers important opportunities in terms of commercial properties. Offering a nice environment for those who will establish a business, office, hotel, office building, commercial buildings for sale in Karakoy, it also provides real estate investors. It would be a smart decision to invest in commercial properties with a high return on rent recycling.


Why to Invest in Karakoy Istanbul Real Estate?


The Galata Bridge, which connects Karakoy to the Eminonu region, is an important value in the region. Galata Bridge, where fishermen dive intensely throughout the day, is a shortcut connecting the Karakoy and Eminonu regions.

In this region, where there are no problems as public transportation alternatives, bus, tram and seaway alternatives can be used easily with walking distance. The tram line starts from Kabataş and extends to Topkapi and Zeytinbunu.

Tunnel, which is the second oldest subway of the world after London, started its operations in 1875. Since then, it has been carrying passengers between Karakoy and Istiklal Avenue.

After Galata Bridge, where you can pass by breathing the sea air in 15 minutes with walking distance, you can explore buses from Eminonu region to dozens of points of Istanbul. Kemeralti Street, the most important and busiest main street of the region, starts from Galata Bridge and extends to Tophane and Kabatas.

Karakoy pier, built in 1059 instead of the old pier, provides sea passenger transportation to different points. Covering an area of 2,236 square meters and floating on the sea, Karakoy pier is an area where city lines ferries can also travel. There are flights from Eyupsultan, Kadıkoy, Bostanci and Uskudar from Karakoy Pier.


Galataport Project Adds Value to Karakoy Istanbul




Galataport Istanbul, which will bring a new breath to Istanbul, covers the coastline from Karakoy Pier to Mimar Sinan University Findikli Campus.

With its port terminal, private restaurant chains, cafes, world-famous brands and office spaces, the project will offer a brand new living space for local and foreign tourists and Istanbul residents.

Planned in accordance with the historical texture of Karakoy and Istanbul and planned to open in 2020, Galataport is a giant project that will bring Karakoy coast life to the public. Thanks to the corridors to be created between the buildings, it is aimed both visually and physically to the Bosphorus from the interior of Karakoy. Thanks to the low-rise buildings, the magnificent beauty of the Bosphorus will be revealed.

Along with the Tophane square and the roads reaching the Bosphorus, the area of approximately 30 thousand square meters is within the plan. The registered buildings in this region are restored and history and modernism are brought together.

Comprehensive prepared and is to be built under the ground Cruise Passenger Terminal, will continue to connect Istanbul and Turkey to the world. With the parking garages to be built underground, the limited parking possibilities in the Karakoy region will expand.

The Istanbul Modern and Mimar Sinan University Painting and Sculpture Museum, which it hosts, will continue to be one of the most important places of culture and art, and there are open-air exhibition areas. Outdoor exhibitions and landmarks such as Nusretiye Mosque, Tophane Mansion, Tophane Fountain and Kılıç Ali Paşa Mosque will provide a pleasant venue for concerts.

Galataport project, which has a unique view of the Bosphorus, will bring great vitality to the Karakoy Istanbul real estate sector. While 43 thousand square meters of office space will host different sectors, it will gather many domestic and foreign brands under its roof.

At the same time, food and beverage venues are also included in the Galataport Karakoy Istanbul project. There is no doubt that Istanbul will become the new attraction point with its restaurants and cafes that will offer Turkish and world flavors together.


Karakoy Istanbul's Social Life Wealth


Karakoy Istanbul, which is always a lively social and living area with its historical texture, is a pleasant place that provides the richest aspects of social life.

Since there are many historical buildings in the region, you will find yourself in the traces of history when you come to this region. Galata Tower, one of the important values of Istanbul, is located just north of Karakoy. Galata Tower, which is visited by millions of local and foreign people every year, adds significant value to the region.

The region hosts many churches, synagogues and mosques that shed light on past cosmopolitan lives.

Arap Mosque has a square-shaped minaret and that is the oldest church in Istanbul converted from a church to a mosque. İbrahim Pasha Mosque, built by Pargali İbrahim Pasha in the 16th century, Sokullu Mosque built by Mimar Sinan in 1577 and the Underground Mosque built in the 17th century are important mosques of the region.

Surp Sarkis Church built in 1360, San Petro and Paolo Church built in 1604, Sankt Georg Church built in 1675 are among the oldest churches in the regions. Some other churches in Karakoy Istanbul are Saint Michael Church, San Francesco Church, Santa Anna Church, Haghios Nikolas Turkish Orthodox Church, Haghios Ioannis Assyrian Church.

Neve Shalom Synagogue, Italian Synagogue, Or Hodes Synagogue are located in the region.

Karakoy Istanbul, which hosts many foreign high schools, has prestigious universities in and around it.

In Karakoy, many decent restaurants and cafes, including the restaurants and cafes of Istanbul's famous chefs, offer the opportunity to have a pleasant time for both Istanbulite and foreign tourists on weekdays and weekends.

As it is seen, Karakoy Istanbul real estate has highly encouraging features for purchasing.

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