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Work in Turkey:
Jobs in Turkey & Istanbul

It is very easy for Foreigners to find jobs in Istanbul. If you are confident in your skills and education, you can work well in many different sectors.


Istanbul is a unique city with one of the most crowded and younger populations in the world. Despite the density of the population, there are job opportunities in different sectors and positions for Turks and foreigners in Istanbul. At this point, if you are an Indian citizen settled in Istanbul, you can find job opportunities in the sectors you are interested in.


Istanbul is divided into two main regions like the European and Anatolian sides. Depending on where you live, you can start a job in one of the best companies on the Anatolian side. Also, the European side is a part where a wide range of business centers, banks, holdings, hotels and many large and small private companies are more concentrated.




The busiest and central points of the European side in terms of working are Mecidiyeköy, Sisli, Taksim, Besiktas, Zincirlikuyu, Levent and Maslak regions. These regions also allow you to use many alternative means of transportation if you are going to use public transportation to and from work. The subway passes in all of these regions. As the Metrobus goes in the lane reserved for it on the highway, you can catch up on time without getting stuck in traffic.


Since jobs in Istanbul for Foreigners can be very diverse, you can also live in the central points of the European side and work on the Anatolian side.


You can take advantage of different transportation alternatives such as Metrobus, Marmaray, ferry, motorboats, which you can use to pass from the European side to the Anatolian side.



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The most important issue here is, of course, your education level and the foreign languages that you know. As well as all over the world, because the English language is used intensively by Indian nationals, Foreigners have a great chance to find jobs in Istanbul Turkey.

It is a great advantage to know Indian native languages in companies located in Istanbul, which have business relations with India, and the English language will also add a great plus to this.Translatorship is one of the most common jobs that Indian citizens can find in Istanbul. In particular, the written translation job can be done full-time in a translation firm or can be carried out as a home-office working model.


You can find jobs in hotels or restaurants depending on your abilities and education. Again, it will be a great advantage to know English in these jobs. Sales also are one of the most sought-after positions by companies in Turkey and Istanbul. If you have sales experience or are confident in your abilities, you can direct yourself in this area. The biggest advantage of those who are working in sales positions is that they earn an extra premium on a sales basis along with fixed salary payment. If you are a good seller, you can obtain high earnings monthly.

Real Estate Turkey Consultant, Agency or Sales Specialist positions are also among the jobs with high potential. Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Advertising, Social Media, Videography are among the jobs that are intensively applied in Istanbul. If your education and skills are in this direction, you can earn a good income by doing the job you love. Also, you can choose one of the jobs suitable for you in Istanbul such as English Teacher, Child / Babysitter, Call Center Representative, Tourist Guide, Receptionist.



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If you live in Istanbul or if you intend to settle there, it is important to do detailed research on the jobs that may be suitable for you on the internet. Turkey's leading human resources websites such as Kariyer.net, Yenibiris.com where have a high potential of finding a job will offer you new business opportunities. Also, it is possible to find a wide range of jobs on this subject on Linkedin.


For this, you must first create a good resume. This resume should include your characteristics, education, and experience, including foreign languages you know, but should not be too detailed and boring. Very long narratives can bore the person who examines your resume. However, very short narratives may not give enough information about you. If you want to apply with a good resume for jobs in Istanbul, you should search for examples on the internet and adapt your format accordingly.


When applying for one of the jobs in Istanbul for Foreigners, it is important to clearly state in your resume why you are applying for this job and what kind of benefits you will provide to the company/institution you will work with. Thus, you will attract the attention of the person who examines your resume at the beginning.



Another important method for Foreigners to apply for jobs in Istanbul is to send a direct mail to the Human Resources department of the companies you have researched and want to work with. However, since especially large-scale companies enter advertisements on a human resources portal, you should also check the advertisements of this company on the relevant sites. Thus, if there is a suitable position for you, you can also forward your professionally prepared resume to the company along with the mail application. Also, you can obtain Turkey citizenship with work permit at the end of 5 years of living in Turkey. It is costly to pay rent for a house in central point. It will be a smart investment to buy an apartment as there are lots of apartments in Istanbul with affordable prices in the central location.