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Istanbul Districts


Istanbul had 32 districts, but its rising population and increased demand for modern facilities meant that urban restructuring was necessary for the changes, maintenance and widening for future of these areas.

In April 2008, with a new arrangement in city planning, Istanbul province was categorized into 39 regions with a total of 936 neighborhoods. Each of the Istanbul districts have a local municipality selected by people living in the neighborhoods of that region.

In addition, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) looks at all the districts, and the District Municipalities have duties such as coordinating and controlling the activities, choosing solid waste disposal sites, building city roads, bridges and providing funerary facilities and operating a public transport network.

All of these wonderful 39 regions of Istanbul, extended over the European and Asian (Anatolian) sides, which makes a large city that is not only magnificent but also a pleasure to discover. Whether it's a different neighborhood, excellent shopping options, a vibrant nightlife scene or an ideal family neighborhood for real estate buyers, each of the Istanbul districts offers something special.

25 districts are situated on the European side and 14 districts are taking its place on the Asian side. From the luxurious residential areas to the financial and tourist centers, the enormous size of these regions will take a lifetime to discover them all.

Some regions have gained fame thanks to their historical assertions about renown or their modern donation to an urban lifestyle, while others are a perfect off-grid reputation for buyers who want to be far from the crowd of the city.

Istanbul Districts on the European Side




The Arnavutkoy district, which should not be confused with a small village of the same name, takes place in northern Istanbul, and in last years, real estate investment has tripled due to mega projects such as the new Istanbul airport and the planned Channel route.


Avcilar district, once was a small village and then a rich summer retreat, transformed into an industrial factory town in the 1960s. At the recent times, the quick urban renewal has led to great residential housing project with large facilities that make up the great level of property for sale in the city.


Bagcilar is one of the Istanbul districts, which has excellent transportation networks to the all of the city, is another region that has preserved its reputation in the past to represent great urban planning through community and residential projects.


Its name is expressed as "homes with gardens" and this reflects the primary neighborhoods of Bahcelievler's middle-class status. In spite of the fact that tourists have little to discover in this region, residents like their ideal location and great transportation facilities.


This district is renowned as a commercial and shopping center with its landmarks, such as the 76,000 square meter Carousel Shopping Center, which accommodates more than 1 million tourists each year under one roof.


Basaksehir's low key reputation, which was an independent district in 2009, which was far from tourism and real estate networks. Turkey's largest artificial lake and Sular valley, a playground and a park where there are themed events are taking place. Basakseir is one of the most rising districts of Istanbul in the real estate sector in the recent years.


The historical fame assertion of Bayrampasa, which surrounds 8 square kilometers, has become the largest artichoke producer. This trade is currently not available, but the region still displays the artichoke sculpture, a nostalgic symbol of the past.


Besiktas is one of the most modern Istanbul districts hosting the most famous Inonu stadium as well as old Ottoman houses in the nostalgic Arnavutkoy. Among the famous landmark buildings and neighborhoods in Besiktas, Ortakoy has the largest mosque and jacket potato streets, and Bebek a high-priced and famous Bosphorus neighborhood.


If you dream to live in a green scenery place, go to Beylikduzu with the highest standards of living. The region, which is also known for its pleasant seaside neighborhood like Gurpinar, is growing in Istanbul's real estate market thanks to its reasonable prices per square meter. It is one of the most demanded Istanbul districts on the European side.


Beyoglu district, mentioned as one of the most historical parts of Istanbul, has international fame as the best place to shop, party, enjoy gourmet meals and appreciate culture and art pursuits. The busiest street of Turkey Istiklal Street, Flower Passage, contains important landmarks such as Taksim Independence Monument and the French Avenue.

Buyukcekmece/ Istanbul Districts

Sancaklar Mosque which is an international award-gaining architectural design, a magnificent 26 kilometers of coastline and a historical bridge designed by a popular Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, make Buyukcekmece famous in the local tourism scene.


Catalca, taking place on the outskirts of Istanbul, one of the most popular regions of Istanbul, has a retirement and summery reputation. Its two important landmarks are Yalikoy, which is a popular holiday seaside resort, and Cilingoz National Park.


Esenler, previously called Litros, remains away from the mainstream network in spite of an important internal location in Europe Istanbul. With no tourist and dormant real estate market, it was one of the least talked about Istanbul districts. But nowadays it is attracting real estate investors with its affordable housing prices.


In the last decade, Esenyurt has undergone a rapid transformation as great real estate investments have also allowed new cultural centers and parks to be constructed. With its big 3 malls and a great university, this district of Istanbul lively center attracts many foreign real estate buyers.


The 19th century Eyupsultan Mosque and the Pierre Loti Cafe, which overlooks the magnificent Golden Horn, makes Eyupsultan a popular tourist destination. The Muslims and their families love the Islamic historical significance of the region Tourists are very interested in historical places the region has as well.

Fatih / Historical Istanbul Districts

Most of the visitors and tourists to Istanbul are very attracted to visit Fatih district which have been the place where the Byzantine and Ottoman empires ruled and the Sultanahmet neighborhood is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Other important neighborhoods include Fener, Balat, ancient Jewish and Greek neighborhoods, and Eminonu, situated in the Golden Horn.


After the speedy population growing, Gaziosmanpasa was divided into three more districts in 2009, it continues as a low key area due to insufficient facilities. The new urban renewal developments provide hospitals, shopping malls, mega outlet and new housing projects to the region.


This is one of the Istanbul districts, consisting of only 11 neighborhoods, is a fantastic family destination and offers facilities with shopping, dining and entertainment areas.


Middle-class employees who buy real estate in Kagithane and go to the main city centers love this region with its future potential, great transportation facilities and a well-established real estate market.


Real estate investors are very attracted to Kucukcekmece due to its location on the planned Channel Istanbul route, including a great lake of the same name (Kucukcekmece Lake). TEM and E5 motorways are in a proximate distance by making them ideal for vehicles.


Sariyer, which is home to popular landmarks such as Emirgan Park, Rumelihisari Castle, Ataturk Arboretum, Belgrad Forest and Kilyos Beach is one of the most desirable Istanbul districts with a nostalgic past, is worth to discover.



Silivri district, which has borders the Tekirdag province, consists of 18 small villages and 8 neighborhoods. Most of the residents of Istanbul, also very some foreign residents interest, go to Silivri in the summer that the 45-kilometer coastline has become an entertainment center.


Sultangazi, the multicultural center of 11 small neighborhoods and a region founded in 2009, has gained a reputation for its Ottoman stone aqueduct systems, some of which are still in use.


Sisli is home to popular neighborhoods such as Esentepe and Nisantasi. It is a high-profile region with important locations such as the Istanbul Military Museum, four malls and two of the city's tallest skyscrapers.

Zeytinburnu/ Istanbul Districts

Many historical landmarks of Zeytinburnu contain the old walls of Constantinople. Its name translated as "olive cloak". This region, which is divided into 13 neighborhoods, has benefited from the success of the nearby Fatih district. But in recent years it is the most demanded Istanbul districts as amazing seaside housing projects are constructed in the region.

Istanbul Districts in the Asian Side

Adalar (Princes Islands)

The Islands, which are mostly called Princes Islands, are the places that attract the most tourists. The islands including the classical Ottoman architecture, which are reached by ferry from major European and Asian ports, are closed to traffic.


In 1993, urban renewal projects turned Atasehir into a satellite district, and high skyscrapers suit to families and students attending to the proximate universities. The financial center planned in accordance with the wall street of America will also be in this region.


If you want to live in a green area with a long coastline, the Beykoz district is one of the best options among the Istanbul districts for you. Popular and rich people lives at the entrance of the Bosphorus have many old wooden Yali mansions, so it is not cheap, but special.


The family-friendly atmosphere of Cekmekoy's inhabitants are very known and loved. Itis composed of 17 separate neighborhoods and 4 small villages. Especially, students accommodate here due to the nearby university.

Kadikoy/ Famous Istanbul District

Kadikoy, a popular district in Asian side, hosts a wide range of daytime enthusiasts who want to try the bustling nightlife and the great fish market. This cosmopolitan seaside district has famous landmarks such as Bagdat Street, a shopping paradise and a nostalgic Haydarpasa train station.


The urban transformation projects that Kartal planned to be a green city attracted much attention. The name of Kartal means eagle in Turkish. Other urban renewal projects included better transport, shopping, real estate education and health facilities.


Its distance from the city center did not deter families and first-time home buyers from entering a reasonable real estate market. A great coastline, frequent transportation and social facilities, shopping and family entertainment centers make it a famous and attractive area.


Also in 1970, sitting away from the main centers, rural Pendik became a region that providing everything for a comfortable lifestyle. Two important landmarks of the region is the Sabiha Gokcen airport and Formula 1 racetrack Istanbul Park.


Sancaktepe residents love neighboring forested areas that make it easy to discover the most natural landscapes in spite of belonging to Turkey’s most crowded and greatest city. Since the domestic situation is only a 15-20 minutes drive from the coastline, it is the new attraction point for the real estate buyers.


This shoreless region cultivated land until 1945 and has since grown from a small village to a working-class residential area. Conservative, family atmosphere consisting of 15 more modest neighborhoods has seen demand by the real estate investors.


A wide range of Turkish people from big cities across the country has summer and retirement property in Sile. Beaches, a cute harbor and beach restaurants also make it perfect for a day trip. That is why the population density increases in the summer.


Turkish people from the lively city center also have summer and retirement real estate in Tuzla. The most popular and big shipyards are taking place in Tuzla district.


Umraniye, which is considered as one of the cleanest area Istanbul districts, has undergone urban improvement with great transportation, road and raised shopping and dining opportunities. This strengthened the real estate market in the region.

Uskudar/ Beautiful Istanbul Districts

In spite of being a crowded region, it stays a city gem, is home for day-trippers and a great number of people are interested to buy homes away from the more famous European side.

In spite of being a crowded region, it stays a city gem, is home for day-trippers and a great number of people are interested to buy homes in here where away from the more famous European side.