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Istanbul Luxury
Real Estate for Sale

The places where the most important Istanbul luxury real estate for sale are located are on the two sides of the Bosphorus, the city center, the historical half-island, on the Asian continent and on the Bagdat street concentrated in the luxury segments.

Istanbul is the world's oldest and most crowded city besides the most important city in the aspects of economics and culture in Turkey. Having been the capital of three empires, Istanbul has always been the center of the economy. Istanbul has a great chance in terms of being the capital and convention center of tourism.

The geopolitical significants of Istanbul is very high, as it is home to the Bosphorus, which links the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea and separates Asia and Europe. The largest city in Turkey, where you will always feel yourself like at your own home. People from every nation live from ancient times in this beautiful city.

Istanbul's history due to the abundance of monuments and artifacts and having a strait connecting the two sides is one of the favorite tourism centers. There are two separate airports on both sides of the city, which facilitates the transportation of people living in separate regions.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side and Istanbul Airport on the European side which is also one of the biggest airports in the world.

The most luxurious region of Istanbul, which has been officially proven, is "Bebek" neighborhood. The Istanbul luxury real estate for sale prices per square meter are a bit high in the developed and modern regions.

The second luxury region of Istanbul is Yenikoy. The third district is Visnezade, the fourth region is "Etiler" and the fifth is "Levent". In the rental real estate, the most high priced districts of Istanbul are Arnavutkoy and İstinye. The most important district of Istanbul is Taksim Istiklal street. You can find historic buildings and buy the most Istanbul luxury real estate for sale.

Istanbul Luxury Real Estate for Sale Suitable for Every Budget

The need for housing in Istanbul, where many people with various income levels live, also differs. For this reason, Istanbul luxury real estate for sale are implemented with different features.

You can find that many luxury housing projects have been constructed in important centers such as Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Sariyer, Sisli, Besiktas, Levent, Beyoglu, Taksim, on the European side.

On the Anatolian side, projects with different features are situated in regions such as Umraniye, Maltepe, Beykoz, Atasehir, Kadikoy, Pendik, etc.

In the real estate sector, which is rapidly growing in Istanbul, it is now feasible to find housing alternavives for every budget. In addition, those who want to buy a house will have the chance to choose the most advantageous real estate among housing projects suitable for their lifestyle.

 The changing conditions also change people's needs and demands. You will be able to see this change more in Istanbul luxury real estate projects for sale that meets all of your residential and social needs.

Istanbul Luxury Housing and District Alternatives for White Collar Employees

White collar people with high education levels and high-income group have newly changed their choices. White collar people are used to search for Istanbul luxury real estate for sale in regions such as Uskudar, Besiktas and Beykoz. Nowadays, mostly centers like Esenyurt and Maltepe Kucukekmece are also evaluated by them. So, what alternatives are there for white collar housing projects?

According to the researches, white collar people are favor socializing in places such as shopping malls. That is why it is no longer difficult to see malls around the Istanbul housing projects. In addition, places such as cafes or restaurant are among the essential elements of new generation housing projects.

What should be Considered when Choosing Istanbul Luxury Real Estate for Sale?

A wide range of details from social facilities to security is among the most essential features to be considered while buying a luxury apartment from housing projects in Istanbul.

Because nowadays these features are among the most basic issues for those who are looking for real estate and want to assess housing projects. In addition to project based needs, those who want to have a luxury real estate also have housing based expectations.

Most important features in Istanbul luxury real estate for sale are ;

  • The durability and handy architecture of the apartment
  • Rich with transportation alternatives
  • More elevator options in high-rise residences
  • The proximity to the central points where daily needs can be met is an essential detail to be considered. This should be a priority for those who will choose Istanbul luxury real estate for sale.

Istanbul Luxury Real Estate for Married Couples

Married couples attach importance to the diversity of areas where they can be sociable, as well as spacious spaces in residential projects. In addition to the swimming pool, cafes or gardens, details such as fitness center, sauna, spa, entertainment halls assign the priorities of married couples.

Walking paths, where they can go out and walk together at any time of the day, are among the charming options for married couples. Couples who especially attach importance to balcony comfort can be in the expectation of a magnificent balcony or terrace with an amazing view of sea or city while hosting guests.

Especially indoor winter balconies rise the charm in the luxury housing projects. Those who are in search of duplex apartments in residences interested to use the spacious terrace rather than the balcony. Married couples love to assess the terrace in big invitations due to its view and its large size in contrast to the balcony.

Housing Type Selection in the Project

Those who assess the alternatives of Istanbul luxury real estate for sale in accordance with their needs make their project preferences by determining the type of housing.

There are multi-room options especially among the preferences of high income and crowded families. In addition, villa type housing projects with its private pool and garden are often in demand in recent years. Whether the housing type is an apartment, a residence or a villa is among the priorities of people in selecting projects.

On the other hand, those who think about the alternatives of the apartments attach importance to the usefulness of the units such as rooms, living rooms and kitchens. In addition, the balconies in the apartments are among the most essential criteria that make housing options attractive to the buyers

Istanbul Luxury Real Estate for Investors

Investors concentrate on the location and size features of houses when evaluating Istanbul luxury real estate for sale. Investors make their selection among the Istanbul housing projects that conserve their value or even add value. For the investor, housing projects must meet some criteria such as:

  • Within how many years the house will get backs its investment.
  • The quality of the property and the wide alternatives of social facilities it provides to the owners
  • A high level security system at the housing project
  • Enough parking lot for each housing unit

All these issues are significant both for those who want to buy a house and for the real estate investor. Promising Istanbul luxury real estate for sale are always more precious in the eyes of the investor. The accomplishment of the project or the fact that it is still under construction will shape the investor's opinion.

Rich Housing Options for Singles and Beginners of Work

Investors, as well as married or white collar people, tightly follow Istanbul housing projects for sale. Singles mostly prefer smaller sized apartments. They especially follow the housing projects with housing unit alternatives such as 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartments. 1 bedroom houses are valuable in terms of practical usage and a lower budget.

1 bedroom apartment alternatives mostly take place in the housing projects in the scope of the whole project. Especially projects with alternatives such as 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms apartments are frequently in demand. It is a remarkable option not only for singles but also for students. 1 bedroom apartments, which are assessed by those who come for business or education purposes in a different city, stand out with their usefulness.

What are the Expectations of Families with Children from Istanbul Luxury Real Estate?

Everyone who is planning to buy Istanbul luxury real estate for sale from housing projects has their own criteria, of course. But families with children can often search around the same features. Because their priority in the selection of housing is to meet the needs of their children.

  • Spacious adventure park and garden area
  • Playgrounds where children can spend pleasant time
  • The proximity to essential centers such as educational or health institutions is among the expectations of families from housing projects

Also, security is among the first criteria of families. Every parent prefers that their children grow in a more reliable and safe environment. That is why housing projects with fewer security precautions are not in the interest of families with children.

Since there may be noise in the environment where young children are staying on, sound insulation also determines the preferences. In addition, the comfort of children's rooms, which children can use easily, is also precious in terms of spending their time with high quality.

You can find a wide range of Istanbul luxury real estate for sale for all of these options on our website melares.com. For more details and more alternatives of housings you can also our office MELARES Turkey Properties on the European side and Asian side of Istanbul.