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Istanbul Bosphorus Villages
to Buy Property

Istanbul Bosphorus villages to buy property are Arnavutkoy, Ortakoy, Bebek, Emirgan, Tarabya, Beylerbeyi, Anadoluhisari (Anatolian Fortress), Anadolu Kavagi, Yenikoy, Cengelkoy and Rumerlifeneri.


Istanbul Bosphorus villages are at the point of attraction real estate investors at recent years. Istanbul Bosphorus, which connects the Marmara and the Black Sea, has a unique position in both Asia and Europe at 32 kilometers in length.


The Istanbul Bosphorus, stretching from the Rumeli side to the shores of the Golden Horn, from Anatolian Fortress to Rumeli Fortress (Istanbul), reaches the deepest point between Bebek and Kandilli.


There is also quite a depth between Arnavutkoy and Vanikoy. The first bridge built across the Bosphorus was the Bosphorus Bridge. The shores of the Bosphorus have been home to different civilizations in every period.


In addition to the Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge has also made room on it. Countries such as Bulgaria, Russia, Romania and Ukraine use the Bosphorus to cross the Mediterranean.


The Bosphorus, known in the world as the Istanbul Bosphorus, is magical geography filled with various stories of people from many nations in the city's thousands of years of history.


Top Istanbul Bosphorus Villages to Buy Property


  1. The Magnificent Arnavutkoy

Arnavutkoy, unlike the Bosphorus villages on the Anatolian Side, is a Bosphorus Village to buy a property that stands out with its socio-cultural diversity bearing traces of different nationalities. It is recommended to end your real estate tour in this nostalgic district with some of the best fish restaurants in Istanbul with a classic Bosphorus dinner.


  1. The Historical Istanbul Bosphorus Village – Ortakoy

When people from all over the world think of Istanbul, the cult Bosphorus view from Ortakoy's seafront square comes to mind. Right behind this unique landscape, Ortakoy is a Bosphorus village to buy property, where the traditional neighborhood culture still persists and is flooded by local and foreign tourists. It is 20-25 minute walk from Besiktas, an elite district of Istanbul. You can go to Ortakoy's famous kumpir restaurants and then sit on a bench in Ortakoy Square and enjoy the Bosphorus. You will have the chance to take a walk in the narrow streets of the district and enjoy the local delicacies, boutiques and souvenir shops as well.



  1. The Elite Bebek Village of Bosphorus Istanbul

Houses for sale in Bebek are indispensable properties of Istanbul. The Bebek Bosphorus village to buy property is very preferred by Istanbulites to take a walk on its beaches on weekends. The homeowners in Bebek enjoy the coastline in the morning and evening. Bebek Park, where people of all ages come together to socialize, is also a nice option for those property owners who want to go out with their pets.


  1. The Elegant Emirgan Bosphorus Village in Sariyer Istanbul

Emirgan is one of the most beautiful villages on the Bosphorus, known as a decent and quiet area with luxury villas and houses devoted to television movies and serials. You can find the most luxurious properties for sale with sea view in the Istanbul Emirgan region, which offers an ultra-high return on your investment.


  1. Tarabya – a Prestigious Istanbul Bosphorus Village for Buying Property

Tarabya, one of the most luxurious and prestigious districts of Istanbul, promises you the house of your dreams. You can easily find the house of your dreams among the options of houses for sale in Tarabya Istanbul Bosphorus village.

Tarabya, which fascinates those who see it with its unique view and decent environment, added to the Bosphorus, is among the most popular districts of Istanbul. With its seaside mansions and marina, Tarabya makes the residents of the neighborhood realize the privilege it offers at first glance. The district, which has made a name for itself with its nightlife, is quite vibrant at night as well as during the day. Despite this, Tarabya offers its residents a safe environment.


  1. Beylerbeyi – Stunning Bosphorus View

Uskudar Beylerbeyi District, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, attracts the attention of people who are looking for a house for sale with a Bosphorus View. Beylerbeyi is the focal point of people who are looking for a house for sale with its seafront location and amazing social facilities.

Beylerbeyi, which is 15 minutes away from Besiktas, has many privileges. The neighborhood includes a high school, a primary and a secondary school. Beylerbeyi Palace, Beylerbeyi 75th Year Stadium and Gul Sultan Mansion are located in the neighborhood. Cafes and restaurants with various flavors help you have a pleasant time beside Bosphorus.


  1. Anadoluhisari (Anatolian Fortress)

Anadoluhisarı (Anatolian Fortress) is a Bosphorus village that you should definitely explore with its historical texture and modern flavors. Anatolian Fortress is located on the Anatolian side in the Beykoz district. People looking for houses for sale in Anatolian Fortress Bosphorus Village conduct detailed research on the transportation possibilities of the region. Bus, minibus and ferry services are used for transportation to the neighborhood. In addition, there are lots of health and educational intuitions in the region. The region meets all your needs in a perfect way.


  1. The Historic Anadolu Kavagi

Anadolu Kavagi in the Beykoz district of Istanbul has a very green nature due to its location. People looking for houses for sale in Bosphorus village are closely interested in the climatic conditions and transportation opportunities of the neighborhood.

Anadolu Kavagi is one of the most beautiful and calmest fishing districts of the Bosphorus, located on the Bosphorus Anatolian coast towards the Black Sea, after Beykoz, at the end of an 8-kilometer forest road and Military area, famous for its fish restaurants and nature.

The neighborhood is under the influence of the Marmara Region transition climate. Due to its forested lands, it is very rich in precipitation. Bus lines and ferry lines are used for neighborhood transportation.


  1. Yenikoy – The Bes Bosphorus Village to Buy Property in Istanbul

Yenikoy connected to the Sariyer district on the European side of Istanbul is one of the best Bosphorus villages to buy property. It is one of the more populated neighborhoods of the Sariyer district with great social facilities and is right in the middle of public transportation networks.

It is the oldest settlement on the Bosphorus. Transportation can be easily provided by private vehicles and public transportation vehicles. The district has a very large social life area with its natural habitats, historical sites, shopping centers and theme parks

It is one of the richest districts of the city in terms of natural vegetation. Belgrad Forest, Ataturk Arboretum, Emirgan Grove, Dalyan Grove, Yenikoy, Altinkum and Kilyos beaches are also located here.

The popularity of the district is increasing thanks to various housing projects and the rapidly developing transportation system. When buying a house in Sariyer, you can easily find the house you are looking for by examining MELARES's properties in detail.


  1. Cengelkoy Hosts the Unique Maiden's Tower

Cengelkoy, a district of Uskudar on the Bosphorus coast located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul adjacent to the Kuleli, Bahcelievler, Beylerbeyi and Farah neighborhoods.  It is famous for its natural beauties along with its magnificent Bosphorus line and historical monuments.

Many important works such as the Maiden's Tower, one of the symbols of Istanbul, Beylerbeyi Palace, Kucuksu Pavilion, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, Buyuk Camlica Sefa Hill, and the 3rd Ahmet Fountain are located here.


  1. Rumerlifeneri – Beautiful Bosphorus Village

Rumelifeneri is located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul, which is within the borders of the Marmara Region and is known as one of the best Istanbul Bosphorus villages to buy property. It is located on the European side of Istanbul. Rumelifeneri is surrounded by Besiktas, Alibeykoy and Beyoglu. The neighborhood has a coast to the Marmara Sea.