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Investment Property for
Sale in Turkey

Investment Property for Sale in Turkey


Investment property for Sale in Turkey has been showing excellent high rental returns for the past ten years, offering excellent income and opens the door for a new lifestyle opportunity.

The flexible payment plans, marvelous locations, attractive prices, the discount rate in cash prices as well as long period installment payment opportunities are the best reasons for foreign investors to invest in Turkey properties.

While purchasing an ınvestment property payment plan facilities, discount rate in cash prices or the period for installment is a very important point to gain profit

 MELARES Turkey Properties, which has long-lasting relations with construction companies and managers you can increase your earnings with discounts, special payment agreements and flexible installment.

Where are the Best Places to Buy Investment Property in Turkey?

In recent years, Istanbul has been showing worthy of attention on the growth of demand on investment properties where new developments offer easy access to the market of real estate.

As Turkey is visited by millions of tourists each year and it is a the top of tourist destinations in the world, the visitors prefer to have private residence rather than reserving a hotel room, it is easy to see why investment real estate in Turkey has risen.

One of the most popular places which attract investors is Antalya. It is the best city in Turkey plays a huge part in tourism trade in ll seasons of year especially summer. 

Investment property for sale in Antalya city of Turkey has also taken off in a big way, the most beautiful city on the southern coastline of Turkey.

Antalya in recent years has developed many luxury and modern properties for sale and provides best offers for those aiming to own and searching for an investment property. It also offers year-round rental returns in the city and developing some resorts.

Bodrum is also an old favorite city of Turkey, the scarce of land in the area, the prices of properties offering excellent returns on investment properties as well as an ever-increasing appreciation of capital.

Yalıkavak, on the northern shores of the Bodrum peninsula, where luxury homes provide extremely high rental returns throughout the year and attract the investors.

Fethiye is also a city of Turkey with investment property in several areas. Investors with high levels of budget aim to own the luxury homes in the marina town of Gocek, of the stunning Sovalye Island where the home sits right in the seafront with private beaches.

Investors, who cannot reach the most popular markets, are buying a property in the popular holiday resorts of Calis Beach, Ovacik or Hisaronu, this house is usually built to the highest standards that offer guests a luxurious lifestyle.

One of the best exclusive resorts in Turkey is Kalkan which offers amazing sea views. For this investment property for sale in Turkey with breathtaking sea views, the customers willing to pay a little extra so investors can raise the prices a little every year and achieve excellent capital growth in their investments, with slightly increasing prices.

Investment Property Categories in Turkey

  • Real estate investment
  • Commercial real estate investment
  • Investing in land

If you want to make a profitable and secure investments the real estate investment is a safe investment and its value increases every year. Also, it has a high rental income between 6% and 8% each year. One of the best investment real estates is to buy a residence preferred by people in the upper-income group. 

The annual investment value of a house rises from 10% to 15%, but it varies depending on the region and the nature of the house. 

 For example, when you buy a house in order to obtain citizenship, there is a condition not to sell it for 3 years. If you give it for rent for 3 years and then sell it, it will provide a total investment value of 33% to 52% with a rental income + increase of the household value.

The projects with a special security system, high level of comfort, transportation facilities, daily cleaning service, reception service, shopping service, parking lot, valet parking service and social activities. Properties with high standards have more profit advantage, especially for easy rental.

Foreign investors are started to turn to commercial real estate aiming to earn long term profit and want to start their own business or to gain from the rent. Because the rental income and rental guarantee of commercial real estate is high.

As well as lands are prefer as investment for different purposes such as farming, constructing hotel, house or hospital. 


Issues to Be Considered in Investing Turkey’s Real Estate



  • One of the most important factors that has the main rule in shaping your real estate investment are the construction company's past experiences, future planning, and whether deliveries should be made in a timely manner. Construction company should be financially strong. 
  • Investors should make sure that there are no obstacles to mortgage, lien, sale on real estate. Also, you should be careful about if there is no other owner of the property.
  • In case the housing project you are planning to buy is under construction, you will get a high-income return as the project is finished and the real estate value increased in the market.
  • If you are going to buy a property for sale from a completed project, the rate of living on the project, the management of the project and social activities will contribute to the increase in the value of real estate.
  • So in investment property for sale in Turkey, when you want to sell your property, the increase between the price you buy and the sale price will bring a perfect profit opportunity for you.
  • If you are aiming to purchase a house in order to give it for rental purposes. The smart investment will be the one that will have return on investment in a short time. In order to give the right decision to buy from which project and wich district you should take advice from a professional and experienced real estate company.
  • Another important issue is the future value of the region where you will invest in real estate. Therefore, If you want to have a profitable investment choose a region which has developed in terms of transportation, education, health, shopping.
  • The growth in the population of Turkey, the number of young population and the demands of foreigners for purchasing an investment property for sale in Turkey is increasing day by day and has been contributing to the property value.
  • When purchasing a rental property, you should think carefully about the number of young population, educational institutions, commercial and business centers in the region. These data provide accurate forecasts for tenant potential.

Commercial Investment Property for Sale in Turkey

When investing in commercial real estate, it is useful to choose places where a wide range of young population is available, the pedestrian traffic is high and the active daily transportation facilities are improved.

One of the most important features of commercial investment property for sale in Turkey is the rental income and the rental guarantee of commercial real estate is high which will make you sure that you are giving a smart decision.

It should be noted that commercial real estate is designed as a place suitable for business. It will be easier to find tenants and buyers for a property that is designed as a business and has legally required permits.

While giving the decision to buy real estate investment you should work with an experienced and reliable real estate company and put your steps according to their guidelines.

As MELARES Turkey Properties, it is been 18th years that we are guiding our precious customers and providing the most rational solutions with our experienced team.

We have all the information about construction as well as the best regions. There is a strong and friendly relationship between us and construction companies so that we could give you the best services with the best opportunities in housing, prices and installment periods.