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Real Estate Turkey

The International Real Estate Turkey is one of the largest and most important sectors that has a big effect on Turkey's economy. The reason for this is due to various factors, such as its strategic location, which is in the middle of the world and links two continents of Asia and Europe and the East with western civilization.

In addition to its magnificent history, it is a large modern country and a touristic place all around the year. The Turkish government has made great efforts to support and promote the real estate sector to attract real estate investors and businessmen from the whole world.

Changes recently occurred in the Turkish Lira have affected the property and real estate market in Turkey and has directed some of the inquiries that concern Arab and foreign investors to invest in Turkey.

What is the Effect of the Recent Decline of the Turkish Lira on International Real Estate Turkey?

The economy of Turkey is anticipated to witness the greatest growth of 5 percent this year, with the layouts to raise domestic market independency and to decrease the imports. It will compose an optimistic vision about overcoming Turkey’s internal and external crisis last year.

The government of Turkey, signing numerous trade agreements and international real estate Turkey investment agreements in recent years. It will reduce the impact of political risks and threats on the state, which reflect a good effect on most economic segments, mostly the real estate market during the year.

In spite of the high inflation rates experienced in Turkey and an open economy, there are many motives and factors that led to the continuous development of the international real estate Turkey:

  • International politics, chaos and confusion experienced by the situation and the raising restrictions against Muslims in foreign countries, make Turkey the first destination for Arabian real estate investors.
  • Due to the decrease in the oil prices and instability in the Middle East, Gulf and Arabian real estate investors save their money to spend in the international real estate Turkey as it is a less risky investment type and because the Turkish government offers great facilities by the real estate market.
  • The rapid development of the Turkish economy and the progressive rise in income acquired by the tourism sector, that Turkey is reflected on as the first destination for Arabian and foreign tourists as well as real estate investors.
  • The agreements and treaties worth billions of dollars are managed by the government, that back up and contribute to obtain the vision of the state, which form a state of reassurance to the real estate investors.
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's president, emphasizes his opinions not to increase interest rates in order to increase the attraction of real estate investors and strengthen the purchasing power of international real estate Turkey.
  • The real estate sector is rarely affected by frequent economic crises. Real estate investment is mostly described as a long-term investment.

The economy of Turkey is among the most encouraging economies generate strong improvement by building most important projects such as the Istanbul Airport one of the world's greatest airport, the Third Bridge of Istanbul (the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge) and Osmangazi Bridge that aforethought the fourth great bridge in the world.

In the next stage, Turkish government plans to build several similar projects in other cities and provinces in the coming years, which increases the value of the investment of the housing projects next to these projects and offers a very profitable real estate investments.

There is a correlative relationship among the inflow of tourists to Turkey and buying of the real estate. Tourism is a door to look intimately at the opportunities for trade and to gain information about the governmental regulations that are appropriate for investment, in addition to touching life on the cultural, historical and natural side.

According to to the Turkish Statistical Institute’s data, Istanbul is the most charming city for international real estate Turkey, especially the prestigious regions that have a view of the Bosphorus, such as Kadikoy, Bebek, Yenikoy and Kartal.

The real estate prices in these regions could achieve millions of dollars. There is also a great demand for private villas proximate to Sapanca Lake and Kartepe, as well as the magnificent city of Trabzon, which draws the attention of tourists from Arabian countries.

International Real Estate Turkey/ MELARES Turkey Properties

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Our aim is to give the most reliable information in a transparent manner to the real estate investors in Turkey, and also to bring together everyone such as foreign real estate buyers, real estate tenants, briefly, who wants to benefit of the real estate industry.

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Who can buy Real Estate in Turkey?

Turkey was implementing limitations on housing purchases by foreigners until 2012. According to the law determined as the law of reciprocity, nationals of a foreign countries in order to buy a house from Turkey was supposed to have permission to mutual housing sell between the two countries.

But Turkey, in order to strengthen the real estate sector and housing investments in 2012 has removed this restriction. As a result, foreign nationals from more than 129 countries are allowed to buy from housing projects of Turkey.

Although there are still restrictions on some countries, citizens of these countries will get a permit to buy a house in Turkey when the essential conditions are met. However, there are still some restrictions according to the arrangement.

The Advantages of Buying International Real estate Turkey

Many foreigners and real estate investors want to buy real estate in Turkey for a summer vacation or retirement. Great return on investment is one of the answers for why foreign investment and purchase of the real estate in Turkey is that attractive. The great demand for housings offers a secure investment for real estate investors.

Turkey is a great country as a touristic destination for European, Middle East and Asian visitors as well as the other neighbor countries. That is why there is always a great demand to buy or rent international real estate Turkey. So if you buy real estate in Turkey you will gain profit from this system as well.

The Benefits of Buying a Property in Turkey;

  • Turkey's economy is one of the world's rapidly growing economies and has provided great advantages to Turkish real estate.
  • Real estate prices in Turkey are much more affordable than European countries.
  • Low costs of living
  • Low property taxes
  • Acquiring Turkish citizenship with buying property worth of 250,000 US dollars.
  • Obtaining residence permit with buying real estate worth of less than 250,000 US dollars.
  • High returns on investment, you can get great returns by renting your property in Turkey.
  • The world's biggest one Istanbul airport, is a magical location with its amazing flights to all over Europe, America and Asia.
  • Turkey has an agreeable climate for real estate proximate to the sea.
  • There is a wide range of historical sites, magnificent nature, Mediterranean landscape areas, Aegean Sea and also do not forget about the most delicious foods and dishes.