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International Schools
in Turkey

In Turkey, education is funded and operated by the state consisting of primary and secondary school. Education is free and should be taken for 12 years, often called "4 + 4 + 4". This means four years primary schooling (first level), four years primary education (second level) and four years secondary schooling. Students are usually taught in Turkish language.

Children start their primary schooling in the month of September, right as they are sixth years old. Primary school diploma is given at the age of 14. At the end of secondary school, students are given a High School or Secondary School Diploma, which means that they can apply for the national exam and go for advance education.

A foreign student can prefer international schools in Turkey which may be the perfect solution to have a great education in this country. There may be some local students, but these schools are for an international student body. Schools generally follow a curriculum model from the United States, the United Kingdom, or France, and primary education can be at any language (and often multiple languages are taught), but it is mostly in English language.

Many international schools in Turkey provide similar education standards across the world, obtaining a simple transition between schools, whether in France or Vietnam. Schools usually ensure internationally accepted accreditation, such as international baccalaureate.

Acceptance and registration procedures differs from school to school. The space is usually limited and can be preferred to students based on their nationality. Education tends to be a bit expensive than the local standards, but provides great education standards, has smaller class sizes, superior facilities, and extracurricular facilities. Some schools have boarding facilities, but most only offer daily classes.

Uskudar American Academy

Uskudar American Academy is one of the international schools in Turkey located in Istanbul, which is a private school education since 1876. Uskudar American High School for Girls was established in 1876 in Bahcecik. The school is under the management of the Health and Education Foundation at the present time, like the American schools in Izmir, Tarsus and the American Hospital in Gaziantep. In addition, the founding formation of the school continues its connection with the American Board. It preserves its place among the prestigious schools in Turkey since the establishment of a school.

At Uskudar American High School, they aim for the children to master English language as excellent as their mother language, and beside English the educate students to learn one of the more common languages such as German, French and Spanish languages. By this way they could become a kind of citizens of the world.

Deutsche Schule Istanbul (DSI)

Deutsche Schule Istanbul, also famous as the Istanbul German High School, a private foreign schools situated in the Beyoglu region of Istanbul on the European side. Both Germany's Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as the Republic of Turkey continue one's activities under the Ministry of National Education.

High school students who graduate from the school earn Abitur diploma in case they pass the High Maturity Exam, and thanks to this diploma, they can apply to continue their education at the universities in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Private German High School and Istanbul High School are the only two schools which offers this degree in Turkey.

The school manages its activities with both the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Republic of Turkey depending on the Ministry of National Education. It is conducted by the board of the Istanbul Private German High School Administration Association and the principal also operates under this board of directors.

Students get a total of five years of high school education along with the one year preparation period. While educating in German, English and Turkish languages, French education is also given as an option for foreign language. Those who graduates from this high school will obtain a certificate of Deutsches Sprachdiplom as well as a high school diploma.

Ankara Charles de Gaulle French High School (Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle, Ankara)

One of the international schools in Turkey famous as Ankara Charles de Gaulle French High School is a school that was established in 1942 and continuous to its activities directly under the French Embassy, under the Ministry of National Education of France. This right was given to various countries with France by the agreement of Lausanne.

In the institution whose language of education is French, a tight French education is offered beginning from kindergarten. Turkish language is granted as a selective course. The school is be formed of Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School and High School education.

Class names are exactly as in the French education system, such as: PS, MS, GS, CP, ce1, ce2, cm1, cm2, 6e, 5e, 4e, 3e, 2e and 1e. Different of other French high schools (Saint Joseph French High School, Saint Michel French High School) is dependent to the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Charles de Gaulle is directly ties to the French Ministry of Education.

Austrian High School/ International Schools in Turkey

Sankt Georg Austrian High School and Business School (Österreichisches Sankt Georgs-Kolleg) is a private foreign high school established in 1882 in Karakoy region of Istanbul. The great number of the teachers and administrative staff be composed of the Austrian school classes educating language is German, but the geography of Turkey, Turkish history, Turkish Culture and Religious Culture and Knowledge of Ethics classes are given in Turkish. In addition, five years of mandatory English language and four years of elective French education are provided.

The education language at the Austrian High School is German and Turkish languages. Courses concerned to Turkish language and culture (Turkish Language and Literature, History, Geography, National Security, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge) are educated in Turkish and other courses in German.

Tarabya British Schools

Tarabya British Schools is also a private Tarabya Anatolian High School, taking place in the region of Tarabya in Istanbul. The education system applied at the school includes the International Cambridge curriculum as well as the Turkish program of study.

High school

The Ministry of National Education gathers the Anatolian High School curriculum with the Cambridge International high Level program. Thanks to this mix program, students graduate with two diplomas. There is a preparative class for students whose English level is not enough.

Middle School

The high school campus is used for secondary school education which is opened in September 2016.

Primary school

In September 2015, it was launched with a ceremony participate by Prince Edward Count of Wessex. Cambridge Checkpoint and the Ministry of National Education provide the primary school program of study together.

Tarsus American College

Tarsus American College is an educational institution founded in 1888 in the Tarsus region of Mersin. The purpose of the school, "leaders of Turkey, led to the world" as can be understood from its slogan, it is to educate trained leader candidates Tarsus American College. Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education approved the name although the Private Tarsus American High School, it is famous as the Tarsus American College. In the daily speeches, its English name is called as TAC, which is the short form of Tarsus American College.

Tarsus American College is being managed with foreign teachers and instructors in accordance with the American system, however it is an institution with the plurality of Turkish educators and supervisors. Tarsus American College providing the right lead of education to students who want to study out of the country and introducing their students not only from America but also from different countries such as Canada, England and Germany.

 Due to the fact that Tarsus American College's academic achievement increased compared to the old times, this situation has shown a positive trend in these years and Tarsus American College is making improvement to achieve its old days in both sports and education. The renovation of boarding, which was abolished in 1986, in 2002, mostly in sports, the IB program and ECIS accreditation are part of this effort.

Pierre Loti French High School

Pierre Loti French High School is one of the international French schools in Turkey located in Istanbul province. The first name of the school was "Papillon", which was later on named after French writer Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul for a while. It offers education from preschool to high school at the recent years. It has two campuses, one in Tarabya region and the other in Beyoglu district.

As the campus in Beyoglu was at risk of earthquake in the late 1990s and early 2000s, secondary school and high school transmitted to Tarabya and continued to provide education. Kindergarten and primary school program of study is going on in Beyoglu.

Best International Universities for Foreign students in Turkey

One of the reasons that foreign students at the beginning their license education in Turkey is the lower education tuition fees, affordable accommodation opportunities, as well as thanks to the monthly paid scholarships covering health insurance and travel costs it comes relatively cheap and receive a quality education.

Both public and private universities in Turkey, abide by the Bologna Agreement, which standardizes undergraduate programs throughout Europe, and many universities join in the Erasmus and program that supports international student exchanges.

The best international schools in Turkey for foreign students who are planning to have their higher education here are; Istanbul University, Middle East Technical University (METU), Bogazici University, Koc University, Bilkent University, Sabanci University, Cankaya University, Istanbul Technical University, Hacettepe University and Eastern Mediterranean University.