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Indian Tourist
in Turkey

Indian Tourist chooses ​​Turkey as one of the most popular destinations. Tourism relations between Turkey and India are developing brightly. In this context, it is effective to have direct planes from New Delhi and Mumbai. There are a lot of Indians who want to explore Turkey. In addition to group tours, Indian Tourist comes to Turkey for the wedding. 
Antalya and Istanbul are beautiful cities that are very attractive and important to the Indian tourists. Especially in the field of tourism, wedding tourism and films shot in Turkey have an impact. When they see this place in the films.




Indian Color Festival (Holi) / Color Festival in Istanbul



One of the reasons that Indian tourist attracted to Istanbul is the Color festival because the Color festival resembles the Holi festival. A passage through the history of the colorful festival of Istanbul and in other countries.

Life In Color is an event by the American company EDM, known for its large presence, living in color or, in other words, a celebration of colors. The EDM j company was held by Sebastian Solano, Camp Bell, Lucas Troche and Patrick Troch for the first time as entertainment committee.
The ceremony, which was performed during the 2006 Day Glow concert tour, has been named the world's largest painting party. The tour was planned by electronic musicians, and shortly after Robert F.X won it, he changed his name from SFX Entertainment Sillerman in late 2012 and changed his name to his current name. From the beginning of 2013, the company began to promote itself and created a music festival with several stages and a series of actors. Miami is also known as the mother area for the festival and also resembles the Indian Holi festival.
What is done at the Colorful Istanbul Festival?
 CEO Sebastian Solano has described the story of the game of colors as so beautiful that it's almost like a show, and with such a large crowd that they're fans you can believe how attractive the game is. Live sets by DJ along with various artists perform live. Also, players spray non-toxic paint using various tools such as bottled hoses and personal colored bottles that bring them with them. Participants wear white dresses to make themselves canvas-shaped, and the spraying towards them is much more than the rest, but also many Indian tourists travels to Turkey to participate in this beautiful celebration of passion and vitality.


Famous Travel Destination for Indian Tourist in Turkey




This tourist city is highly regarded by tourists as well as Indian tourists these days, and that this region has a long history. It is originally named as one of the few stone cities in the world, Cappadocia is located right in the central Anatolia region of Turkey. The name of this region has always been introduced throughout history, especially in Christian texts, and is known as a place full of wonder and beauty in the world.
 Since this region is full of geographical, historical and cultural sights and attractions, it is highly welcomed by tourists and also Indian tourist
 that the sightseeing areas of this region are four places, namely Noshir, Kaiser, Aksaray and Nigde, each of which has its own attractions.




Goreme village is your next option on the Kapadokia tour, this unique village has been selected in several surveys as the most beautiful village in the world, and most importantly most visitors and Indian tourist go for the aerial balloons of this village, and since the balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of the pleasures of this trip, know that these balloons circulate over the village every morning and give an amazing view to the area.

Indian tourist are very interested in visiting Grand Bazaar



Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is one of the most beautiful and spectacular markets in the city, where millions of tourists and Indian tourists are looking to visit Istanbul's Kapali Charshi Market annually.


Istanbul's Grand Bazaar is also one of the most important tourist souvenir shopping malls by offering its best and most unique products.
The market is made up of 61 corridors and 3,000 shops, and between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors and also Indıan tourists visit the market and its many different orders every day. 

Grand Bazaar Exchanges


The majority of the Grand Bazaar is dedicated to exchangers and goldsmiths.
Istanbul Grand Bazaar is the best place for Indian tourists if they want to convert dollars to lira or Indian Rupee to lira.
These exchange rates offer the best conversion rates.
Address: Beyazit, Kalpakcilar Street. No:22, 34126 Fatih/Istanbul

Tasting the taste of Indian food even in the heart of Turkey




Indian tourists might imagine that it is not possible to taste Indian cuisine in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. But Indian tourists should know that several different Indian restaurants are working in Istanbul to welcome theirs. Interestingly, Istanbul's Indian restaurants are also very popular among locals there, and so Turkish people get a little familiar with Indian culture. if you want to get more information about best Indian restaurants in Istanbul click the link.

Where are the Camlica Hills of Istanbul or the roof of Istanbul? 


As you know, Istanbul is a legendary and beautiful city and because of its excessive beauty and charm, it is very popular not only among Indian tourist but also among all people of the world.
This beautiful and vibrant city with countless cafes, restaurants and colorful and lush neighborhoods as well as unique historical monuments left over from the Ottoman Empire is a unique travel destination. 

One of the most beautiful natural places in Istanbul is the Camlica Hills, which is known as the roof of Istanbul with a height of 267 meters above sea level, which is also one of the most beloved places for the people of Istanbul.

These hills are one of the best places for photography, so if you are one of those people who always like to have special photos from your travels, do not doubt that this is the best place because you are in a frame of the Bosphorus, the Bosphorus Bridge. 
And all Indian tourists will have a beautiful view of Istanbul In this place, there are amenities such as toilets, buffet, cafe, restaurant, bench, etc., which everyone can also use.

 Indian tourist density in Istanbul Airport


Istanbul airport has become a shopping center for Indian tourists who comes daily. While Duty-Free stores at the airport attract a lot of attention, 27 world-famous brands are waiting to buy stores. Istanbul Airport has become a shopping center for an Indian tourists. Indian tourists come to Istanbul Airport daily to shop and show great interest in Duty-Free stores. 27 world-famous brands are waiting to buy stores. 
Turkey and India Between planes 6 hours 37 minutes remaining. turkey - from flights between India to 4637 km. A 4637- kilometer road takes about 6 hours 37 minutes with a passenger plane traveling at an average speed of 700 km / h with a direct flight. This period may increase a little more for connecting flights.