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How to Get Turkish Citizenship
by Investment for Russians?

How to Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment for Russians?


Turkish citizenship by investment program for Russians allows you to get citizenship by buying a total amount of 400,000$ property in Turkey. Russians get Turkish citizenship by property investment to start new lives and businesses.


The process of getting citizenship for Russians is the same as for other citizens from all over the world. You can take a look at our Turkish citizenship page where you can find all the details down to the smallest detail.

This program provides Russians with a Turkish passport who invest a minimum amount of 400,000$ on Turkish real estate or 500,000$ in banks or companies. Russians are free to invest in any type of these investment tools.

Turkish citizenship pathway for investors has been very popular with people in the Middle East since it was launched in 2018. But, the war between Russia and Ukraine has spurred a new wave of investors. Heavy international sanctions against Russia and growing pressure on the opposition have prompted Russians to seek opportunities in Turkey, which was known as a mere holiday destination by them previously.

Between 2018 and 2021, approximately 20,000 foreign citizens such as Iranians, Iraqis and Afghans obtained citizenship by purchasing real estate or investing at least $250,000 in Turkish assets.


Turkish Citizenship by Investment Fees for Russians


The citizenship fee for Russian citizens are also the same as other foreigners, the fees only varies according to the type of investment made.


The passport fees for Russian citizens in 2022 are:


Passport fee for 6 months will be - 309.40 Turkish Liras

1 year - 450.80 Turkish Liras

2 years 738 Turkish Liras

3 years - 1048.70 Turkish Liras

4 years to 10 Years - 1478 Turkish Liras


In mid-June 2022, the Turkish government passed a new law that increased the minimum investment amount for citizenship to $400,000.

With the Turkish citizenship by investment program for Russians, you can easily come to Turkey and step up to a comfortable new life.