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How to Buy Apartment
in Turkey?

How to Buy Apartment in Turkey?


Citizens of most European Union countries, the United States, Canada and other countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa can freely purchase properties in Turkey.

Buying an apartment in Turkey is very easy. Payment and title deed transactions of the buyers take place in about two to three days. The first day is dedicated to the tour of discovery and sales, while the other two or three days are completed by money transfer and title deed application procedures.

You have to take your budget in to count and determine how much money you have accumulated. When you buy an apartment, you have to pay a certain amount of the sale price in advance. For this reason, you should calculate how much budget you have in advance.

Personal needs and preferences should be determined correctly. Are you going to purchase the apartment to live in it or buy for investment purposes? If you consider living in the house, there are some issues that should be taken into consideration. The apartment should be proximate to the quality of life and social needs such as; public transport, school, educational institution, hospital, shopping center, etc. If you are purchasing the apartment for investment, your target should be 'low cost, high return'.

One of the best suggestions for how to buy apartment in Turkey? You should work with a professional real estate agent to find more property alternatives with the best prices at a faster time. A real estate consultant will find a wide range of properties that best fits your budget and expectations as soon as possible. It is very significant to do a good search to find the right real estate agent who will be beneficial to you in meeting your requests.

MELARES Turkey Properties, which is an experienced real estate consultant company, have great experience in the field of real estate in Turkey. With our knowledge and experience, we will make your job easier during the decision and purchase process.

Once you have found a professional real estate company or consultant, all you have to do is determine your criteria for a house according to your wishes. How many bedrooms or bathrooms you prefer for your apartment? Where should its location be?

Are you looking for a new luxury apartment or second-hand (resell) apartment, how many square meters or how much is the size of housing you prefer? These and other factors are the issues that you should be careful about when buying the apartment you will live in.

"Are you sure that the apartment you found is the right decision? If it is the right apartment, is the price reasonable for the house? What can you do to get the right house at the right price?" You can easily find answers to questions with experience and skills of MELARES Turkey Properties.

In order to work with a reliable in the construction company, some technical points should be investigated such as infrastructure, ground survey and quality of the building, its success in past projects, its financial situation and being able to sit safely in your home.



If you are wondering about these issues while thinking about how to buy apartment in Turkey, MELARES Turkey Properties is working with reliable and well-known construction companies and over 350 mega projects in Istanbul Turkey. The apartment you will buy from ongoing housing projects with MELARES Turkey Properties will be delivered to you in the time, cost and quality committed.

The land register shows us the real state of the house. The ownership status of the house (to whom it belongs, whether it has shares), whether there are any problems such as (mortgage, lien, right of usufruct, etc.) should be examined. Check the floor easement from the deed and ask the question of whether the apartment you will purchase is the same apartment in the title deed.

The building license permit is the document that means that the housing projects are officially evaluated and approved. The settlement is known as residence permit and building use permit. Water, electricity and telephone connections cannot be made to the building and the independent sections of the building that do not have housing. If an apartment without housing is found to be in violation of the relevant regulations, it may even be broken down and destroyed.

Considering all these points, taking support from an expert and reliable real estate company will provide you many benefits. Working with the real estate agents which are not experienced and just doing this job may cause you to lose all your savings. MELARES Turkey Properties is a leading real estate company in Turkey with its professionalism and reliability. In real estate sales, our aim is not only to sell but also to direct the buyer to the right and smart investment and to provide the high returns to the property owner. Our goal is to satisfy our customers, with the best service.


How and from Where to Buy Apartment in Turkey?


Prices in housing decreased and sales increased in Istanbul. It is the best and big city to buy an apartment in Turkey. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Statistical Office issued the March 2020 Housing Market Istanbul Economy journals, which assesses the real estate markets in Istanbul for 2019.

In Istanbul, sales raised and prices declined in 2019 compared to the other year. The share of women increased in the purchase of the real estate. In residential sales to foreigners in Turkey, most sales took place in Istanbul.


The Housing Prices Decreased by 3.2 Percent


The average housing prices in Istanbul in 2019 declined by 3.2 percent compared to the other years. Istanbul average residential unit square meter price in 2019 decreased by 4 thousand 745 Turkish Liras compared to the previous year. Turkey raised while the average price in the same period amounted to 2 thousand 783 Turkish Liras.

55 thousand 819 mortaged apartments are sold in Istanbul in 2019. The share of the apartment bought by using housing loans in Istanbul was 23.5 percent. In Turkey, this ratio took place with the amount of 24.7 percent.


The Share of Women in Housing Purchase is 27.9 percent


The share of women in as general in the housing purchases made in Istanbul in 2019 was 27.9 percent. 53.1 percent of total housing purchases were made by men and 27.9 percent by women. While the share of women in housing purchases rose by 1.9 percent compared to 2018, the share of men declined by 1.6 percent.


The Most Housing Unit are Sold in Esenyurt District/ How to Buy Apartment in Turkey?


If you are thinking how to buy apartment in Turkey that has a central location and affordable price Esenyurt district on the European side of Istanbul is the best alternative for you. 

Esenyurt, Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Pendik and Kadikoy, Sisli, Basaksehir, etc. are the districts with the highest number of residential sales in Istanbul in 2019 and 2020. Sales in these five districts calculated for 34 percent of total sales in Istanbul. 35.6 percent of sales in 2019 was on the Asian side and 64.4 percent on the European side.

These regions are the most preferred districts by real estate investor and foreigners who wants to buy apartment in Turkey. Due to the rapid growth of the regions that provide high rental and investment returns.

Most Sales are in Sisli Region Compared to the Other Years

Compared to 2018, housing was sold mostly in Sisli regions, Beyoglu and Sariyer in 2019 and 2020; the rates were 24.7 percent in Sisli, 21.4 percent in Beyoglu and 17.5 percent in Sariyer region. In Atasehir, while 6 thousand 59 apartments were sold in 2018, the same number of houses were sold in 2019.


Residential sales to Foreigners Increased by 51.4 Percent in 2020

45.9 percent of residential sales to foreigners in Turkey was held in Istanbul in 2019. In Istanbul, there was a 46.2 percent rise in apartment sales to foreigners in 2019 compared to the previous year. In addition the houses sales raised in February of 2020. In the February 2020 period, in Turkey the apartment sales to foreigners increased by 20.6 percent compared to the same month of the last year and became 4 thousand 5 hundred housing units.

Housing sales to foreigners in the January and February months of 2020 increased by 21.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and became 7 thousand 912 housing units.

In the housing sales to foreigners, Istanbul took its first place in February 2020 with the sale of 1,987 housing units. Istanbul was followed by Antalya with 805 sales, Ankara with 265 sales, Yalova with 131 sales and Bursa with 115 sales, respectively.

Iranian citizens bought 721 housing units from Turkey in February. Iran was followed by Iraq with 691 houses purchases, the Russian Federation with 282 houses, Afghanistan with 256 houses and Jordan with 141 houses. In this way, Irak, which has been in the first place for a long time, has been replaced by Iran.

So there is no worries for how to buy apartment in Turkey, as foreigners from all around the world easily buy real estate in Turkey you can also do it. MELARES Turkey Properties is always in services to those who are wondering how to buy apartment in Turkey. You can have a reliable and smart investment by working with us.