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How Can I Get
Citizenship of Turkey?

No matter where they live in the world, every person wants to secure the future of himself and his family. This assurance is sometimes a business investment, sometimes cash in a bank or a property investment. Sometimes, obtaining citizenship of a different country and having dual citizenship may be the biggest guarantee.


Countries such as America, Canada, Belgium and England are among the countries that are preferred as citizenship in the world. In terms of these countries and other countries where citizenship is preferred, it is seen that there are not very easy processes. Each country has conditions and durations that it applies. Throughout the world, Turkey is one of the countries preferred by citizenship for people from different countries. There are many different reasons for this.

Turkey's climate, natural and cultural characteristics, economic power are some of them. 

The territory of Turkey, has been the meeting point of civilizations throughout history. These lands, where many civilizations were settled and the great empires were ruled, have always been the focus of attention from the past to the present. Climatic features you will not find in many parts of the world, cultural and natural beauty, is in itself a reason to live in Turkey. The fact that the Turkish economy ranks 17th among the world countries reveals the Turkish power. Therefore, being a citizen of this country means having many privileges.

Above all, the first question that comes to mind for a stranger: How can I get citizenship of Turkey?

There are different ways to achieve all citizenship. Turkish citizenship can be obtained afterward, as well as being acquired through birth and paternity.

Turkish citizenship obtained afterwards can be done in several ways.

In the following ways, Turkish citizenship can be acquired afterwards.

* By Competent Authority Decision

* By Adoption

* To use the right to choose

* Through marriage"


Conditions for Achieving Turkish Citizenship by Competent Authority Decision



A foreigner who has the conditions specified in the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 can gain Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority.

> Carrying the conditions specified in the Law does not mean that Turkish citizenship has been achieved. For this, the approval of the relevant competent authorities is required.

> Procedures and principles regarding the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are determined by the Ministry, by taking the opinions of the relevant public institutions and organizations.

> A citizenship file is issued on behalf of the foreigner who is eligible for a Turkish citizenship application. This edited file is sent to the Ministry for review and research.

> The Ministry is the authority that decides to acquire Turkish citizenship and be deemed inappropriate. It can approve or reject the request.

> A foreigner gaining Turkish citizenship by the decision of the competent authority does not affect his wife's citizenship.

> Children in custody of the mother or father acquire Turkish citizenship (provided that the other spouse consents).

> If the parents acquire Turkish citizenship together, their children also acquire Turkish citizenship.

Conditions for Achieving Turkish Citizenship Through Adoption

In order for a non-adult who is adopted by a Turkish citizen to obtain Turkish citizenship, the competent authorities must decide. In case the decision is successful, the non-adult can obtain Turkish citizenship from the date of decision.

In this case, the adult person should not have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

Conditions for Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Right to Choose

According to Article 27 of Law No. 5901, a mother and father may have lost Turkish citizenship. At the request of their parents, their children may also have lost Turkish citizenship. In this case, children who lose their Turkish citizenship, if they want to exercise their right to choose within 3 years of their adulthood, can make the necessary application and gain Turkish citizenship."


Conditions for Achieving Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage




A foreigner can obtain Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen. However, some conditions must be met for this. That is, when he marries a foreign Turkish citizen, he does not obtain Turkish citizenship directly.


How Can I Get Citizenship of Turkey by marriage;


  1. It is necessary to be married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years. In addition, marriage must be ongoing. After the Turkish citizenship application, the death of the Turkish citizen spouse does not affect this situation negatively.)
  1. You must live in a family union.
  1. It should not be engaged in an activity that is incompatible with or will harm this marriage union.
  1. There should not be any obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

The above-mentioned situations, partially answers the question of "How can I get citizenship of Turkey?".

Requirements for Turkish Citizenship Applications that Obtained Afterwards 

  1. Applicants must have five years of continuous residence in Turkey before the application.
  1. The applicant must be adult and have the power to distinguish according to his own national law.
  1. If the applicant is stateless, he must be adult according to Turkish law and have the power to distinguish.
  1. Behavioral should confirm that decided to settle in Turkey.
  1. In general, there should be no dangerous disease.
  1. Having good morals.
  1. To have the ability to speak enough Turkish.
  1. Having the income or occupation to provide livelihood of himself and the people that he/she is responsible,
  1. Not to be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order."

Getting Citizenship of Turkey by Investment

Apart from the ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship mentioned above, it is also possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate.

It has beed specified in Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458 Article 31, given the short-term residence permit can be given to those who are owners of real estate in Turkey. In the Law No. 5901, it is stated that these residents will be evaluated within the scope of "Exceptional Cases". Therefore, within the scope of Exceptional Cases the foreigners, is able to obtain Turkish citizenship with the decision of Turkish President.

In order for these foreigners to get citizenship, they should not have any obstacles in terms of national security and public order.

The foreign investment made in Turkey in order to support and ensure the viability of the Turkish economy, the Turkish government has provided some amenities. It should be held in Turkey in September 2018 before the real estate as well as other more, while investment amounts, amounts were reduced after this date.

"If you think "How can I get citizenship of Turkey?", the easiest method to obtain Turkish citizenship, is to buy a property in Turkey. It is possible to be a Turkish citizen buying an apartment, villa, land, shop worth to $ 250,000 in Turkey. The purchase value maybe not only in Dollars but also in equivalent Turkish Liras or different currencies. This amount was 1 million dollars before the revision made in the Law. In other words, if you had wanted to become a Turkish citizen by buying real estate before the law changed, you would have to buy one or more properties worth $ 1 million.

You cannot sell this property for 3 years. This is the most important condition. Annotation is placed in the land registry records that the property cannot be sold for 3 years.

For the application of citizenship, a Certificate of Conformity must be obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Some benefits of obtaining citizenship with real estate investment;

> The Turkish citizenship you will receive will be valid for lifelong.

> Your spouse and your children under the age of 18 also benefit from Turkish citizenship.

> Your children who will be born also become Turkish citizens directly.

> There is no necessity to live in Turkey to gain Turkish citizenship.

> Permanent residence permit in Turkey is not required for the application.

> No language test or interview is required for application."


Steps of Getting Turkey's Citizenship by Investment

>>> A tax number should be taken from any tax office in Turkey.

>>> An account should be opened in your name by applying to a Turkish Bank with a few simple documents required.

>>> You should find one or more properties worth to 250,000 dollars for Turkish citizenship.

>>> You should get a appraisal report that indicates that the property has a value of $ 250,000 or more. This document must be taken before the title deed. The appraisal firm that will issue the report must be a company approved by the Capital Markets Board.

>>> You must complete real estate purchases with the title deed transfer or real estate sales contract. Money transfer cannot be done by hand. The buyer should definitely transfer money from their account to the seller account and prove this with the document. Annotation is put in the land registry records stating that the real estate subject to sale cannot be sold for 3 years.

>>> After the title deed transfer takes place, a certificate of conformity is obtained from the General Directorate of Land Registry, which indicates that the transactions have been made in accordance with the law.

>>> To get a residence permit in Turkey, application should be done to the Provincial Administration of Immigration with the necessary documents. This application must be done before the Turkish citizenship application and a residence permit must be obtained.

Your "How can I get citizenship of Turkey?" question is answered by MELARES' experienced team and expert lawyers.

Apart from real estate investment, within the scope of acquiring citizenship with the investment program, Turkish citizenship application can be made by fulfilling one of the following conditions.

Getting Citizenship of Turkey with Other Investments


Turkish citizenship can be obtained with a minimum investment of 500 thousand dollars.

A Certificate of Conformity must be obtained from the Ministry of Industry and Technology.


Minimum deposits is worth to 500 thousand Dollars to be deposited in banks operating in Turkey. The deposits cannot be withdrawn from the bank for 3 years.

A Certificate of Conformity should be obtained from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.



Government Debt Instruments with a minimum value of 500 thousand Dollars should be purchased. Government debt securities must be kept for 3 years.

A Certificate of Conformity must be obtained from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.




A minimum of 500 thousand Dollars ""real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share"" should be purchased. Participation shares must be kept for 3 years.

A Certificate of Conformity must be obtained from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.



You can apply for Turkish citizenship by providing employment for at least 50 people.

A Certificate of Conformity must be obtained from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services."