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Housing Sales for
foreigners in 2020

Housing sales and the demand of investors from various nationalities throughout the world to own a property in Turkey are increasing year by year.

Housing sales were raised because Turkey draws the attraction of real estate investors with its beauties and great historical textures. Turkey was always a center of attraction for many foreigners with its nature, sea, cultural and historical heritage.

Besides these its delicious food and with a variety of job opportunities make Turkey the best option for buying real estate. Also, two of the most important reasons foreigners want to own property in Turkey is the opportunity to get a residence permit and to obtain Turkish citizenship by real estate investment.

Housing sales for foreigners rapidly increased especially with the reduction of the investment amount required by the Turkish government to acquire Turkish citizenship. The investment amount to obtain Turkish citizenship decreased from 1 million dollars to 250 thousand dollars as of September 2018.

After this regulation, the real estate investment goals and housing sale for foreigners were directed to the Turkish real estate market. For sure, some cities in Turkey within 81 provinces have become more attractive to foreign investors.

In August 2020, the number of housing sales for foreigners in the first 8 months is twenty thousand eight hundred ninety-six (20.896).
Total housing sale in Istanbul, which has seen the highest demand is nine thousand five hundred ninety-six (9,596).
Housing sales in January and February performed a better graphic than 2019 and almost the same number of sales in March as the last year.
Although sales decreased in April - May - June and July due to the suspension of flights and closure of borders because of the pandemic. It increased by 8% in August compared to the same month of the previous year.
Antalya, where foreigners have purchased four thousand one hundred seven (4,107) houses, is in second place among the most preferred cities in 2020…

In Antalya, where higher housing sales were realized in January and February compared to the same months of the previous year. In Antalya province, a remarkable improvement is observed in August 2020, after the drop between March and July.
On the other hand, the capital city Ankara ranks third place with housing sale figures to one thousand four hundred eighty-two (1,482) foreigners this year.


Other Provinces Preferred by Foreigners for Housing Buyouts


Housing sale in other provinces of Turkey is also raised such as:
Trabzon and Aydin, were in the top 10 last year but left their places to Izmir and Mersin this year.

IRAN Ranked First in Foreign Purchases of Housing in Turkey


One of the most curious subjects about housing sales while the number of foreign nationals buying a house in Turkey had an ongoing increase, is the countries of foreign investors.
Now let's take a look altogether which country's citizens mostly had bought a house in Turkey.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute's data, the total number of housing sales for foreigners this year is twenty-one thousand one hundred seventeen (21,117).

Housing sales to foreigners, which increased by 23% in January and 20% in February compared to the last year. It will apparently finalize this year with an increase above 2019 figures if the pandemic had no effect.

The number of housing sales in March 2020, which reached almost the same as in 2019, had a significant decrease between April - July.

As of August 2020, it increased by 8% compared to the same month of the last year. In 2020, the biggest change in the rankings of the nationalities who have bought housing in Turkey is IRAN. IRAN ranked first in foreign purchases of housing in Turkey in 2020.

So, IRAN got the place of IRAQ who had ongoing leadership for the last 5 years in housing sales to foreigners.

During the first 8 months of the current year, housing sales to the citizens of Iran was three thousand eight hundred eight (3,808) housing from Turkey.

This is followed by IRAQ with three thousand three hundred thirty-nine (3,339) housing buyouts and RUSSIA with one thousand four hundred forty-seven (1,447).

There is another point that gets attraction, Russia, which has an important potential for both tourism and the real estate sector, ranked 4th place in Turkey housing sales between 2015 and 2019. It has ranked in 3rd place during the last 2 years.

A few remarkable points are that the AZERBAIJAN. AZERBAIJAN ranked 11th last year and has increased its figures this year and is placed in the 5th position.

Also, the GERMANY has taken 6th place by going one step ahead.
In the housing sale, CHINA had not got a position even in the top 20 last year. It settled in 8th position this year with a big boom of demand.


Top Countries in Turkey Housing Sale 2020


Top countries of 2020 in housing sales are, respectively:

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia who took an upper place in 2019 housing sales unfortunately failed to be in the top 10 during 2020.