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Houses for Sale
in Turkey Antalya

Houses for Sale in Turkey Antalya


Antalya is a magnificent city that takes place on the southwest coast of the Mediterranean, known as the most important capital of international tourism in Turkey. The city charms millions of people from all around the world by gathering the sun, clear blue sea and mountains surrounded by pine trees altogether. Antalya was declared as the paradise of the earth, which was discovered by King Attalos II in the 1st century BC.

Being a part of natural beauty, Antalya spreads light on the past with historical works from the Roman and Ottoman periods. In spite of the mercilessness of the time, Turkey's historical and cultural heritage of mosques, churches, madrasahs, baths, being preserved as it is in Antalya.

Antalya cuisine is one of the most important kitchens in the world where the effects of Mediterranean and Arab dishes are felt with olive oil foods. Sheet roasting, tandoori kebab and meatballs are popular flavors suitable for your taste.

Antalya is a very populous city in terms of population intensity. The real estate market and the construction sector is also very improved in crowded cities of Turkey. Since Antalya is very developed in terms of living standards, you can generally coincide with beautiful houses for sale in Turkey Antalya.

The beauty of the house for sale in Turkey Antalya passes from the comfort it offers to us and the important features we want from a house. You can find a wide range of amazing branded houses for sale in Turkey Antalya with high standards that will meet all your needs.


Why to Buy a House in Antalya?

Antalya, with all the beauty of the Mediterranean, is the most preferred place for summer tourism, but it is a perfect alternative for a calm and tidy holiday in the winter as well. When you figure out the beauty of Antalya, it will not be sufficient for you to have a vacation in Antalya once a year.

Tourists, foreigners and investors that visit Antalya for once start to come for holidays or even for living every year on which most of them are interested to buy from the luxury houses for sale in Turkey Antalya.

If you purchase houses for sale in Turkey Antalya, you will be proud to own a place in the Mediterranean pearl. In addition to profit from the advantages of the boost of tourism, you can rent your house all year round and make significant profits.

Tourists are interested in Antalya to pass a pleasant time with their families on holidays. You can earn money from your house, your house surrounded by natural beauty will fascinate the attention of other tourists and they will prefer to rent your house.

In addition, Antalya is being one of the growing cities in the world, it has social activities and entertainment for fun that you can only find in this city, making it special to buy a house here. Many sports activities, natural, cultural, historical structure and almost 300 days of sunshine make Antalya a charming investment center.

In case you are retired, Antalya is the calmest and stunning city with the qualities that will offer the most delightful years of your life. Purchasing a house in Turkey Antalya is a very smart step to pass perfect years under the Mediterranean sun. When your grandchildren and family come to see you, they will have a great time experiencing a magnificent trip.

Foreigners, especially European citizens, consider that Antalya is one of the most attractive city for a holiday with its calm, natural, stylish and perfect substructure. Even though, most of them want to buy luxury houses for sale in Turkey Antalya to accommodate here.

Recently, the prices of houses in Antalya are reasonable, but they tend to rise due to the great demands of foreign and domestic tourists. The fact that the rental market is in high demand makes purchasing houses for sale in Turkey Antalya a charming and smart investment tool.

If You Started Your Search for Houses for Sale in Turkey Antalya, Pay Attention to Some Points

  • In the first stage, you should specify your budget and take a look at the ads appropriate for your pocket and the houses that appeal to your taste. Or else, you will waste your time. Or maybe you can miss the house that suits you when seeing at needlees ads.
  • If you are planning to purchase a house for sale using a loan, you should examine the relevance of the options you will look for.
  • The location of the houses for sale in Turkey Antalya should be approximate to the market, shopping centers, bazaar, health institutions, educational institutions, etc. As a summary, to the institutions and organizations, we may require in our daily life. The most important issue, your house should be near to the public transportation network which will be used for transportation every day.
  • The house for sale should be far from industrial factories that will adversely affect health.
  • The house you decide to purchase should be well-maintained, with no establishment and refurbishment problems. The floor coverings should not be decayed and the gaps of them must not be opened, doors and windows should be unspoiled, kitchen cabinets should not be broken or rotten.
  • Houses for sale in Turkey Antalya are consist of 1 bedroom, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and duplex houses in sizes and should be perfectly proportional to your needs. If you are a large family, you should take a look for large and spacious houses for sale. For small families with fewer individuals, the converse is the case.
  • You shouldn't be just assessed the house by the number of rooms for sale. You should definitely go and see the advertisments that attracts your attention. What looks in the pictures does not give many necessery details about the spaciousness of the rooms. Even if the number of rooms is more, comfort cannot be offered in houses with very small rooms.

  • You should be careful to the thermal insulation in the house for sale. Thermal insulation prohabits moisture problems such as mold and fungus. It assists to drecrease the total of invoices by saving energy. It makes the house to warm up fastly in winter. The advantages are so much that having insulation in the house we live in creates a huge advantage.

Most of the houses in Antalya are heated by solar energy thanks to the solar panels on the roof. Antalya is a city with heavy rain during the winter months. Therefore, it should be noted that the building is well jacketed in terms of waterproofing.

  • If the house for sale is a newly constructed housing project, the quality of the materials used in the building of the house is a criterion you should take into consideration.
  • You should note that the houses for sale in Turkey Antalya and the housing project you are planning to live is built according to the earthquake regulations and is earthquake resistant.

Where to Purchase Houses for Sale in Turkey Antalya?

Antalya which is a stunning city of Turkey on the south coast, has miles of unique sandy beaches, stretching to the huge modern city, and has about 300 days magnificent sunshine each year and has a wonderful climate with very mild winters.

The rapid increase of urban growth in the area means that houses for sale in Turkey Antalya are often newly constructed or under construction. There are many beautiful and modern regions to buy a house in Antalya such as, Konyaalti, Lara, Belek, Kemer, etc.

Konyaalti is one of the newly rasing districts approximate to the center of the city, is rapidly becoming a real estate market and a great place in Antalya, which offers easy access to the beach, marina and city center. As it provides excellent lifestyle alternatives, there is a high demand for houses for sale in Turkey Antalya region.

Lara is also famous area among both lifestyle and investment buyers because of its spacious sandy beaches, modern lifestyle and proximity to the city center. Lara has lots of schools, malls and entertainment centers.

Another beautiful region on the east of the city of Antalya and Lara, is Belek district. You can find wide range of luxury and modern houses in Belek as well as some large private villas in small complexes with shared pools, all of which attract professional real estate buyers both foreigners and investors.

As Belek is a newly growing district, the prices are very reasonable and it's the right time to purchase a house because the region is constantly developing, which will push prices to increases over time as it becomes more famous.

One of the best places to buy houses for sale in Turkey Antalya takes place in the west of the city of Antalya, Kemer is a perfect area for anyone who wants to stay in this city. You will enjoy the amazing nature, surrounded by beautiful Taurus mountains and nice pine forests.

In Kemer, you can find houses for sale in Turkey Antalya which is very modern houses usually situated in fantastic housing projects with great family offers and amenities, large gardens and swimming pool, stunning luxury private villas and old-style houses at reasonable prices, but these may need a little renovation to bring them appropriate for the accommodation.

The luxury houses in Kemer generally offers great rental potential in all seasons of the year and the demand for houses for sale in Turkey Antalya also increases. Consequently, capital appreciation is another charming investment considered because prices continue to increase in the future.


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